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    Continuity error funnies.

    Just for fun, has anyone been watching episodes of Chuck and seen really obvious continuity errors between shots?

    For example, I just rewatched Chuck vs the Ring Part 2 and noticed that during the lovely Chuck/Sarah moment after having defeated Shaw, the couple seem to forget which way they're supposed to be hugging. Initially, Sarah's arms go over Chuck's, then in the next cut they're under his, then over again...

    The other REALLY obvious one that sticks in my memory was in Chuck vs Santa Claus, when Sarah shoots Mauser with the gun in her right hand, then both hands (conveniently showing off her bracelet for the close up), then right hand again.

    I know it's petty, but it amuses me. Can anyone point out any others?

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    I can't remember anything off the top of my head. When I (inevitably) re-watch the episodes again I'll keep a closer eye.

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    the one i really cracked up on was when Morgan tells Devon to look in the glove box, and then Devon grabs the gun and in one sec he has his finger on the trigger then off the trigger then on again i guess he just cant make up his mind hahahaha


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