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    Author: DLNCFAN1 (Ray)

    Author's Note: This “Smallville” story takes Clark on a different direction to match up with the canon of the mythos as portrayed in earlier Superman comics’ incarnations, motion pictures and television series. I just hope I can keep it going to a suitable end.

    Pairing: Lois and Clark

    Timeline: End of Season 9 “transition” into Clark’s final preparation and training phase before becoming “The Man of Steel.”


    SUMMARY: This story based in part upon some of the events in "Salvation" and beyond. Clark Kent prepares to embrace his destiny, tries on the “suit” and later becomes Superman; Lois loses all memory of any encounter with Clark Kent necessitating a reintroduction of Clark Kent in Lois Lane's life in a manner similar to the "Adventures of Lois and Clark" and "Superman - The Movie."

    DISCLAIMER: Any familiarity to someone else's fan - fiction is truly coincidental - or it means that I think like someone else. I don't own anything, only the transitional concept is mine. All the characters are property of their respective owners (DC Comics, Warner Brothers Television and the CW Television Network).

    Spoilers: None

    Warning: It is kind of long.

    Critique: All tasteful feedback is welcome and appreciated. This is my first try at writing something other than reviews of other's fan fiction works. Like all new writers, my knees are knocking, my heart is fluttering and my palms sweating big time.

    Please tell me if I should continue this story. I am having a blast writing this. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I have pulling the ideas from who knows where. If you are reading any of this without tossing it into the electronic trash can, thank you for stopping by. =}:-) Ray

    Clinging to his life, Clark falls toward the earth with the blue Kryptonite dagger still in his abdomen watching as the last Kandorian ascends into the Portal of Rao, which subsequently disappears behind Zod.

    As Clark descends into the blackness between the threshold of light from above and the faint city illumination below, the pleasant events of his past life flash before him - from his first meeting of his Earth parents, to his last kiss with Lois.

    He contemplates in this short span of time of how his passing will devastate the heart and soul of his dear Lois. The thought of being separated from her tortures him to the depths of his very essence. To forever lose her love, would be a greater darkness than even death itself.

    The thought of such a burden weighs so heavy on him that he makes a last ditch effort to pull out the dagger, knowing full well the possibility of the Portal opening up to take him away.

    At the moment he attempts to pull out the dagger, his plummeting body strikes one of the crowd’s bystanders gathered on the street below witnessing the whole spectacle; the dagger dislodging from the open wound.

    As he slams into the ground, the dagger lands underneath him, his body becoming enveloped in an unfeeling state of numbness, his consciousness beginning to ebb like the tide out to sea, his mind becoming as still as the calm before a storm.

    The other bystanders flee, fearing more debris to fall out of the sky leaving two abandoned figures lying motionless on the cold, wet pavement, oblivious of the gentle downpour of rain inundating and soaking their bodies.

    Hours pass. The quiet hush of the empty streets in the early-morning darkness arouses the consciousness of Lois Lane as she opens her eyes to find a wounded, unconscious man lying in a crumpled heap next to her.

    Her body wracked with pain, her head spinning, she pulls herself up off of the pavement, trying in vain to remember where she had been that night and who this wounded stranger might be.

    Unable to find her cell phone, she rises, straightening her soaked scarf and leather jacket, staggering around a corner to find a phone booth to call an ambulance for him.

    Meanwhile, as the ambient light from the morning twilight sun begins to graze Clark's body, his consciousness slowly returns. He knows he is still alive when his body reverberates with excruciating pain from the dagger wound in his mid-section and the fall.

    His hands grope to find the dagger removed from the open bleeding gash, realizing it must still be close by, his abilities having not yet returned to him, the wound not healing. He rolls over, finding it buried under his torso.

    Mustering up whatever strength he has left, he thrusts it away from himself, prostrating his weakened body to the pavement as the golden, healing rays of the sun bathe and restore his dying flesh back to its Kryptonian vitality.

    His strength and might having returned in full measure, Clark stands erect and makes his way back to the Console at lightning speed where he earlier placed the Book of Rao. The Book of Rao seems to have been absorbed into the Console.

