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Thread: V Time Line

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    V Time Line (2010)

    When the humans set off the first atomic bomb, August 1945, the
    Visitors under Queen Diana noticed Earth and speculated the
    potential for another homeworld. They came to Earth and moved
    secretly amongst the people of Earth. According to Diana in
    "Serpent's Tooth"
    A site in New Mexico turned up a fifty year old Visitor skeleton
    named Alpha. According to Dr. Sidney Miller in "Red Rain"
    The Visitors have been on Earth posing as humans causing instability
    for decades. According to Georgie in "Series Premiere"
    Dale has been a highly placed sleeper agent for the Visitors for
    20 years. According to Marcus in "A Bright New Day"
    Visitors messed with Erica's pregnancy 18 years ago. According
    to Sid in "Laid Bare" 18 years ago the Visitors messed with Eli
    Cohn's wife's pregnancy. According to Eli Cohn in "Unholy Alliance"
    All of Dr. Abner Dazen's babies that he delivered 18 years ago
    had an unusually high number of deaths. All mothers suffered
    from preeclampsia. Many mothers including Erica and Eli's wife
    were treated by the same specialist Dr. Vina Rye, Visitor Sleeper
    Agent According to John Fierro in "Birth Pangs"
    Father Moreau, a Visitor sleeper agent, was dispatched to Earth by
    previous Queen Diana and his last transmition was15 years ago.
    His assignment was to study human emotion and it's effect on
    the Visitors. According to Marcus in "Unholy Alliance"
    Anna locked her mother, Diana, in a dungeon on the NY Mothership
    15 years ago.
    According to Diana in "Serpent's Tooth"
    John May started the Fifth Column. He's the first Visitor to turn
    against Anna. According to Ryan in "A Bright New Day"
    Ryan's first visit to John May was to Capture or Kill him happened
    during President Bush's 2000 Election. According to the television
    screen featuring Al Gore in John May's house in "John May"
    Georgie's family was executed by undercover Visitor assassins.
    As listed on files about Georgie's calls to FBI about aliens
    logged as 03/05/01 in "A Bright New Day"
    During Ryan's second visit to John May One Year Later he Captured
    and turned over John May to Anna for execution. According to Ryan in
    "John May"
    Ryan, Angelo, and Cyrus (Ryan's #1 guy according to Ryan in
    "A Bright New Day") were part of the First Resistance which was
    put down by Anna. According to Marcus in "A Bright New Day"
    Georgie was apparently not a part of this because Ryan's been
    fighting the Visitors longer than Georgie. According to Ryan in
    "It's Only the Beginning" And Georgie didn't know Cyrus.
    According to a conversation between Ryan and Georgie in
    "A Bright New Day"
    Back in the old resistance, the Thompsons helped V's
    According to Ryan in "Heretic's Fork"
    Dale has been posing as Erica's partner for 7 years.
    According to Erica in "There is No Normal Anymore"
    Several of Georgie's attempts to put together another
    resistance has failed. Ryan and Angelo were a part of
    these attempts. According to Georgie, Ryan, and Angelo
    in "There is No Normal Anymore"
    A couple years ago, Ryan took out a cell of V-Scientists
    working on an injection for humans.
    According to Ryan in "It's Only the Beginning"
    Human Kyle Hobbes has unknowingly been working
    for the Visitors for years
    According to Marcus in "Red Sky"

    9/29/09 Tuesday Date and Day of Week not confirmed
    29 Motherships appear over cities around the world and the
    Visitors reveal themselves to the people of Earth.

    9/30/09 Wednesday Day of the week announced in subtitles
    in "Series Premiere" One Day after Visitors arrival according
    to Father Jack in "Series Premiere"
    Vatican explains the existence of aliens as "We're all God's
    Erica begins investigating terrorist cell linked to the Visitors.
    Anna visits the United Nations in New York.

    10/7/09 Wednesday Date and Day of Week not confirmed
    Ryan and Val conceive hybrid baby.

