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    Authors note: Hello readers! Thanks for stopping by and reading. I hope you enjoy. I will try and improve my writing as each chapter progresses. This story is based loosely on what Lois said in Pandora, about the four of them being a team. Clois is the endgame for this story. Even though Oliver is in it, there will be no Chlollie (sorry Chlollie shippers, but I'm a Chlart shipper ). Jimmy is dead in this story and Chloe has Watchtower. There is no Zod either. I hope this isn't too confusing. Anyway, reviews and criticisms are welcomed. Thanks for reading, and hope you enjoy.

    Summary: A scientist is on the verge of building a portal, that will allow him to constantly view a red sky that is seen when the sun rises, however unbeknowest to him, Tess makes a few modifications. Meanwhile, a meteor-freak attack causes devestation amongst the citizens of Metropolis and Smallville, starting an all out-war to keep the humans safe from the meta-humans. Chloe gets word about the portal being built, and she and Oliver go and investigate it, unbeknowest that Clark and Lois are writing an article on it for the Daily Planet. A freak accident causes the four of them to face their counterparts in an alternate reality, with no way to get back home.

    ************************************************** ****************


    THE aging man carefully balanced two thermoses of coffee in one hand, and three rolls of schematics in the other, while ascending the narrow flight of stairs to his sanctuary, that had four large windows where he was able to see the sun rise. As a man of science, he was fascinated and perplexed by the beauty of how the sun, when positioned at the right moment, would light up the sky in a fiery red.

    He smiled to himself, remembering the first time he saw the red sky. He was a boy, no younger than five—or six, and for some reason, even though he was a heavy sleeper, was awoken, and through the cracks in his blinds he saw the red sky. Oh how magnificent it was. He had never seen anything like it, and for a minute he thought he was on a different planet. From that moment on, he became transfixed with that red sky, and would awake before every sun rise just to see it. He spent his youth and adult years studying astronomy, physics—anything to do with space—to feed his obsession to obtain the red sky permanently, but sadly it was all just an illusion.

    Until now, anyway.

    He unrolled the three schematics, carefully placing them on the large desk. Each schematic had drawings of machine parts and series of complex numbers to go along with them. He had finally found a way to build the red sky he loved so dearly, so he could spend his retiring days gazing at its beauty whenever he wanted—whenever anybody wanted. All he really needed was money, someone to help him, and a large enough place to put his device so he and others could view it.

    His attention turned to the light knocking on the door. Someone had become interested in his ideas, and he proposed they met before sunrise, to show the true purpose of his life’s-work. He ran down the stairs, giddy taking over him, and tried to contain his excitement as he opened the door.

    “Dr. James Ryerson,” The red-headed woman said, as James moved out of the way to allow her in.

    “Miss. Mercer,” He replied. “You’re just in time.”

    He led her up the narrow stairs, thanking her for meeting him so early in the morning.

    “Can I poor you a cup of coffee?”

    “I’m good,” Tess replied, looking down at the schematics. She always considered herself to be a smart woman, but she couldn’t make sense of these drawings. She turned back to face Dr. Ryerson, who was looking out the window. The sun was starting to come up.

    “It has to be at the right spot,” He said. “Otherwise you won’t see it.”

    “I must admit, I was never an early riser,” Tess replied.

    The doctor turned to Tess and smiled. “You are missing out.”

    They waited in silence, as the sun had begun to slowly rise over the horizon, and then, just as he said, the sky was graced with this fiery red, that even Tess would admit was beautiful.

    “It doesn’t last long enough,” The doctor said sadly.

    “So that’s what all this is for?” Tess asked, pointing to the schematics. The doctor nodded his head.

    “Tell me what this machine is supposed to do,” Tess probed to which the doctor gladly explained.

    It was a machine that would be built to transcend both time and space; a portal of continuousness that would relay a feed of a constant red sky, where people would be able to look at it from one spot.

    Tess knew this man was a genius, but the complexity of his designs, and what he was doing it for seemed trivial all for just a red sky, and she wouldn’t agree to a project like this just too please an old man. She had bigger intentions for this machine, but Dr. Ryerson was the only one capable of understanding how to build it.

    “What do you say, Miss. Mercer? Will you give an old guy a chance?”

    Tess smiled. “I’ll contact you sometime tomorrow to get in touch with your new team.”

    She extended her hand; he shook it.


    LOIS Lane cursed silently, hopping on one foot, after stubbing her toe on the edge of her bed. She was late, and not just five minutes late, but a whole hour, and Lois Lane was never, ever late.

    “Chloe, have you seen my other shoe?” She called out, putting the shoe she had found on her right foot.

    “Which one?” Chloe asked from the other side of the room.

    “The black closed-toe,” Lois replied, trying to remember where she put her car keys.

    “Got it,” Chloe finally said.

    “And my keys?”

    “Got those too.”

    Lois, already exhausted from rushing around after her alarm clock failed to go off, gave her cousin an exasperated sigh.

    “Drive safe,” Chloe said as she handed Lois the keys after she finished putting on her other shoe.

    “Thanks Chlo, I owe you.” She gave her cousin a kiss on the cheek before she left the Talon. She had about 45 minutes on the drive to the Daily Planet to come up with a reason on why she was late for work.


    CLARK Kent glanced up just in time to see Lois running to her desk. He could tell she had a bad morning. He opened his mouth to say something when Lois interrupted.

    “Save it Smallville,” She said, which caused Clark to promptly close his mouth. “I haven’t eaten, or had my fill of Joe, so not only am I miserable, but I’m pretty sure at any moment Tess is going to have my head for being late.”

    “Actually Lois,” Clark began to say, noticing how agitated Lois was. “Tess called in sick today.”

    Lois stopped tapping her fingers on the desk. “Really?”

    Clark nodded. “So if you want to grab breakfast…”

    Lois shot up from her desk, with a smile on her face. “You buying?”


    OLIVER Queen closed his eyes, as he pulled tightly back on the string. He could feel the grooves of the arrow stick; a feeling that often comforted him, and as he hoisted his bow up an inch, he released, and didn’t open his eyes until he heard the arrow making contact with his target.

    He walked over to his target, hitting the small bull’s-eye effortlessly, but he already knew he could do it blind folded. Instead, he looked down on the ground, where another arrow had been perfectly split into two—an arrow that a moment before had been in the exact same bull’s-eye. He smiled to himself, proud of what he accomplished. It was definitely more rewarding than any alcohol he had ever drunk.

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    I like this. Hope u continue this.


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