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    Erica's New FBI Partner

    She just can't get a good one, can she?

    Of course, this one, I don't think is a V.

    He seems like a really smart guy who would be a great asset for Fifth Column, but he's definitely going to be causing trouble for her in the near future.

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    I think it would be consistant that he is a "V". It seems like the V's have been keeping close to Erica because of Tyler.

    But Erica has had a bad run with her partners. I hope he doesn't get her into deep trouble.

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    [SPOILER]Guys I am thinking he is with Lars. Marc Singer's group. Or maybe Kendrick is. [/SPOILER]I forsee something good coming of this. Erica will be up **** creek and these guys will help her in the end.
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    I agree with rictor. In ericas eleventh hour, when alll hope looks lost, I think the spoilered comments will come true.


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