    Nothing exciting happens for about three weeks.

    10/20/09 Tuesday Date and Day of Week not confirmed
    "Three weeks since the Visitors arrival..." According to
    Chad Decker's news report in "Series Premiere"
    Visitor Healing Centers open.
    Erica gets first lead on V-terrorist cell.
    Peace Ambassador Program introduced.

    10/21/09 Wednesday Date and Day of Week not confirmed
    "I liked you sermon the other day. You're right to question
    the V's..." According to Stabbed Parishioner in "Series Premiere"
    Erica getting first lead on cell and resistance meeting probably
    happened one day from each other.
    Meeting about V-terrorist cell at 4400 Pier Ave. is raided
    by Visitors.
    Chad Decker interviews Anna aboard NY Mothership for
    the first time.

    10/22/09 Thursday Date and Day of Week not confirmed
    Day after 4400 Pier Ave Raid As depicted in "There is No
    Normal Anymore"
    Visitor Threat Assessment Joint Task Force is created.
    United States and Visitors agree to the commencement
    of Diplomatic Relations.

    10/25/09 Sunday Date and Day of Week not confirmed
    Kyle Hobbes hired by Visitors to kill Lawrence Parker.

    "After weeks of debate..." According to Chad Decker's
    news report in "A Bright New Day"
    11/9/09 Date of Issue on Anna's Visa in "A Bright New Day"
    Monday The Day of the Week was looked up on 2009 Calender
    First Visitors receive Visas allowing them to enter into the
    United States.

    11/14/09 Date not confirmed Saturday According to subtitles
    in "A Bright New Day"
    Anna publicly apologizes to Mary Faulkner, lead anti-V protestor
    and widow of pilot who crashed the day the Visitors arrived.
    With the execution of Dale on NY Mothership and Cyrus at a
    coffee shop at 51509 Gibbs Ave., and the words "John May
    Lives" painted on a door, the Fifth Column announces it's
    Erica saves Marcus from an apparent human assassin at the
    Visitor Ambassador Center.

    11/15/09 Sunday Date and Day of Week not confirmed
    Day after Dale's execution As depicted in "It's Only the
    Anna announces a Vitamin Supplement Injection to the
    people of Earth.
    Chad finds out from the Visitors that he has a lethal brain
    aneurysm and human Valerie Stephens finds out that she is
    Ryan, the father, still hasn't told her that he is a Visitor.
    Erica's team discovers the R6 compound being used on
    humans by the Visitors and destroys it with the Lyndhurst
    Shipping Company.

    11/16/09 Monday Date and Day of Week not confirmed
    Day after Lyndhurst explosion As depicted in "Welcome
    to the War".
    to help. "I'm only six weeks pregnant..." According
    to Valerie in "Welcome to the War". I'm going to go
    out on a limb and say that she got pregnant before
    the day after she found Ryan's wedding ring in
    "There is No Normal Anymore".
    Visitors help FBI investigate Lyndhurst explosion and
    frame Kyle Hobbes.
    Erica recruits Kyle Hobbes to train her team to fight
    the Visitors.
    Chad announces he's going to take the Visitor cure
    for his brain aneurysm.

    11/17/09 Tuesday Date and Day of Week not confirmed
    A Visitor ignites a blue energy grenade to self-destruct
    himself, his girlfriend, and other Visitors aboard the
    Sydney, Australia Mothership.

    11/18/09 Wednesday Date and Day of Week not confirmed
    "The incident occurred yesterday aboard the Sydney
    Mothership" According to Marcus in "Pound of Flesh"
    "Speaking of Miracles, you were diagnosed a week ago
    with a lethal aneurysm..." According to Father Jack to
    Chad Decker in "Pound of Flesh"
    Marcus and Anna announce Live Aboard Program. Ryan
    and Joshua piggyback a Fifth Column message in Anna's
    announcement. "John May Lives" is a call to arms for all
    Anna begins testing Visitors for emotions and executions.