    This reminds him of the time as had once happened in the Kuwatchi Caves of Smallville, the four crystals of knowledge had also merged together to form the crystal which created Jorel’s Fortress of Solitude; similarly the Book of Rao also seems to have merged into the Console.

    It is then, Clark realizes that his father had provided for and protected his Way for him yet again: 'Jorel must have programmed the Book of Rao to provide a last resting place only for the cloned Kandorians.'

    Clark further reasons to himself, 'That's why when the Portal first opened up, I wasn't the first one to ascend. Even when Zod and I were the last two standing, there was no irresistible pull on me as there was on Zod before he revealed the blue Kryptonite dagger. My destiny prevented my departure into the Portal.'

    Relieved, Clark subsequently destroys the Console and every vestige of the Kandorians past presence on Earth, gathering and hiding all Kryptonian writings and artifacts in a secret vault he created at the Fortress, changing the entryway to prevent intruders' unauthorized access.

    Having fully perceived Jorel's purpose for his remaining as Earth’s sentient power, Clark commits to fully avail himself of his father's training. As days pass in the Fortress of Solitude, Clark reaches an important milestone in his training. It is here that Clark hesitates to further complete the course.

    An important but heart-wrenching mandate must be obeyed and applied in order for his training to be effective and complete:

    He is to be impartial in his treatment of all humans. No one human shall be exalted or elevated over another or receive special treatment. That means any human-like relationship between him and any Earth woman simply cannot be allowed.

    Clark, who now embraces his Kal-El side, pleads with his father to allow the one he loves and cherishes to share his life with him.

    Clark meditates within himself, ‘Surely, it was not for nothing that Dr. Fate foresaw the important role Lois would play in my life, so how could this restriction upon me allow for that prophecy to be fulfilled?’

    Jorel replies, "Your Kryptonian destiny is one of selflessness and self-sacrifice for the safety of all mankind. The one you single out as special will be in constant peril as your enemies seek to bend your will and destroy you. She, although being your greatest strength is also your greatest weakness in your fight for truth and justice.

    You must bid her farewell before you can progress my son, because you must remain fully focused and committed to lead all mankind to “show them the Way.”

    With a heavy heart, he knows it must be this way for now; his destiny requiring him to sacrifice his love and devotion to her for the sake of the many. But how can he?

    Clark contemplates his life without his beloved Lois: ‘Never again shall I be able to swim in the depth of her beautiful hazel eyes, to feel the warmth of her loving embrace, to passionately kiss her soft, full lips, and, when we have committed ourselves to each other forever, to make sweet passionate love with her for all our days.’

    He begins to long for her as he muses in his mind’s eye over the mystery of her winsome smile, the cascade of her long, dark locks flowing gently over her slender shoulders; the beautiful silhouette of her svelte figure etched in the vision of his head mingling with the intoxicating scent of her youthful skin.

    Gone will be their playful banter as it once was to challenge the exchange of ideas about their work, their lives together and of saving the world.

    As he reminisces on all his memories of her, he grimaces at the thought that memories of her will be all he has to cherish and hold in his heart, the tears begin welling up in his eyes, this big asteroid of a lump in his throat begins to block his airway, his heart pounding from his grief - never being able to tell her how much he loves her.

    Clark's grief-stricken voice echoes deep in the chambers of the Fortress, as he calls out to his father in frustration, "It is so unfair! Why can't I have the happiness you had as a young man? You married the one you loved so much and had a family, and now because the Planet Krypton is dead, you deny me my own happiness? Krypton will never live again as you envisioned it, unless you allow me to keep the flame of love alive and share it with Lois!"

    Jorel replies, "I have provided you with the wisdom of the twenty-eight known galaxies. Use it wisely my son, and you will find the way to build the vision of a New Krypton.

    But, should you choose to ignore this wisdom of many thousands of years, then you will have many trials which you will have to face alone as my protection will not always be with you. Your enemies may well gain their victory over you. What will become of the one you love then?"

    Without an answer in rebuttal, Clark’s heart is torn between his obligation to the humans he has vowed to protect and his love he yearns to share with Lois. The hours seem like days, in the Fortress, as he reflects on all of his father's words, hoping to find a way to balance things out.

