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  • Lack of a parent's love will leave a hole in your heart.

    33 42.86%
  • Anyone who names themselves Granny or runs an orphanage can't be trusted.

    18 23.38%
  • An empty mind is the path to Darkseid

    8 10.39%
  • Kryptonian genetics just work different (I.E. Dark Hair = Recessive).

    27 35.06%
  • Anything sounds creepy when you play it slowly on a music box.

    22 28.57%
  • ... Shelby!

    24 31.17%
  • We need the memories we regret to learn from our mistakes.

    23 29.87%
  • Kryptonite can be used for ANYTHING.

    29 37.66%
  • A person's a person no matter how small.

    7 9.09%
  • Other.

    5 6.49%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    The lesson I learned is that apparently, the SV writers CAN do worse than Harvest. And they'll eventually write an episode worse than Abandoned.

    In the 10 years I've watched Smallville, I never thought I would say this,"Thank god they wont be making any more seasons after this one."

    ----- Added 3 Minutes later -----

    Quote Originally Posted by shanemak View Post
    Choose what you're gonna watch wisely, because you're never gonna get those 45 minutes of your life back...
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    I would never compare Human genetics to Kryptonian genetics. If we were like them, bullets would bounce off of us too! If only!
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    Have to learn from our mistakes

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