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    There Must be a Thread!

    Overall a pretty good episode. Was anyone else thinking that Dr. Brutal (sorry forgot his name) was going to be a bad guy? But then he got shot, and shot down my theory. Pun intended.

    Jeff and Lester were awesome, yet again. These guys are really funny. It was nice to see more of Greta. Finally! The character has more than one line!

    Casey and Morgan, by this point, were typical. At the episodes start Casey is anti-social and de-associates himself with Morgan. By episode's end Casey is...not. Same script for these two all season. C'mon writers...let's see something different.

    The Chuck and Sarah plot was really good. I liked how Sarah blurted out that Chuck is not a spy, indicating that without the intersect he is basically useless. She is right. What I'm really hoping for...and I mean REALLY hoping for, is that the writers take advantage of this time to allow Chuck to learn a thing or two...on his own (perfect example was the lines he had while being trapped in the diamond room...he noted that he read up on diamonds and came prepared).

    There were a few times where Chuck had to use the intersect for really stupid stuff, like jumping over a tall ledge, or leaping a rooftop. Really? That's in the intersect? You can't teach someone how to jump a gap...they just do it. Has a tendency to make Chuck look really stupid (we know he is not).


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    It's been almost a week and there are only 3 threads about this episode? Wow, this show has dropped in viewership, hasn't it?

    Yeah, this episode was just kind of there but it did have some good stuff. Liked Casey's itchy trigger finger, the montage of Chuck getting tested (the water was awesome!), the return of bumbling, don't-really-know-what-I'm-doing Chuck was also nice (I miss bumbly!Chuck).

    Sarah announcing that Chuck is not a spy...I have to agree. While he works as a spy, he is not, in truth what you think of as a spy. But the look on his face when she said that...

    I liked that Chuck didn't get out of it but was kidnapped (I did think that Richard was somewhat wasted as a generic bad guy but maybe he'll get more meat next ep.).

    Loved Jeff and Lester's storyline and Colonel Casey to the rescue. So some good things but overall it didn't get interesting til near the end.

    One thing (and maybe it was just me) but I couldn't help but think how awesome (there's that word again!) if Bryce Larkin had jumped into the cable car just as the bad guy got the drop on Chuck. I know, I know, Bryce is dead but at that moment I wanted nothing more that for that to happen.


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