    He asks himself, ‘Shall I, disguise myself as a mild-mannered reporter for the great metropolitan newspaper, revealing to the world the man I am inside, only to merge him with the Symbol for Hope as I fight crime and injustice threatening the peace and tranquility of the world at large? How can I live my life without her in it? I must find a way…’

    With steely determination, Clark decides to tell Lois the truth about him, his destiny and how much he loves her. He flies back to Smallville, gets changed to go back to work, to meet with Lois.

    Upon his arrival to the Daily Planet, Clark finds Lois' desk vacant. Jeff tells Clark she is on assignment to an undisclosed location and won't be back for several weeks. Clark exclaims, "Several weeks!?" Jeff replies, "Well, after her assignment, she was going away for therapy at a clinic in Switzerland. Some days ago, she had a concussion, with some lacerations and bruises.

    She had trouble remembering events going way back. In fact, she couldn't recall ever having known you or where you are from, nothing about Smallville. It's like you have never existed in her life at all.

    We were especially puzzled when she asked, “Who the hell is Clark Kent, another flunky from Perry White? Oh brother, give me a break will ya?” Clark replies, "That sounds like Lois all right."

    Stunned and in shock, Clark makes his way to the Copy Room locking the door. Switching off the lights, he reclines in one of the chairs and recalls the sweet memory of her passionate embrace, where Lois told him how she felt about his surprise kiss in the bullpen, she planting a long, soulful kiss on him, just before the trauma of her Pandora experience.

    He puzzles at her total loss of memory of only him, and nothing else, he asking himself, "How can this be?" He recalls his fall from the building; the blue Kryptonite dagger lodged in his abdomen. "Oh my God! he exclaims, What if Lois was the one I struck before hitting the ground?"

    'Could the blue K have affected her memory with the impact of my fall? I know that green Kryptonite has had some strange effects on humans by giving them some strange abilities. I wonder if the blue Kryptonite had somehow affected Lois' memory of me.'

    His thought processes reel almost out of control, in a frantic attempt to find an answer, a solution to reverse the possible blue Kryptonite effect to her memory, to get Lois back as she was the night he kisses her as 'The Blur.'

    He nervously paces back and forth trying to find the answer to his own question: "What can I do to reverse this situation so that she will know me again? Clark agonizes over his next thoughts. 'What if I can't reverse the process?

    It means, I will be a stranger to Lois and she will have no recollection of our friendship, our quiet times together; the movie nights, our dates and nights out, our teamwork at the paper.

    How can I work across from her again and not be able to look into her beautiful hazel eyes with all of my love and she not return her gaze in unspoken gestures of affection?'

    Then a smile returns to his face as he remembers the time she sought to nurture and mentor him upon his arrival at his first day at the Daily Planet.

    He mutters under his breath, "Oh brother, I don't know if I could stand Lois Lane's 'Rules of Reporting,' all over again."

    As Clark pensively reflects on having lost his beloved Lois’ memory of him, he can no longer hold back the flood of tears pouring out of his breaking heart as he sobs quietly in the dark, the tears of anguish streaming down his face.

    His voice quivers with deep emotion, his fists clenched together, as he whispers loudly in the darkened room, "Oh Lois, my dear Lois, can you not remember me? Oh please come back to me," he sobs, … you are the one that makes me whole… I need you … Lois ... I miss you so…" sniff, ... "my heart aches for you ... my dear sweet Lois ... I love you much Lois ... with all my heart, soul and strength ... I am so alone without you ... without you, my life means nothing to me ... Oh Lois, please, please ... may your memory bring you back to me ..."

    His heart on fire, the desire to hold her in his arms and kiss her with the intense passion of the kiss in the "bullpen," Clark, bolts out from the Copy Room and out of the Planet building flying at supersonic speed back to the Fortress to get answers from Jorel.

    The artificial intelligence of Jorel is silent and gives Clark no clear guidance or solution for Lois' amnesia. Frustrated, Clark hurls some of the crystals in the Fortress causing it to quake and shudder. Feeling dejected and at a loss as to what he can do, Clark resigns himself to the fact that he may have to start all over, from the beginning, with Lois Lane.