    11/19/09 Thursday Date and Day of Week not confirmed
    Day after Lisa spends the night with Tyler at his Dad's house
    As depicted in "John May"
    Anna holds an interview with Chad to discuss the Live
    Aboard Program.
    Captured and tortured aboard NY Mothership, Georgie,
    sacrifices himself to protect Erica's team.
    Anna lays 1000 V-Soldier eggs.

    "I'm only six weeks pregnant..." According to Valerie in "We Can't
    Win", unfortunately, she said the exact same thing three episodes
    ago in "Welcome to the War".
    "There has been increased chatter since that rallying cry
    appeared on the bottom of the mothership two nights ago..."
    According to Agent Sarita Malik in "Pound of Flesh".
    11/20/09 Friday Date and Day of Week not confirmed
    Anna offers blue energy at the Annual World Progress Forum
    in Geneva, Switzerland. Saving the country of Timbal from
    natural disaster is used to help sway the Forum.
    Valerie visits Visitor Healing Center and the Visitors learn
    she is carry a hybrid baby.
    A sniper, Jeff Barnes, kills members of Fifth Column cell in
    NY triggering attacks on other Fifth Column cells around the
    world. Erica's team captures Jeff Barnes.

    Day after Erica's team captured Jeff Barnes As depicted in
    "Heretic's Fork"
    "A Human female came into the Visitor Healing Center
    yesterday..." According to Marcus in "Heretic's Fork"
    "A few days ago the Visitors diagnosed me with a life
    threatening brain aneurysm..." According to Chad Decker
    in a news report in "Heretic's Fork"
    "Well, I'm beginning my treatments now. We're telling the
    story in five parts for sweeps..." According to Chad Decker
    to Father Jack in "Pound of Flesh". Chad should get his
    aneurysm removed by Nov. 25th (Last day of November
    2009 sweeps) if he is to make it sweeps.
    11/21/09 Saturday Date and Day of Week not confirmed
    Ryan tells Valerie that he is a Visitor.
    Live Aboard Program officially commences.
    Chad Decker receives Visitor cure on national television.
    Visitors release first V-Soldier on Earth to catch Valerie
    and unborn hybrid baby. V-Soldier fails. Valerie and
    Dr. Pearlman go into hiding.

    "This possible terrorist attack comes a mere three days
    after the commencement of the Live Aboard Program..."
    According to a news reporter in "Hearts and Minds" This
    should be three days after the first humans arrived on
    the mothership if we go by Anna's first announcement
    in "Pound of Flesh"
    11/24/09 Tuesday Date and Day of Week not confirmed
    Erica's team shoots down V-Shuttle carrying humans turning
    news media and world against Fifth Column labelling them
    as terrorists.
    Unknown to world, Anna placed dead bodies on shuttle.
    FBI chief Paul Kendrick receives orders from the highest
    level to form a task force to zero in on Fifth Column-Erica
    is assigned to head the task force.
    Privately, Anna beats down Lisa and has a V-Guard break
    her leg after Lisa tells her that Tyler broke up with her.

    11/25/09 Wednesday Date and Day of Week not confirmed
    "I didn't mean the things I said to you, yesterday..."
    According to Lisa in "Fruition"
    "In the wake of yesterday's shuttle disaster and the
    brutal assault on my daughter..." According to Anna in
    a news conference to the world in "Fruition"
    "Four weeks ago before the Visitors framed me for
    the first time...the Visitors hired me to kill Parker..."
    According to Kyle Hobbes in "Fruition"
    Anna frames Kyle Hobbes and Lawrence Parker for
    attempted murder of Lisa. These two men are called
    members of the Fifth Column. Anna tells the world
    on national television that Lisa is her daughter and
    that the Visitors are leaving.
    Erica captures scientist Lawrence Parker and turns
    him over to the Visitors. She finds out he was working
    on a biological compound that could kill Visitors.
    Chad speaks out on the news to get the Visitors to stay.
    President of the US forms Joint Task Force with FBI and
    Visitors...and all suspects are to be turned over to the
    Visitors for questioning before trial.

