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    Set in 2012 with Superman already around and Lois with a ring on a finger as you've already said.. Mr. Supes has been around longer than that look into the future :P! Season 10 would be oppertune.. Not only did we see Clarks "gift" but we'd get to see Superman learning to become a public symbol of hope... Right now hes.. Well Batman for lack of better words, he has to learn to become the opposite, juggle secret identities etcetc. Smallville is all about becoming, and once he puts on the tights he's still got to become !! Supes for S10!!

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    Well, we all thought S7 must be the last, then came S8,
    which we all thought must be the last, then came S9,
    which we all thought must be the last, now here comes S10...
    Is S10 going to be the last?
    Look at Smallville's track record... I think its really up-in-the-air at this point. I think it all depends on the kind of ratings the show gets...

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    I'm wondering if Clark really is going to have a temporary 'death', or leave of absence, and that they'll fast forward to "2012" in Season 10 (shortly before the 'dream sequence' becomes reality) before bringing him back. Remember, in Superman The Movie, Clark was in the Fortress for "12 years" before returning as Superman. Maybe they'll do something similar here.

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