    Returning to Smallville, Clark phones his mom in Washington and asks that she meet with him at her apartment. He tells her some of the events leading up to his visit with her today. Martha welcomes Clark in the lobby of the apartment building, she observing his somber demeanor.

    After they enter her apartment, Martha, tries to console Clark, "Oh Clark honey, I am so sorry. I am sure given time Lois' memory may move her to find her way back to you. You must not give up hope dear."

    Martha continues, "But also, you must be patient with her and with yourself. Give her time and do not rush things. Just take it one day at a time. If you truly love her, your love for her will never fade. Did you not once say to her, you would wait forever?"

    Clark replies, "I do recall having told her that. I really meant it too! Thanks Mom, you and Lois are so much alike at times. Every time I am around you two, you have some really good things to say. I feel much better now that we talked.

    Listen Mom, I've thought long and hard about it and I have decided to get an apartment in Metropolis so I can be more readily available to fulfill my 'Blur' duties when the need arises."

    Martha agreeing with his decision replies affirmatively, "Well you know honey, I said when I first departed the farm for Washington, that you didn't need to stay in Smallville. Ben Hubbard has always offered to run the farm whenever we needed him to."

    Clark replies, "I know Mom, he has done it before but, this will be more of a permanent move. Are you sure about this?"

    Martha replies, "I am. I will call Ben this afternoon to make the arrangements."

    "What about Shelby?" Clark asks. "They won't let me have a dog in the apartment," Clark continues. Martha replies in response, "Don't worry Clark, honey, I will take care of everything. Oh, by the way, did you receive the parcel I sent you?"

    Clark queries, "You mean the one that has the red and blue suit in it?"

    Martha recalls having envisioned Clark proudly bearing his Kryptonian family crest embossed in a diamond-shaped shield spanning his chest, woven together in the red hue of the sun of his home world Krypton, the Source of his nourishment and life.

    She surrounds the family crest in a sea of intense blue, stitched together with the threads of Mother Earth as his permanent home; a band of golden yellow, encircling his waist as a remembrance of the source of his abilities and Kryptonian strength today: The yellow sun.

    As a final touch, she attaches the majestic red cape to wave in the winds of change as the colors of a nation.

    She, so grateful to have had bestowed upon her this wonderful gift of a kindred soul in this little boy from another world who has now matured to become the man of superhuman strength for all of mankind in this universe to look toward: A Symbol for Hope, Truth and Justice.

    She remembers how she crafted the material from his little ship with all of her loving watch care into a form-fitting garment worthy of a superhero.

    Returning to the conversation from her reverie, she replies to Clark's query, "Yes honey, and you found the little notes I left for you and the glasses?"

    Clark raises his left eyebrow and exclaims, "I found the note where you said, 'If I decided to stay ...'" What other notes are you talking about?"

    Martha replies, "The little notes wrapped around the glasses." Surprised, Clark asks, "Glasses? What glasses?"

    Suddenly, the phone rings. In her haste to ready herself to leave, she says to Clark, "Honey, I've been called to the office for a special meeting. I've got to hurry off. When you get home, check underneath the suit and you will find the other notes wrapped around the glasses."

    Okay Mom," Clark replies. As Martha and Clark walk toward the door in the lobby, Martha turns, hugs Clark and kisses his cheek with her best good-bye smooch, he, waving good-bye as the chauffeur drives her out of his sight.

    That is the last he sees of her for some time to come.

    Clark makes his way back to Smallville and the Farm. It is nighttime, the air crisp and cool as he walks alone out in the field, languishing in his thoughts to himself, looking back at his life as it was the last nine years, and then envisioning his life, looking forward with an exciting anticipation to having his own apartment in Metropolis.

    Of course, he loved living at the Farm when the pace of life moved a little slower. But now things have changed. His Dad is gone for some years now; his Mom unable to bear her return to the Farm without being overwhelmed by Jonathan's memory in the place where they grew together, loved and lived as a close-knit family.

