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Thread: #5.4 "The End"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lexgirl33 View Post
    Well Jessica did morph into Lucifer. So I think you are right CMI
    I'm not sure if he actually can shapeshift or not, but he hasn't shown that ability. The thing with Jess was him messing with his mind because he couldn't locate sam. Same thing with Nick (or whatever his vessels name was), just mind tricks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by superhippie2000 View Post
    ya im sure lucfier can change into other people and even if we dont know hes there he might be. but i still think sam is lucifer in this episode and since its the future then lucifer doesnt have to be around in the present part of theepisode and can still be gone.
    I agree, Sam probably went down the path to letting Lucifer in once Dean shut him out. This will probably trigger the reunion on Dean's side of things. I think they'll also show that Future Dean isn't the kind of man that Dean wants to become, somewhat because of Sam's absence in his life
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    well when lucifer morphed from jess to nick it seemed like shapeshifting but i guess it could just be a morph for special effects more then it having to do with lucifer.

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