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    Quote Originally Posted by Shwimmis View Post
    Why are some of you hating on this great episode???
    I thought it was awesome and I really enjoyed it. Boring? Plot holes?? Come on. I hope there will be one more season to wrap everything up but even if not, I'm happy to have remained a loyal fan for the entire series.
    I'm loyal too, but they really could have helped themselves by having a more climactic ending.

    Now, what Claire did will certainly spark something later and the Olympics cutting the season short certainly didn't help.

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    We Will Avenge!!! darkphoenix21's Avatar
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    The only thing I remember about this episode is the Charlie/Hiro scene and Claire revealing herself and everyone else to the world. This show just keeps getting worse and worse. It hasn't been really the same since season 1.

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    Oct 09
    I liked the Finale. As in it was Good like. Not fantastic Like.
    Would have like to see how Sylar took down Eli. Hopefully if it goes another season, we will get to see Samuel again.
    Best part of the story was Hiro/Charlie. Very touching.

    I hate they never touched on Matt(stop/go) JR abilities. Also Mohinder and Angela weren't there.

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    i loved this season and the season finale. i hope there is a season 5. there needs to be a season 5. i know for season 5 peters power needs to evolve to hold 5 powers.

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    Apr 10
    They were a few plot holes like how did Samuel lost his powers when Peter,Eric Doyle, Emma and Sylar was around him, but overall it was a good episodes.Sure the fight between Peter and Samuel could have been more intense but well...this is how it turned out.
    I'll go with a 7 out of 10

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