    'My friends from school have all gone their separate ways. Chloe and Oliver are into their own lives now; Lana is still making her mark in the world somewhere.

    It's funny; I thought for sure Lana was the One.

    And then Lois barrels into my life like the Tasmanian devil hurricane, mad dog Lane woman who won't let go of a pant leg until she gets her story!’

    His thoughts pause for a moment, with a wistful look in his eye, a melancholy cello/piano melody he had heard on Pandora radio circling in his head as he misses his Lois.

    ‘Damn it, he retorts to himself, why did this have to happen to her? I was going to open myself up to her and tell her everything. I knew she would understand, she, having shown herself to be the most trustworthy woman I have ever known. How many times had she put herself in danger to protect me?’ God, I miss her...' [Sniff.]

    Returning to the house, Clark takes one last tour through, picking up keepsakes and photographs he wants to take with him. Ben Hubbard having arrived earlier, took Shelby home with him. After the last clean up of the house, Clark turns out the light, locks the door and makes his way to the loft in the barn.

    There, he gathers all of his collectibles together, putting them in his suitcases. He leaves the parcel out that has the suit his mom made for him.

    Clark tries on the suit. He looks at himself in the mirror and immediately laughs with unbridled mirth. He calls out loud; "MOM!" who in their right mind would wear red and blue long handles with a red cape, of all things, out in public? You've got to be kidding me!"

    He discovers the notes she left behind in the bottom of the box, reading Martha’s explanation as to why she thought this suit would be a fitting tribute to his Kryptonian family and his new superhero gig.

    As he absorbs her words, he stops and observes the intricate detail of the family crest carefully interlaced into the blue fabric and into the embossed symbol for the House of El; the red hue of the family crest emblazoned as the beacon of hope Clark had intended, proudly displayed across his breast for all who would see it.

    The red boots defining a symmetry of clean lines like rocket boosters at the base of the red and blue missile that Clark, as the “Blur,” would become as he bolts into the spacious skies above.

    He struts his stuff in true fashion runway style, he feeling as light as a feather and wonders, ‘I want to see how it handles. I'll take it for a “test drive.”

    Before he takes off, one of the other notes falls to the floor. Clark picks it up reading his Mom's suggestion he wear the pair of glasses in the box as Clark Kent, rearranging his hair in a different style when he becomes "The Blur," so no one will make the connection between Clark Kent the civilian and Clark as "The Blur."

    He willingly applies her suggestion and voila! 'See! The distinction between Clark Kent and "The Blur."'

    Stepping out of the barn, underneath a clear, jewel-bedecked sky of the midnight hour, Clark rapidly ascends from his spot on the ground, flying in mid-heaven where eagles and albatross feel unafraid from their lofty vantage point.

    He feels the tug of the cape swirling in the turbulence as he gracefully glides through the air.

    He wonders how it will hold up under abuse when he gets thrown about by some of his enemies. 'Will it tear?' He now gives the suit a durability test. As it clings to his body, it seems that his aura renders the ensemble virtually indestructible.

    He has grown accustomed to the feel the texture elicits upon his skin. He thinks to himself, 'I think I am going to like this. It will fit nicely under my street clothes. I'll just have to fold the cape into a small package and keep it in my trousers pocket until I need it.’

    Gradually, the stresses from the last few days have sapped his reserves, his eyes feeling tired. Stretching out in mid-air under the starry night sky, he yawns and says, “Well, I guess I will call it a night,” zooming back to the loft to super change into his sleepwear.

    "Tomorrow will be a trying day. I'm glad I took some time off. I can't wait to get back to work and find a way to get Lois' memory back to her."

    To be continued …
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    I haven't read it all yet, but I got to be the first to review -

    your style is mezmorizing. Your ability to describe a situation is the best I have seen on these sites.

    well played -

    I'll finish reading later


    Finished -

    Like the way you brought us up to Clark moving to Metropolis -

    Am anxious to see how you'll handle Lois /

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cage View Post
    I haven't read it all yet, but I got to be the first to review -

    your style is mezmorizing. Your ability to describe a situation is the best I have seen on these sites.

    well played -

    I'll finish reading later


    Finished -

    Like the way you brought us up to Clark moving to Metropolis -

    Am anxious to see how you'll handle Lois /

    Thank you for your kind words. I too am anxious to see how I will handle Lois.

