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  • Diana (Jane Badler)

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  • Juliet Parrish (Faye Grant)

    1 2.63%
  • Ham Tyler (Michael Ironside)

    4 10.53%
  • Willie (Robert Englund)

    2 5.26%
  • Nathan Bates (Lane Smith)

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  • Robin Maxwell (Blair Tefken)

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    Bruce Davison
    28 June 1946, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

    John Langley "V" (1984)

    John Langley

    John Langley (lt.), played by Bruce Davison, is introduced in V: The Series.
    He is the undercover agent assigned to infiltrate the Resistance and impregnate
    Robin Maxwell in hopes of creating a second Star Child,
    but he is killed by a Fifth Columnist before he can finish his mission

    other roles just to name a few

    Knight Rider 2009 Charles Graiman
    Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Dr. Peter Silberman
    XMEN 1 AND 2 Senator Kelly
    "Harry and the Hendersons" George Henderson

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    Here are a couple pictures of the actor known as Bruce Davison.
    Thanks, Rob.

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    Sybil Danning

    I just rewatched two more original V episodes, The Sanction and Visitor's
    Choice, and decided to make Sybil Danning my next bio.

    Sybil Danning, born May 24, 1952 as Sybille Johanna Danninger, is an
    Austrian actress known for her many roles in B movies, science fiction,
    and action films. She became an actress after leaving home about
    1968 at the age of sixteen. She made her film debut in 1968, portraying
    the legendary German mermaid "Lorelei" only clothed with her long blond
    tresses. The next year, she had a role in one of Robert DeNiro's first
    movies "Sam's Song".

    In 1972, she was included in the cast of "Bluebeard", along with Raquel
    Welch and Richard Burton, playing a high-caliber prostitute. The same
    year, she was also in the "Eye of the Labyrinth". Also noteworthy were
    her movies "The Three Musketeers" and "The Four Musketeers". Both
    movies being Ilya and Alexander Salkind productions.

    In 1978, she decided to move to Hollywood, California, for acting.

    The movie "Battle Beyond the Stars" saw her portray an extra-terrestrial
    Amazon. This performance earned her "The Golden Scroll Award of Merit"
    from the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror films. I actually
    saw this movie in the theatres when I was a kid. The cheaply-made
    "Jungle Warriors", "Panther Squad", and "S.A.S. San Salvador" followed
    in quick succession.

    In 1983, She appeared on the cover of Playboy magazine.

    Next Sybil co-starred in "Howling II", playing a werewolf queen. She
    began to guest star in many American television series, notably, "A Man
    Called Sloane", "Vega$", "Simon & Simon", "The Fall Guy", and she played
    a human processing specialist Visitor named Mary Kruger in the 1985 V
    series in the episode titled Visitor's Choice. She was in campy "Women
    in Prison" and "Amazon Women on the Moon", then founded her own
    production company, Adventuress Productions, Inc., and that one
    produced "L.A. Bounty", in which she starred and helped write the

    In 1989, she re-teamed with the Salkinds to play a succubus in the
    TV series "Superboy".

    In 1990, her acting career was cut short by an accident in a gymnasium
    while she was rehearsing a movie stunt.

    In 2003, she returned to public performance by appearing at fan
    memorabilia convention circuit.

    In 2007, she returned to the big screen in the movie "Grindhouse"
    in a faux trailer titled "Werewolf Women of the SS". This was followed
    up by her appearance in Rob Zombie's remake of "Halloween".

    Here are a couple pictures of the actress known as Sybil Danning.

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    Aki Aleong

    Just watched another episode (The Overlord) of the 1985 series V and
    decided to do Aki Aleong.

    Aki Aleong was born Assing "Aki" Aleong on December 19, 1934. He is
    an American actor who has also been active in songwriting and musical
    production. He is probably best known for portraying Senator Hidoshi
    during the first season of the critically acclaimed series "Babylon 5",
    as well as portraying Mr. Chiang, the ruthless aide to Nathan Bates in the
    weekly 1985 series of V. He also portrayed the character of Colonel
    Mitamura in "Farewell to the King". He owned the Gingham Dog fast
    food restaurant in Hollywood, California circa 1965.

    Other television guest spots include:
    The (Original) Outer Limits, I-Spy, Airwolf, General Hospital, LA Law,
    The A-Team, War of the Worlds (TV series), China Beach, Street
    Justice, Raven, Walker, Texas Ranger, SeaQuest DSV, Beverly Hills 90210,
    Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, Picket Fences, JAG, Seven Days, and
    Roswell. There were plenty more.

    Other familiar movies include:
    Braddock: Missing in Action III (1988), Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (1993),
    The Quest (1996), The Cable Guy (1996), and Superhero Movie (2008).
    There were plenty more.

