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    Wild theory for season six

    Okay I think it was just announced (another thread says it was renewed) that Supernatural would be coming back for season six. I was at first unsure how another season would look like this season is pretty big if you ask me The four Horsemen, Angles pushing for Armageddon and Lucifer has the end written all over to me. Now that another season is on it just occurred to me how to do next season.

    What if this season truly does end with Lucifer and Michael battling only Sam and Dean and only a few thousand people live? The world ended and now a new world has begun what if the show followed Sam and Dean traveling trying to make the world a better place while all the old things from this current world are trying to take the new world before it really gets started? What if instead of preventing the end of the World they fail and another one begins?

    Would anyone be upset if the show takes that turn or fine? Tell me what you think.

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    ^^ Interesting theory. I have no idea where they are going. But it does make sense that they would deal with the fallout of the apocalypse, win or lose.

    I think I remember Kripke saying once that they only way to follow something this big was to get really intimate/small...not sure what he meant by that!

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    That sounds like it could be cool, and could work well with their budget.

    ----- Added 2 Minutes later -----

    And remember, as far as finales go, they've never succeeded. S1, they didn't kill YED, and ended up losing the colt and John. S2, gate opens, Sam in tact (good for YED). S3, Dean in Hell and Lilith alive. S4, Lucifer free. Doesn't bode well for our heroes. Either that or it will make S5 success that much sweeter
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    I hope that they do your idea, because I actually like it.

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    if they do do that, they can give a more western feel.


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