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    Quote Originally Posted by costas22 View Post
    Lol, I don't know about that. Clak Kent wasn't too interested in kissing Tess by the looks of it. It was Clark Luthor that couldn't get enough. Honestly, I can't tell if Souders did a good job with Clois or not. It certainly was toned down compared to what we've seen this season, but that's probably what the script demanded.
    I have found that, whenever the producers wanted to showcase a relationship, they tonned down Clois, so that the other one would shine in comparison. The know Erica and Tom had lots of chemistry, so, they reduce their screentime together and they make their interaction extremely light, so that the other could appear to be hot.

    That is what they did when they want to sell Chlollie, and that is what they did in this episode when they want to sell Cless. You are never going to see one episode that has amazing Clois with amazing other couple. They just don't do that. It is the same they do with Clark, when they want to showcase another character, they write him weak, so that the other character can shine.

    It is bad writing for sure, but that is their strategy. *shrugs*

    About the episode, right after I first watched it, I gave it a six. Now, that I have seen the only thing this episode did was to bring back Lionel, and I have found his presence made no sense so far. So, I regret not rating this lower. If I knew, back them, what I know now, I would have given it way less. Probably 3 or 4.
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    ExploreTheLuthorInU LuthorLady's Avatar
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    Glover is back!!!!!!!! 10/10 !!!!!

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    Forum Whiz Chandu.Lahari's Avatar
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    This episode really didn't add anything to the season (or the show) other than bringing Lionel back... and that too for really lame reasons, IMO. However, the reason I gave this episode an 8 is purely for the few moments of Clark Luthor that we get. Any episode where Tom Welling's incredible acting skills are put on display gets an automatic 8 (at the least) for me! Red K, silver K, body-swap with Lionel, and now Clark Luthor?! This guy... is INCREDIBLE! My skin was crawling every minute he was on screen as a Luthor and I am very impressed!

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    The first of two episodes dealing with Clark Luthor and the introduction of E-2 Lionel. Originally I wasn't too crazy about season 10, but in recent years I've come to re-evalute it. With Buffy, we got the formula of the big bad. One villain that the season would be devoted to, which was then divided into episodes dealing with the big bad and filler episodes. During the later seasons, Smallville introduced a new concept, where there was still a villain you could call a "big bad", but there would also be multiple other recurring threats. Which better fills out 20-something episodes, than just one threat. In this episode, they start with Clark and Tess investigating the matter of LX-15/"Alexander", then we're introduced to two new threats. One that'll return for one more episode and one who'll be present for the rest of the season. So, that's three recurring threats in one episode. And it doesn't even deal with Darkseid, the VRA and the Suicide Squad. Sadly, the newer shows have gone back to the old Buffy formula, which is quite dated and you tire of the villain real quickly.

    As for the episode itself, I thought it worked quite well. We have the introductions of E-2 Lionel and Clark Luthor. Along with the show's first reference to Gold K. Clark learns the truth about Tess. Really liked the scene towards the end, where they were talking in the mansion. Thought Cassidy gave a really terrific performance. I always appreciate more human moments in these kinds of shows (and movies).

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