    "Val's water just broke" According to Dr. Pearlman's
    text in "Fruition" which would probably put the birth
    of the hybrid within one or two days of this text.
    11/27/09 Friday Date and Day of Week speculated
    Valerie and Ryan are captured. Valerie gives birth to
    hybrid baby. Anna kills Valerie.
    Chad sees Visitor atrocities towards Live Aboards on
    the NY Mothership.
    Father Jack speaks out against Visitors in church
    against Father Travis' decree.
    Kyle Hobbes meets with Marcus.
    Lisa helps Erica destroy Anna's V-Soldier eggs.
    Joshua takes the fall for Erica.
    Anna orders her fleet of 500 Warships to release
    the "Red Sky" on Earth.

    End of Season One
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    A little something FC-Cruz09 put together and I'll update my V Time Line
    a bit more from his V Time Line so that we match. jExODY5&hl=en

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glove View Post
    A little something FC-Cruz09 put together and I'll update my V Time Line
    a bit more from his V Time Line so that we match. jExODY5&hl=en
    Dude! That's awesome. That really helps to visually understand it. Great job!

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    Okay, so in "Serpent's Tooth", the pamphlet from Val's funeral said that she lived from 1974-2010. I thought for sure it was still 2009 (if our version of the timeline is accurate). The only quote our timeline doesn't really follow is:

    "You were diagnosed, what was it, a week ago?" said by Jack to Chad about his aneurysm in "Pound of Flesh". Based on our timeline, Chad was diagnosed three days ago.

    The rest of the quotes/captions referencing times and dates are pretty much followed. So anyone got any ideas????

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    "Day 4 of Red Sky" and "Two months after the Visitors arrived..." According
    to News Channel and Chad Decker in "Red Rain".
    "Four days and we still have no clue about Red Sky" According to Father
    Jack in "Red Rain".
    12/1/09 Tuesday Date and Day of Week not confirmed
    Ryan is released by Anna and depositted on Earth.
    Rioting worldwide and human military mobilization occurs as a
    result of Red Sky/Red Rain.
    Anna explains to the world that Red Sky/Red Rain is a gift to mankind
    which will heal the oceans, make barren lands fertile, and reverse
    global warming on Earth.
    Erica's team, with the help of Dr. Sidney Miller, discover that Red
    Sky/Red Rain contains phosphorous for breeding with humans.

    Day after Anna visits Diana for the first time in 15 years According
    to the events in "Serpent's Tooth"
    Valerie Stevens 1974-2010 According to pamphlet from Valerie's
    funeral in "Serpent's Tooth" Well, this makes no sense???
    12/2/09 Wednesday Date and Day of Week not confirmed
    Ryan attends Valerie's funeral.
    Healing Centers from Delhi to Nairobi reopen. Eileen Ronick
    is announced on national television as the first human mother
    to have her baby entirely with V technology. Whether she goes
    through with it...?
    Suicide Bomber, Will Mavery, kills 17 people at the NY Healing
    Center setting off a chain of attacks at Healing and Ambassador
    Centers in the 29 cities with Motherships on six continents.
    FBI agent Erica Evans stops suicide bomber Melanie Singer
    from killing Chad Decker at the Apex building in New York.
    Eli Cohn, whose credentials include being of Isreali descent,
    a former Mossad Agent, leader of the Global Fifth Column, and
    manager of company 'Five Brothers Textiles' is found to be
    responsible for the suicide bombings around the world.
    FBI agent Sarita Malik is taken by the Fifth Column.

