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    Sarah going Undercover

    There are a few things that bother me about this:

    Volcov(sp?) already knows Sarah.

    Sarah was going undercover at Volcov to take it down and to get Chuck's mom out. So what's Chuck's mom been doing there all this time? Has she been a prisoner? A lifetime of spywork and she hasn't even put a dent in the place. Or she stopped being double spy a long time ago.

    And if Sarah is doing this for Chuck, wouldn't she know that going undercover at Volcov's would be one of Chuck's biggest fears. Talk about playing on a guys mommy issues.

    Anyway, the whole thing feels contrived just to keep our favorite couple apart for a few more episodes.

    Maybe in upcoming episodes it will be revealed why it had to be Sarah (Beckman told Sarah that it had to be her) and it will all make sense.

    What is your theory?

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    Why are they recycling Mama Bartoski's story line so soon in the series? I could understand if it was 6-7 seasons later but, they should have been a bit more creative in the plot.


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