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    i like it but it is hard to read. maybe if you space out the sentences out it would be better. Other than that it is a great start.

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    I like it but Lois need to remenber about her life that just not fair enough, but making it in a complicate way =D PPMS!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by doodie8808 View Post
    i like it but it is hard to read. maybe if you space out the sentences out it would be better. Other than that it is a great start.
    Thank you for pointing that out. I have changed the formatting with more spacing in between. I hope it is now easier to read.

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    Great start to your story, I like the fact that Lois can't remember, it makes it more interesting. Can't wait for your next update.

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    Quote Originally Posted by doodie8808 View Post
    i like it but it is hard to read. maybe if you space out the sentences out it would be better. Other than that it is a great start.
    Thanks for your input. I have made the necessary changes. I hope this makes it easier to read.

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    Wow that is much better and clear. still lovin the concept of this story.

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    Ray, I absolutely LOVED this chapter. I felt my heart breaking for Clark when he realized that Lois not only forgot him - but that he was the only one she forgot. I loved the way you wrote that particular section. I also loved the explaination from Martha about the costume and the glasses. There are so many other things I could mention, but these were my favorites. I can't wait for the next update. I feel you did very well for your first story. Keep up the good work!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gem65 View Post
    Ray, I absolutely LOVED this chapter. I felt my heart breaking for Clark when he realized that Lois not only forgot him - but that he was the only one she forgot. I loved the way you wrote that particular section. I also loved the explaination from Martha about the costume and the glasses. There are so many other things I could mention, but these were my favorites. I can't wait for the next update. I feel you did very well for your first story. Keep up the good work!!!
    Thank you Ms. Mary Ellen from the bottom of my heart! I especially want to thank you and all who have encouraged me to attempt a project like this. I am thrilled that you found some favorite parts to love about it.

    Since I am still new at this, please bear with me when it comes to updating as I will need to think the "update" thoroughly through before posting. So it will likely be some time before the updates come. Again, thank you for all of your lovely feedback. I really appreciate it! =}:-)
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    Ray, for your first attempt, this was magnetic! It was heartbreaking to find Lois doesn't remember him; your writing is fluid and pulls the readers into your world, keep up the good work! Can't wait for more!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loislovesclark View Post
    Ray, for your first attempt, this was magnetic! It was heartbreaking to find Lois doesn't remember him; your writing is fluid and pulls the readers into your world, keep up the good work! Can't wait for more!
    Wow! Magnetic? Thank you so much Emma! Thank you for taking the time to read it. It's funny you say it is magnetic. Yesterday evening my wife and I were talking about writing, because I write contracts and related documents for some business clients.

    She suggested I try writing short stories. I told her that I did write one and posted it on the Internet and was getting some really nice feedback. She wanted to see what kind, so I showed her your feedback.

    Then I brought her the rough draft and she said she would take it to work with her tomorrow and read it on her break.

    I gave her an idea what the story was about, because she isn't familiar with the whole Superman mythos and Smallville series. She picked it up, started reading it, and didn't put it down until she had finished the whole thing. She then exclaimed, "I didn't know you could write!"

    Well, thank you again for your compliment Emma, your saying that means a lot to me. And you too, keep up your good work as well. Happy "penning!" =}:-)

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    loved it
    update soon

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    your off to a great start ray. the first chapter was so enjoyable that i didnt really notice how long it was.

    i really liked the picture you painted of a heartbroken clark and it was fitting that he had his breakdown in the copy room because of it being the place of so many good memories.

    the fortress parts were really good because it captured the way jor-el is generally portrayed in smallville( i don't really care for it but thats just me). Clark throwing a tantrum and throwing crystals around the fortress made me chuckle.

    the conversation between clark and martha was really good. i wish they would have done something like that in the show instead of skipping over that. you did a really good job in filling in that part of the story and i liked the note about glasses.

    taking the suit out for a test drive made me laugh

    looking forward to the next update

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