    ----- Added 30 Minutes later -----
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    Day after Agent Malik is taken by the Fifth Column According to
    the events in "Laid Bare"
    12/3/09 Thursday Date and Day of Week not confirmed
    Erica finds out from Sid that Tyler's DNA was messed with during
    her pregnancy.
    Anna, Tyler, and Chad set up Father Jack as a violent priest on
    national television and the internet.
    Erica and her team find out that Anna is abducting homeless humans
    to run tests on them. They rescue runaway Sophie Allen and return
    her to her mother.

    Day after Ryan offered information on who took Agent Malik for a
    night with his hybrid daughter Amy According to events in "Unholy
    12/4/09 Friday Date and Day of Week not confirmed
    Three Peace Ambassadors were killed and strung up at the NY
    Peace Ambassador Center by the Fifth Column under Eli Cohn.
    FBI agents Erica Evans and Chris Bolling catch up with the
    Fifth Column members responsible and find Malik's body.
    A growing number of religious figures begin speaking out
    against the Visitors. Anna goes to the Vatican to meet with
    Cardinal Janusz Wolichek to sway his decision to condemn
    any clergy who engage in any form of anti-Visitor rhetoric
    and she succeeds.
    Tyler and friends vandalize Father Travis' church because
    of Father Jack's preaching of anti-Visitor hate.
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    Day after Tyler and friends vandalize Father Travis' church According
    to the events in "Concordia"
    12/5/09 Saturday Date and Day of Week not confirmed
    Anna introduces Concordia to the people of Earth on national television.
    Tyler's 18th Birthday.
    Kerry Eltoff is hired to co-anchor with Chad Decker on Prime Focus.
    At the Concordia Gala, Marcus introduces Tyler Evans as the first
    human to be trained to pilot a Visitor shuttle.
    Father Jack and protesters rally against the Visitors.
    Kyle Hobbes and Eli Cohn shoot Marcus in an attempted assassination.

    "Anna has yet to break her silence regarding the condition of Marcus
    following last nights shocking assassination attempt..." According
    to Chad Decker in "Siege"
    12/6/09 Sunday Date and Day of Week not confirmed
    Father Jack is laicized from the Roman Catholic Church by the
    Vatican for his anti-V protests at the Concordia Gala.
    Ryan betrays the Fifth Column and leads the Visitors and the
    FBI to Eli Cohn's hideout.
    FBI agent Erica Evans is taken hostage by Eli Cohn.
    Erica is given leadership of the Global Fifth Column.
    Kyle Hobbes, under duress by Anna, blows up Eli Cohn's
    hideout killing Eli Cohn and Joe Evans, Erica's ex-husband.
    Lisa discovers grandma Diana in her secret prison on the
    NY Mothership.
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    "Tyler hasn't spoken to his mother in over a week..." According to
    Lisa in "Birth Pangs"
    "It's taken a week for you to decide that you can trust me?" According
    to Diana in "Birth Pangs"
    12/14/09 Date and Day of Week not confirmed
    Erica goes to China to meet with Eli's Fifth Column Lieutenants for
    the first time. She is challenged to prove herself to be leadership
    material with a plan.
    Visitor Sleeper Agent Dr. Vina Rye is assassinated in her apartment.
    Anna reveals to Joshua that she's been hiding a Queen Egg. Joshua
    is tasked with figuring out the key to his accelerated growth
    experiments. He uses the hybrid baby Amy to solve it.

    "In just two days working with my team I have uncovered a vital
    part of the V's plan...imagine what I could do with an army..."
    According to Erica to Eli's Lieutenants in "Birth Pangs"
    12/15/09 Tuesday Date and Day of Week not confirmed
    Erica officially takes control of the Global Fifth Column.

    "This morning one of the 29 breeding candidates in Beijing,
    China collapsed and died..." According to Joshua in "Uneasy
    Lies the Head"
    12/16/09 Wednesday Date and Day of Week not confirmed
    Three human breeding candidates from Beijing, Johannesburg,
    and Rapheal Mendoza die because of the stripped ladders in
    their DNA.
    Erica's team breaks into Jameson Labs to steal a flu strain
    to program it to destroy any DNA it encounters in effect
    creating a "DNA Bomb".

