View Poll Results: The worst "Oh give me a break..." moment?

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  • Tess realizing Oliver's identity just from one little phrase

    19 21.11%
  • Amanda's ridiculous amount of knowledge about Jones and Watchtower

    5 5.56%
  • Tess attacking Oliver, then begging for him to forgive and trust her a few scenes later

    16 17.78%
  • Jones' convenient "memory erasing" ability

    6 6.67%
  • Oliver's convenient "hidden lock pick" that somehow wasn't found when captured

    8 8.89%
  • Oliver easily shutting down a givernment agencies' power grid (no generator...really)?

    12 13.33%
  • Other

    24 26.67%
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    Tess" realizing Oliver's ability.

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    Tess realizing Oliver is the Green Arrow.

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    One question:
    The Checkmate castle is full of cameras....John has erased the memory of Amanda and (it is assumed) others, but, the cameras recorded everything on what happened! Oliver has turned off the system, but what the cameras recorded is still there or not?
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