View Poll Results: How will Lois and Clark Get their jobs back at the Daily Planet?

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  • They'll team up to write the story of the century.

    36 20.81%
  • Clark will have Shelby 'take care of' the latest Editor-in-Cheif.

    11 6.36%
  • Perry White will have something to do with it.

    154 89.02%
  • Lois will blackmail the latest editor.

    4 2.31%
  • Other

    6 3.47%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Supsfan View Post
    I don't feel like making a new thread for this so I will post it in this one since it sort of on topic. But anybody else find it wierd they had dinner on top of the Daily Planet after they just both got canned from the place?
    I think somebody else mentioned that in another post that didn't have that specific thread in mind. It is weird but it's not weirder than any of the other stuff which we fans have sometimes been forced to swallow. For instance one that I was never able to shake.
    In Committed when the crazy abductor deposits them back in their room, he has time to lit a mega load of candles. That always rankled me, not sure why but it just seemed over the top and it was. So yes I would confine this little get together to that same twilight zone where weird Smallville occurrences just seem to go to die or wait to be resurrected.
    On a more serious note there is a definite lack of variety in terms of the sets available to the production. If you ever go to Vancouver and even walk by the studio you'll see what I mean. It might be one of those instances where financial considerations trump any other sort of considerations including veracity.

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    I dont know how they could fire Lois anyway, when she has showed that she is probably the best reported in the basement with all her front page stories. I still dont know why she is even still in the basement and hasnt moved up yet. I would like to see the DP beg for them back because they both are writing fantastic stories for some other paper.

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    Perry's visit could be merely a tease. Remembering that this is Stallville, and we have already seen the GBS studio with Cat Grant, maybe we'll see a brief nod to the silver age broadcast setting, making a "Henry" out of the pair's initial Planet careers. But hey, maybe then they could use my idea to bring in Ted McGinley as Steve Lombard!

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    Perry will have something to do w/it.

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    Question, Does Oliver own part of the Daily Planet because of his partnership with Tess? And, if so could he give them their jobs back?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DiabeticDude202 View Post
    I think there's a huge possibility that only Lois will get her job back and Clark won't.
    Don't know why, but I'm kind of hoping this happens. I want Clark to earn the job, even if it is about cats stuck in trees. I don't want nepotism or Tess Mercer's interest to get him hired. We hear about Lois' awesome stories and bylines, but haven't heard a single thing Clark has written... he just makes copies. I want him to step up - not necessarily out shine - to really make a name for himself and earn his job back.

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    I'm hoping they earn their jobs back with a fabulous scoop so people stop criticising their"credentials".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nanda Lane View Post
    Yep. I don't like the fact of Perry giving their jobs back, just like that.
    Don't forget, Perry still owes Clark a favor from Season 3.......this could be it, Perry will give them their jobs back. Makes sense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrsLoisKent View Post
    They got FIRED?!!? Wth!

    How do you think They'll get their jobs Back?
    Perry white will become the editor in chief. re-recruit Lois and Clark

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    Knowing this show they will show up in season 10 working there again and we'll never know how it happened.

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    Quote Originally Posted by La Donna View Post
    Knowing this show they will show up in season 10 working there again and we'll never know how it happened.
    We will know via Twitter some day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exedore View Post
    We will know via Twitter some day.
    Yeah, probably.

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