    He has a listing in the current "Joel Whitburn's Top Pop Singles 1955-2008"
    with "Trade Winds, Trade Winds" appearing in November 1961. The song
    peaked at #101 in Billboard Magazine on the "Bubbling Under the Hot 100"
    charts and it remained on the chart for four weeks.

    He also is a member of Media Action Network for Asian Americans (MANAA)
    and is the executive director for Asians in Media.

    Here is a picture of the actor known as Aki Aleong.

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    Anthony James

    I was hoping to get all of these done before the start of ABC's new V, but
    I don't see that happening. It may run a little over. I just finished watching
    The Dissident and Reflections in Terror and I decided to do Anthony James.

    Anthony James was born on July 22, 1942 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
    He is an American actor. Lanky, often greasy-haired and with an oily grin,
    (Man, I hope I never get described this way) James specialized in creepy,
    sleazy villians in films and TV, many of them westerns. His first major role,
    and probably his best known was in 1967 Oscar-winning movie "In the Heat
    of the Night". I remember watching him as a kid in "Buck Rogers in the 25th
    Century" episodes. He continued working regularly until Clint Eastwood's
    "Unforgiven" (1992), when he retired from acting.

    He played Laird, Visitor Tracker, in the 1985 V television series episode
    titled Reflections in Terror.

    Other film credits include:
    "Traitor's Gate" (1964), "P.J." (1968), "Sam Whiskey" (1969), "Vanishing
    Point" (1971), "The Culpepper Cattle Co." (1972), "High Plains Drifter" (1973),
    "Hearts of the West" (1975), "Burnt Offerings" (1976), "Return to Witch
    Mountain" (1978), "Nightmares" (1983), "Blue Thunder" (1983), "Howling IV:
    The Original Nightmare" (1988), and "The Naked Gun 2 1/2: The Smell of Fear"
    (1991). There were more...

    Other television guest appearances:
    The Good Guys, The Big Valley, Gunsmoke, Hawaii Five-O, Bonanza,
    The Streets of San Francisco, S.W.A.T., Charlie's Angels, Starsky and
    Hutch, Vega$, Quincy M.E., Knight Rider, Riptide, Hunter, The A-Team,
    Married with Children, Sledge Hammer!, Star Trek: The Next Generation,
    and Beauty and the Beast. There were more...

    He also appeared in the Rock group Poison's "Fallen Angel" music video.

    Here is a picture of the actor known as Anthony James.

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    Howard K. Smith

    I just finished watching The Conversion and The Hero and decided to do
    Howard K. Smith.

    Howard K. Smith (May 12, 1914 to February 15, 2002) was born in Ferriday
    in Concordia Parish in eastern Louisiana near Natchez, Mississippi. He was
    an American journalist, radio reporter, television anchorman, political
    commentator, and film star.

    Smith worked his way through Tulane University in New Orleans, having
    studied German and journalism. After graduating in 1936, with both bachelor
    of Arts and L.L.B. degrees, he signed on as a deckhand with a ship bound
    for Germany, where he briefly studied at Heidelburg University. In 1939,
    he spent a year as a reporter in New Orleans before securing a Rhodes
    Scholarship to Oxford University's Merton College, from which he graduated
    in 1939. Smith became active in student politics, mostly protesting Prime
    Minister Neville Chamberlain's seemingly soft attitude toward Nazism. While
    at Oxford, he was the first American ever to chair the university's Labour
    Club. Upon graduating, Smith worked for the New Orleans Item with
    United Press in London, and The New York Times.

    In 1940, he was sent to Berlin, where he joined the Columbia Broadcasting
    System under Edward R. Murrow. He visited Hitler's mountain retreat at
    Berchtesgaden and interviewed many leading Nazis, including Hitler himself.
    He was thrown out of the country when he refused to include Nazi
    propaganda in his reports. He was one of the last American reporters
    to leave Berlin before Germany and the US went to war.

    In 1946, he went to London for CBS with the title "Chief European

    In 1960, he chaired the first ever televised presidential debates, held
    between US Senator John F. Kennedy and Vice President Richard M.

    Late in 1961, he left his job at CBS and moved on to ABC, which at
    the time when the networks' news division was a distant third among
    the "Big Three" networks. In 1969, the veteran reporter became the
    co-anchor of the ABC Evening News.

    Smith also appeared in a number of films, often as himself; "The
    Candidate" (1972), "Nashville" (1975), "Close Encounters of the
    Third Kind" (1977), "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas" (1982),
    and appeared on the original television series "The Bionic Woman"
    and "V". On V, he headed up The Freedom Network, broadcasting
    reports of resistance fighting against the Visitors all over the world.