    "The last wave of Live-Aboards are to go up to the motherships
    tomorrow..." According to Joshua and Chad Decker in "Uneasy
    Lies the Head"
    12/17/09 Thursday Date and Day of Week not confirmed
    Live-Aboard candidate Will Lerner carries the DNA Bomb up
    to the NY Mothership. He passes out upon arrival alerting
    Anna to the virus. She is forced to say that these people
    are Fifth Column and they died during their attack. Chad
    Decker announced the rebirth of the Fifth Column on
    national television.
    Ryan escapes from the NY Mothership with the help of
    Lisa and Diana.
    Lisa tells Marcus that the Visitor former Queen Diana is
    alive and being held prisoner on the NY Mothership.

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    The day after Lisa tells Marcus that Diana is alive and being
    held prisoner According to the events in "Devil in a Blue Dress"
    "Are we gonna talk about last night?" (Referring to Erica and
    Hobbes having sex) According to Erica in "Devil in a Blue Dress"
    12/18/09 Friday Date and Day of Week not confirmed
    On national television, Anna throws the switch to turn on Earth's
    first Blue Energy Reactor. One of 538 around the world.
    The Global Fifth Column's attempt to sabotage the Blue Energy
    Reactor in NY fails causing a citywide blackout. Kerry reports
    on national television a false story that the Visitor's Blue
    Energy Reactor caused the blackout. She fails to present
    proper sources and gets fired by the network. Secretly, Anna
    and Chad Decker are the cause for Kerry's mistake.
    Anna begins experimenting with blissing humans.

    The day after Erica's team meets Diana According to the
    events in "Mother's Day"
    12/19/09 Saturday Date and Day of Week not confirmed
    The Global Fifth Column takes Lisa hostage and uses her as
    ransom to get to Anna. They fail to kill Anna and Lisa is
    Anna kills Diana in an attempted coup.
    Lisa is taken prisoner and locked in Diana's dungeon on
    the NY Mothership.
    Amy kills her father Ryan.
    Anna's Queen Egg hatches and is made to look exactly
    like Lisa. Lisa2.0 mates with Tyler and kills him.
    Hobbes disappears mysteriously.
    Erica is kidnapped and introduced to Lars Tremont,
    Paul Kendrick, Chris Bolling, and the Aries
    Chad Decker is taken into custody by the Visitors for
    working with the Fifth Column in Lisa's abduction.
    Amy helps Anna bliss all humans on Earth.

    End of Season Two

    Sometime soon I will put it all together. I just thought
    that I would give anyone a chance to correct me. I
    may have missed something?
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    Great job dude!
    i started my time line too, i must find the files, and post it! there are just few differences....
    one thing.... i was thinking about.... are "mother's day" events just a day after "devil in a blue dress"? uhm....
    i'll be back soon, greetings from Italy!

    ----- Added 21 Minutes later -----

    For example the action of A Bright new Day.
    we know that in 9 November 2009 - Monday the Vs get Visas.

    "A Bright new day" takes place on Saturday.
    the Vs are "celebrating" their Visas. Lisa can even go out of the P.A. Center to eat pizza with Tyler.

    Why are the Vs celebrating the permission to (officially) run free in NY and in US the following saturday? Why give that peculiar day such a symbolic weight if they can run free since the previous monday?

    maybe does the action take place on Saturday 7 november?
    are the Vs celebrating that they are going to run free the monday still to come? if so, how can Lisa walk out and go to eat pizza with Ty?

    and that's why i think that it is Monday 9 november...
    the next day (it's only the beginning episode) Valerie is working seeing Tyler... On Sunday??? why is she so upset not finding her doctor on the phone on Sunday? it should be normal to not find your doctor when it's sunday! or not?
    the only explanation i find is that it's Monday 9 and there is writer's mistake in subtitles....

    what do you think?
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