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Thread: Morena Baccarin

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    I will post some more.

    I made a video while she was talking to us. here we go.

    ----- Added 6 Minutes later -----

    Morena and her mother


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    I got a chance to chat with Morena at Dragon*Con and had a great experience with her and getting a chance to hear her speak about her career and her life.

    I have much deeper respect for her now after that than I already did.

    Quote Originally Posted by Robbins View Post
    Morena does such a great job at looking so beautiful yet we know as Anna she Is so evil.
    I've been thinking this recently, not so much about Morena's beauty (although, she is very beautiful), but in how she is able to portray such an evil character while being a really charming, approachable, and fun person.

    When I got an autograph from her at Dragon*Con, she was the first to speak to me (which is always nice when meeting a famous person) and we talked about the V t-shirt I was wearing and when she had her two V panels, she was joking around and laughing.

    So not Anna-like at all. Speaks volumes about how great of an actress she really is.
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    Just had to see the pilot to convince me she is a great actress! Propably the best in the show. Such a sterile role could easily become boring to the viewer but she brings the character alive just the right amount without loosing the cool cruelty that comes with the V-territory.

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    She was on tonights Mentalist

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    I loved her as the voice for Black Canary on the Justice League Unlimited animated series.

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    She will be starring in Showtime's new drama series, "Homeland."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Resistance84 View Post
    She will be starring in Showtime's new drama series, "Homeland."
    SO I guess this means definetly no V revival in any form...not even a TV-movie or a direct-to-DVD movie...

    I am glad she found her next project though Showtime will treat her better

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