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    Contacting Aliens 'A Bad Idea', Warns Hawking

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    I just watched that show. Nature in itself is hostile. Dog eat dog. So chances are, alien life forms that are advanced would have a different culture, outlook and perspective on what is right or wrong. Remember man created right and wrong.

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    I still have my fingers crossed that there are nice ETs out there. I'd like to meet our Universal brothers and sisters WITHOUT the plotline of V coming true....unless of course they were all as gorgeous as Morena Baccarin and Laura Vandervoort then either way I'd be the first one signed up as a peace ambassador ;P

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    We don't know what their intentions are. Whether benevolent or hostile.

    Considering where this world is going and looking at the current world affairs, the Aliens might just ignore us or if they need slaves they might take us up on our invitation.

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    So this Hawking guy is confirming every sci-fi movie we've ever seen?!
    That aliens will come here with a book called To Serve Man. (A Cookbook.)

    What's horrible about alien contact scenarios is that our nature--and theirs--is guaranteed to betray us at just the moment when we'd be hoping to rise above our nature. We'd learn, to our horror, that we ARE bound by our nature and things would play out very predictably and badly. Think of when you see a snake or a mosquito in the house. Your first instinct is to squash it or escape to safety and only later do you start thinking rationally about the encounter and how you could have handled it better or prepared for it more. And that's an encounter between creatures from the same ecosystem on the same planet!!! Imagine the instinctive revulsion we'd feel if one look at the aliens told us they came from a much more aggressive ecosystem than ours where there was a more heightened jungle survival battle that they'd had to thrive in. We'd see their destructive potential and there'd be no way we'd ever be able to trust them. Nor should we. Because we don't even trust ourselves when one nation has more destructive capability and it encounters another culture. And with good reason. What's always happened throughout history when cultures meet? The more powerful culture doesn't show restraint; it's never good enough to just meet the Other and shake hands and admire each other and leave the Other alone in peace; the more powerful culture has always pressed its advantage over the other, to the detriment of the weaker. It's very likely such an encounter would wipe us out, and there's no way to have a "plan" in place because we don't know what to plan for until it's already happened---> remember when factory fires used to kill all the employees inside in the early industrial age because the factory owners would lock the doors to keep the employees slaving away? They had no fire evacuation plans. Because it hadn't happened enough yet so that there was awareness of what new emergency plans should be in place for factories. Well, similarly, when alien encounters are in the early stages..... gonna be trouble.

    So we'd need some kind of interstellar protocol in place to keep first contact from going horribly awry. And since by definition we can't know that protocol because we've been isolated on our little marble with no knowledge of what the galaxy considers politically correct behavior, we're guaranteed to get screwed by any alien encounter. And the reverse is true should we find lesser developed life on one of Jupiter's moons. Like the single celled organisms that were the poster child for life on earth until recently---if we find this out in space, we wouldn't be able to resist the temptation to mess with it, to steer its evolution into some form we could have play dates with in a million years, etc.

    Luckily, I think the sci-fi idea of alien invasion is off base. If the aliens from V or Independence Day could travel the stars at super-light speeds, that in itself would require SO MUCH ENERGY THAT THEY WILL NOT BE SUFFERING FROM LIMITED RESOURCES (Such as the V aliens' hunger for our flesh or thirst for our oceans). They would by definition have already solved for their needs, as evidenced by having so much excess energy on hand to allow their ships' engines and ship building enterprises, which would bankrupt our world 100,000 times over. Also, I think we're totally wrong when we picture aliens hurtling through space in spaceships as if they're going to own a "Toyota In Space." That's dreadfully inefficient to the point where the likelihood of it is damn near zero. We're envisioning them in our image. That's not likely. It's just our own limited imaginations that leave us with only these silly ideas of what aliens will be like. If we met them, we probably be dead before our minds even had time to be blown away by the truth of how very ALIEN from us they are.

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    Sad but true.

    And the funny thing is, when aliens come here, they will trick us into believing exactly the opposite, just like the Vs are doing. I fully believe this.

    But if we can rise above it, it may open up a whole world of inter-stellar communication.. I envision a future not unlike Star Wars, though probably more nomadic like Stargate Universe or something. I just hope I'm alive to see it, but I doubt that.

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    Well, first impression will be all that matters. If they are:
    - nice-looking and nice (in our human terms of course):great (but beware of worship)
    - nice looking and unfriendly: we're screwed but in the long run (V's style)
    - ugly and nice: we may strike first and we're screwed when they striked back(remember babylon 5 ?)
    - ugly and unfrienfly: we're screwed but it will be quick.
    The outcome aren't pretty, but that's pure speculation. No one, even Hawkings, can imagine the reaction of 6 billions of people, dozens of religious and political systems to the contact of civiliations who faced different histories and built all their social norms around it. They may be actually everything though one sure is certain: if they achived so far, their instinct of survival is strong and on a life matters between us and them, we're second.


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