My sister and I had a certain speculation. Maybe we think too deep into the show. My dad said we act like its real life. lol. Of course we don't think it is, but its got a very interesting storyline. We prefer it over the MoTW. Anyways.
After watching PONR a few times, it is clear that #1 Michael is(was) Zachariah's boss and #2 Michael foresaw that every single event would occur that led up to all three brothers and Zac ending up in the "green room". Zac states this specifically to Adam before Dean and Sam arrive. We were wondering, since Michael knew that these events would occur, if he also knew and WANTED dean to waste zac. it seems to me that not only did michael's instructions to get adam as the alt vessel and into the green room to lure dean in not only give him an opportunity to say yes, but it was also an opportunity to kill Zachariah. im sure Michael saw what Zac had done to his vessel, and how much Zac has failed. any input?