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    Red face tell me wat do think

    guys i have a story for season three and the parents tell sam the truth which is sams dad was very sick a.k.a. cancer so the devil said to the mam and dad tat he would seed the mother off her so they think okay yea we will get a abourtion so they do but the abourtionest cannot get the baby out even with surgery so wen sams born the devil is not impressed wit sams life college drop out and a minimun wage and wat he hates the most is tat he loves andi and he never did anything evil so he decides to give sam some tests a.k.a. caturing soul but he thinks its amusing wat sam does but not proberly done right until he catures 40 souls so in the end of season 2 with morgan now in season three now the devil still hates how sam still is nice and he thinks its because of andi so he takes andi to hell since he owns her soul he's alllowed so its up to sam and the rest to save andi from hell tell me wat u think dont say anything too ******

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    Quote Originally Posted by InactiveUserID View Post
    Wow. I laughed. I cried.
    That would be soooo funny to see him jump out of the hell portal on Supernatural next year just to screw with the viewers of that show who are expecting some super-serious satan. Just have Ray come out and punch Sam Winchester playfully on the arm and say
    "Sammy, my boy! Nice haircut! It's good to see you pulling your weight for a change, breaking seals, tossing Lilith around, getting the job done as my #1 son."

    Dean: (incredulous at seeing Ray Wise) "Lucifer is a gameshow host? Damn. Even if I'd known, I still woulda put my money on Howie Mandel. You know this guy, Sam?"

    Sam: "." (shrugs)

    Ray: "Oh don't be bashful, Sammy. Sure, you'll always be special to me, but as of today I own everybody and not just you anymore, so there's really nothing to be embarrassed about."

    Sam: (breaking character) "You're not even on this show!" (To Dean): "He didn't bust out of hell; he escaped from the CW!"

    Ray: "I know. That's the beauty of it. And by doing so, I've achieved complete tactical surprise. I believe it was the great General Tso who used this technique of misdirection in his second dynasty campaign against the....oh no, wait, I'm confused, it was General Tso's chicken that I ate for lunch. My bad." (He smiles and waits, as if the brothers are supposed to respond to this).

    Dean: "I'm still fuzzy on something--are we saying that hell and the CW are two different places? Because that doesn't track." (Dean has a flashback to Alastair forcing him to watch Gossip Girl in hell.)
    LMAO!!! Thank you for posting this!

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