Tired Talk

A/N has some spoilers and references to S2. I haven't wrote in a while so I may be a little rusty :P Okay I just watched 2.04 and this wrote itself…my heart broke for Arthur. Just so you know I am all for A/G :P.

Arthur watched as Lancelot walked past him as he tended to his horse, he already knew from the belongings Lancelot had, that he was leaving, for what reason he did not know, Arthur nodded to him as Lancelot turned to face him…he knew that they would see each other again…one day.

Arthur blew out a breath he did not realize he was holding in as he made his way back into the clearing, but came to a halt as he saw Guinevere crying, with a pang he realized it was because she had just heard that Lancelot had left, had gone, he spoke up saying that they had a long walk ahead of them and turned not wanting to look at her anguished figure.

The journey back was a long one at that, with little musings from Merlin that Arthur partly listened to, as he rode ahead of the other two leading the way…and to keep his distance, Arthur felt as though if he was close to her it would hurt even more than it already did.

Arthur watched as he reunited Morgana with Gwen, he stayed to watch their reunion, and it warmed him, in an instant his own blue eyes collided with brown, and he just looked at her, for he knew when he stopped looking at her, he wouldn't be looking at her again, he should have never of thought that Guinevere would wait for him, after all,it was all talk.