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    Has Lana Ever Outright Asked To Know Someones Secret?

    Well what the title said, has lana ever asked outright for any character to "tell me your secret?" If so, when? She always seems to want to know these things so badly.

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    In Season 1, the secret was never an issue, Lana's fascination with Clark's secret started in Vortex(S2 E1) where she seemed to get miffed at Clark for hiding something from her. From that point on the words secret and lies seemed to fill every other conversation, although it seemed worded more in the way of:

    "you can't hide stuff from me if you want this relationship to go forward"

    then outright

    "tell me your secret"

    My personal favorite Lana line was from Magnetic:

    "Even though my compass was way off with Seth... he still had the courage to be honest with me"

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    She asked directly to know Clark's secret at the end of Hydro when she came to see him in the loft

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    If I had a dollar everytime lana accused Clark of hiding something. Or demanded Clark tell her his secret i'd have more money than Bill Gates. Even now after all these years I still don't get why Clark still associated with lana? If I was Clark I would've written lana out of my life after episode Vortex. If not eppy Hug in Season 1 the girls I associated with back in my days of high school. We're never like lana they had something she didn't: a personality.

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    Yeah. She was very upfront about it and wouldn't mind her own business.

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    That's why I never liked that part about her. Obviously according to her, she must know EVERY detail about someone. What if he was hiding he had a 6th toe? Imagine all that drama if you replace alien heritage with a 6th toe. Totally uncalled for. Now picture how different Reckoning would've been if you replace that little piece of information.

    I know hiding you're an alien is a big thing, but looking at Hollywood, and people in general, you'd see how they handle the news*coughInfamouscough* Plus Pete was almost killed for it and people's lives were turned around because of it. Clark had GREAT reasons to hide it. But if Lana want's to know something and you hide it, you're officially wrong and she MUST know. This is one of the reasons I like Lois. She's great for Clark because unlike Chloe (whom I love anyways) and Lana (no comment) she never broke her back trying to find out Clark's secret and outright demanding she should know. She want's him to open up to her when he's able to. Lana was a good character, until the curiosity got out of hand. Add Lex into Enter text here.mix, and you get why many fans hate who she's become.

    lol rant over hehe


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