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    Interesting Laura/Lisa article


    Laura Vandervoort has admitted that she loves her romantic storyline on V.

    Vandervoort's character Lisa, a Visitor, is currently having a relationship with human Tyler (Logan Huffman).

    "That is a great storyline for us because it's Romeo And Juliet," she told the Daily Record.

    "You can't be together and we want to be - well, at least, he wants to be with me. The audience doesn't know how I feel yet. It is fun. We're having a good time with it."

    Vandervoort also suggested that the relationship between Lisa and Tyler could become genuine.

    "I feel like Lisa - I don't know about Tyler - finds it attractive that humans have emotion and there is warmth her mother doesn't give her," she explained. "So I think she is going to question the way she has been brought up in the world she knows and her intentions. She finds the human life maybe a little more appealing."

    She continued: "I think that at the beginning Tyler was nothing more than a task. Lisa's a good actor and knows how to flirt. She's good at acting and manipulating like she feels for Tyler at this point. But that could change. Some of the Vs have been on Earth long enough to develop empathy and emotions for the humans."

    V continues Tuesdays at 10pm on ABC in the US and Tuesdays at 10pm on Syfy in the UK.
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