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    She probably gets a better paycheck for V than Smallville.
    I'm sure that if Smallville had a decent story for her she would return
    for a guest shot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blue Orange NY View Post
    yea having Kara not part of this sucks, she went off to find Kandor and here we are. A full season on Kandor. What's worst the writers can't even give nods to Kara or her where abouts.
    ITA....In her journey to find Kandor wouldn't it be fair to assume that she'd get informed that there were other kandarians (fake or not) all over the world. And eventually she'd return to the Kent farm to help Clark.

    The least they could do would be to reference Kara, something like Clark getting a kryptonian message from her or even her joining the other JLA members on mission in offscreensville.

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    Her journey to find Kandor doesn't even make sense anyway.

    How does she get there without a spaceship?

    There's no yellow sun past the solar system.

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    She'll be back in five years for her reboot feature film to learn everybody she cared about has moved on. But she'll still manage to steal her love interest away from his wife -- oh, wait -- that guy died, and his widow's dating Green Arrow.

    I actually prefer to think Kara is onto the Kandorians and busy offscreen, perhaps as a Red Knight.

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