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    Rain Woman: the story of Claire bennet...

    In no way do i want to disrespect the writers of this show, or the actress that plays Claire, but there is a mayor flaw of the character... she is just plain dumb... I'm not sure if I'm the only one that thinks this but truly I'm getting tired of her messing up everything and then complaining for 20 minutes about how screwed up her life is...

    She is supposed to be about 20, but still acts and sounds like she is 12... I supposed the story would be over by now if she was never born, but is she always supposed to be the giant issue that breaks all the peace in the world?

    She doesn't think ahead, i mean even for this episode, what did she expect would happen even if they captured Samuel? if the characters of Noah and the other girl were any smaller it would of been a scene in which they load him into a ban and then out of no where the ban drowns into the earth...

    And speaking of Noah, he goes without powers mind you, to take on a whole community of people with powers and the guy who can make earthquakes, and Claire goes to warn... yea Samuel... that makes sense... (i know it was supposed to be to prevent lives from being killed, but its not like Noah was dropping a nuke on the place, he is supposed to be a very well trained agent with a sniper rifle [hardly a situation with alot of collateral damage]) by the way also why is she such an ******* towards Noah, yea he lied about what happened to Nathan, but she doesn't even for a second stops to think what she would of done instead... she just acts on emotion....

    Then when Lydia got shot, Claire for some reason desapeared (supposedly to get the emergency package) but is she just oh so dumb that she can't remember that she can use her own blood as a cure??? i mean if it works anything like an aids virus she should just have to cut her self and touch the bullet whole...

    From being the "end of the world cheerleader" to being as useless as a paper weight(you can't kill it either). Claire should not be allowed to continue ruining this great show, she should be killed of, or just shouldn't have this many episodes focused on her... to be honest, even the actress is not that good at her job, or hot enough for a lead role... and as a side note: the lesbian show doesn't make up for low quality entertainment...

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    Could not agree more. It's quite silly how easily super agent noah bennet can be duped. I was really angry when claire did not use her blood on Lydia, i mean how inconsistent is that. Its so frustrating. Claire really has no place on this show. the lesbian thing they have going is just rubbish. She treat Gretchen like thrash anyway. Will wait to see what happen with Sylar/Peter. Heroes is really only a 5 minute show when you take out all the rubbish

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    Quote Originally Posted by whitearrow View Post
    Heroes is really only a 5 minute show when you take out all the rubbish
    Basically. Yea that's so odd about Claire not using her blood on Lydia, you really can't say she forgot, because a few episodes ago she wanted to heal Hiro with her blood, but four eyes said it wouldn't work.

    I really don't think they should kill Claire off, as that would probably lose alot of male viewers, but instead limit her screentime. She by far gets the most screentime, even Gretchen gets more screentime then Parkman, who is a much more interesting character by far. I don't think the writer's will do that, and due to Claire, Heroes will probably end this season. Thanks Hayden!


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