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    I know Sam is the 'bad guy' of the two...

    but man did my heart just get ripped to pieces with his when Dean told him he didn't trust him, when they were alone in the panic room.

    I know Dean apologized in the end, and I believe that he was trying his hardest to make the 3 of them [Sam/Bobby/Cas] let him go - so he was saying the most hurtful and crappy things to them in doing so - but still... he basically called Sam evil demon spawn and Lucifer's playtoy; or at least he would be at some point in time, no matter what.

    I don't know, just kinda hard to root for the guy [Dean] when he knows Sam has tried his damnedest to fight everything against him this season, including saying 'yes' to Lucifer - yet Dean throws that in his face.

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    I think he was being honest. He was going to say yes because he lost faith in Sam and God. But yeah, those were hurtful words. To me, Dean's going through what Sam went through towards the end of last season. Both did regretful things at their lowest points

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    I can't really blame Dean for what he said he to Sam Dean wanted to say yes. Because he wants Lucifer destroyed so he can't get to Sam.Even i've been say the same thing why not have Dean say yes to Michael. So that way Lucifer will be wiped out and Sam will be spared.

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    I liked Sam much better than Dean tonight. Dean really got on my nerves & I hated when he said that to Sam after how hard he's been fighting to avoid saying yes to Lucifer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xrayvision View Post
    I liked Sam much better than Dean tonight. Dean really got on my nerves & I hated when he said that to Sam after how hard he's been fighting to avoid saying yes to Lucifer.
    I agree with you there. And I'm pretty tired of them throwing Sam's mistake in his face every single fricken episode, with every fricken new guest star or regular throwing it in his face. And yet, he still loves and trusts his older brother, he is still trying his damn best to find a way out of this mess, when Dean has just given up.
    And still no one trusts him or believes in him.

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    My heart went out to Sam when all the stuff went down. Those two really care about each other and you can always see that when they interact. I think Dean has a right to be worried because Sam has done many things that Dean never thought he would do...but Dean also needs to have faith in Sam's ability to do the right thing now...I mean he did give him a second chance for a reason. I was beginning to worry that Dean never truly got pass the stuff that Sam did and still had no trust in him...but after this epi I know that's not true.

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    Dean got on my nerves too. Hate how he's always so down on Sam this season. Dean did start the whole apocalypse afterall by selling his soul to bring back Sam and then became a torturer in hell, thus breaking the first seal, somehow that whole thing keeps getting glossed over. If Dean wasn't so emo about it last season, I beat Sam wouldn't have leaned on Ruby so much, but does Dean recognize that? No.

    But I get it, I do. I understand how Dean feels, if our shoes were reversed, I can't say I would have done anything better. In fact, I'd probably have done a hell of a lot worse to be honest, lol, but that doesn't mean Dean doesn't get on my nerves non the less.

    Thankfully Cas was there to knock the crap out of him! Woo! GO CAS!


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