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    IF KJU is Dr. Viziak, then, possibly, I might know who will be playing as the next big baddie. There was an advanced review, and he/she said he/she liked Justin Hartley's wife's cameo in the episode. I thought she was Dr. Viziak, but I guess not now, lol.

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    Oh.... the "real" jimmy was the kid at the funeral right? I was confused by that whole situation. How odd to do that... that just confused a lot of superman fans I think. Well, like I said season 7 was when things went to hell.
    The entire season seven confused fans me thinks. That's when the retcons started pouring in, especially with Jason Teague's father being alive and as a priest. And then with season eight, we are told that Doomsday came with Kal-El to Earth
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