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  • Tom Welling and Erica Durance

    211 81.15%
  • Brandon Routh and Kate Bosworth

    3 1.15%
  • Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain

    57 21.92%
  • Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder

    20 7.69%
  • George Reeves and Phyllis Coats

    6 2.31%
  • Kirk Alyn and Noell Neil

    5 1.92%
  • Reeve/Kidder and Welling/Durance

    20 7.69%
  • Cain/Hatcher and Reeve/Kidder

    9 3.46%
  • Reeve/Kidder, Cain/Hatcher and Welling/Durance

    26 10.00%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Tom and Erica are the best Clark and Lois ever.And they are the best couple on tv

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    Lots of well written thoughts here!

    When I was a little kid I had a big crush on Christopher Reeve. No way should he be with Lois. He belonged to me!

    I fell in love with Clois because of LnC. Their chemistry was great. I loved their relationship because their love was true and Clark's heart no doubt belonged to Lois.

    As others mentioned, Smallville let us see their relationship grow and really develop. We got to see details and nuances in their daily lives because the setting was both in Smallville and Metropolis.

    I loved that in Smallville there was no mindwipe for poor Lois. She got to know his identity through an awesome reveal and that she was a big reason for Clark really embracing his Superman destiny.

    There are negatives for SV though. I agree that Clark is way too free with his kisses. And it took amazing Clois scenes (and Clark to get a clue!) for me to even think that Clark deserved Lois.

    But what Clois finally came to be and what we get to see in SV gives an edge to Tom and Erica.

    If it was about Lois Lane characters, Erica wins by a huge landslide. That's for another discussion.
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    Tom and Erica have made me fall in love with CLOIS the moment those two shared their first scene together and they will always remain the best for me.Always!

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    Tom Erica

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    Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder.

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    For me my favortive CLOIS pairings goes in this order: Terri Hatcher/Dean Cain, Welling/Durance, then Margot Kidder/C. Reeve.

    LnC was why I fell in love with the idea of CLOIS, as seeing theirs were a slow burn romance done right and they made you feel happy when they finally got together. They had the right amount of dramatic tension without it turning overly melodramatic. The only time it annoyed me was when they fridged a woman who turned out to be legimate comeptition for Clois... she was geuinely a wonderful character who didn't need to be killed off just because. (Madision Drake).

    Smallville is next, mainly because like with LnC they took the time to build up the romance.... because for once the show was able to benifit from the directive that Lois and Clark not get together until later on. In fact, it was one of the few rare romances that wasn't rushed... because CW has this tendecy to make people hook up just because. As an result many CW romances tend to feel rushed, artificial or just plain unbelievable. (*coughs* Lexana, Chollie *coughs*). The reason why Smallville's Clois pairing isn't number one, is because they ruined it with the Clana love trangle... making it seem like Clark choose Lois second because he couldn't be with Lana because of Krypotonite.

    Margot Kidder and Chrispoter Reeve made the Clois ship work long before anything else. They're the original Clois ship. The only drawbacks were that this verison of the pairing had Lois fall in love with Superman first without even sparing Clark a second glance, until he revealed himself to be superman. And then there's the infamous mind-wipe kiss scene. those two things kinda hurts the clois ship, and the only reason why it's number three on my list.

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