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    Quote Originally Posted by darkphoenix21 View Post
    ^^^When the premise of the show is about a mysterious "Event"...I just question how long they can keep up the secret for more than a few seasons before people start losing interest in it or get frustrated with it.
    Quote Originally Posted by CallMeClark View Post
    Yeah, it sounds like people are trying to create the next LOST and we saw how that went this year with Flash Foward.
    According to this....

    It says [SPOILER] "Producers promise to answer the pilot's most significant question within the first ten minutes of the second episode, and they also assure us that they actually know where it's going and don't intend to drive people crazy by drawing out mysteries unnecessarily. Apparently we'll find out about the Event rather soon, meaning the bulk of the series won't be about it but how the world is changed by it." [/SPOILER]

    So I guess we don't have to worry about NBC handling this like they handled Persons Unknown.

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    Wow i guess i'm the only one who watches Curb your Enthusiasm... PPl should watch especially if u were a Seinfeld fan...

    I seen the spoiler on what "the event" is on a site that K/Site doesn't let me link.. So no link cause I want NO ban... Here's the spoiler from the site tho.... ARE U SURE U WANT TO KNOW THE EVENT...

    [SPOILER]It's an alien invasion... Yes that's what I said an Alien invasion WEAK..[/SPOILER]
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    ^^^And that's why I won't be watching.

    I have to add to my list cause I forgot: The Amazing Race, Top Chef: Just Desserts and Hell's Kitchen. I know I'm a reality tv show junkie. I love them all.

    And when is the Marriage Ref coming back?

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    does any one know when the cape sarts s? i thought it was next year.

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    The Event, HIMYM, Community, The Office, SV, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS

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    looks like I'll have to add The Event to my list now

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