    Here is a picture of Howard K. Smith.

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    I see someone already did a bio for Duncan Regehr. So I'll just add a link to the fansite for him I've hosted for the past few years.

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    Judson Scott

    I've just finished watching The Betrayal, The Rescue, The Champion, and
    The Wildcats of the original V television series and decided to do Judson
    Scott. I only have four episodes left to rewatch.

    Judson Scott was born July 15, 1952 in Azusa, California. He is an
    American stage, television, an film actor. He is known for science
    fiction roles, especially within the Star Trek universe. He attended
    Carl Sandberg Jr. High and Glendora High Schools, then went to
    California State University, Fullerton, received a BA in Theatre Arts,
    and trained at the prestigious Actor's Studio in Los Angeles. He
    won a Scholarship to Juilliard School where he again graduated with
    a BA in Theatre Arts. At the end of the school year in college, Scott
    entered a contest at the American College Film festival in Washington
    DC which won him the Irene Ryan Award-Best Actor in the Western
    United States.

    In 1982, he appeared in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan as Khan's
    son and chief henchman, but his name does not appear in the
    credits. Complications. He and Ricardo Montalban remained
    close friends and this lasted until Montalban's death in January 2009.
    Recently, when Ricardo received a lifetime achievement award,
    Judson was presenter. Sounds like a stand-up guy. His next
    most prominent role in Star Trek was in Star Trek: The Next
    Generation first season episode "Symbiosis". Thirdly, Scott
    played a Romulan in Star Trek: Voyager episode "Message in
    a Bottle".

    In 1973, he starred with Al Pacino on Broadway in Shakespeare's
    Richard III. His first film role came in 1978 in the classic Every
    which Way But Loose, in which he acted alongside Clint Eastwood.
    His other films include I, The Jury, Escape, and Blade. Scott
    starred in the short-lived 1982 science fiction TV series The
    Phoenix. His other television roles include playing Lt. James of
    Covert Operation on the 1985 series V, The Colbys, Voyagers!,
    The Dukes of Hazzard, The A-Team, Babylon 5, The X-Files,
    Charmed, General Hospital, Walker, Texas Ranger, Renegade,
    The Greatest American Hero, and Raven.

    Scott is a champion surfer. His other activities include tennis,
    skiing, weightlifting, pottery, writing, horseback riding, painting,
    reading, stand-up comedy, and concert piano.

    Here are a couple pictures of Judson Scott.

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    Table of Contents

    I finished watching the remainder of the 1985 original V television series
    with the episodes The Littlest Dragon, War of Illusions, Secret Underground,
    and The Return. This is the conclusion of my biographies until such time as
    original actors appear on ABC's new V, original actors are involved in
    something newsworthy, and/or Kenneth Johnson gets his V: The Second
    Generation made which is supposed to be an extension of the original
    show. I might then have some new biographies to do. Thank you for
    reading. I'll leave a Table of Contents for those who may have missed
    their favorite character:

    Page 1
    Marc Singer
    Blair Tefkin
    Sarah Douglas
    Mickey Jones
    Frank Ashmore
    Jenny Sullivan
    Richard Hard
    Faye Grant

    Page 2
    June Chadwick
    Duncan Regehr
    Michael Wright
    David Packer
    Andrew Prine
    Leonardo Cimino
    Jane Badler
    Jennifer Cooke
    Neva Patterson
    Hansford Rowe
    Peter Nelson
    Michael Durrell
    Robert Englund
    Diane Civita
    Jason Bernard

    Page 3
    Richard Lawson
    Evan Kim
    Bonnie Bartlett
    George Morfogen
    Jenny Neumann
    Thomas Hill
    Michael Ironside
    Sandy Simpson
    Denise Galik
    Dick Miller
    Lane Smith
    Jeff Yagher

    Page 4
    Bruce Davison
    Sybil Danning
    Aki Aleong
    Anthony James
    Howard K. Smith
    Judson Scott

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    Quote Originally Posted by ccopas View Post

    Frank Ashmore (born June 17, 1945) is an American actor. He is perhaps best known for his role as "Martin" in the 1983 NBC mini series V and its 1984 sequel V: The Final Battle. He reprised his role in the pilot episode of V: The Series but was killed off by the end of the episode. He returned later on in V: The Series as Philip, Martin's twin brother.
    Ashmore is also known for his film appearances in the 1980 hit comedy film Airplane! and its 1982 sequel Airplane II: The Sequel. He also appeared in the 1979 film Parts: The Clonus Horror and has made guest appearances on various television shows including Happy Days, Battlestar Galactica, Touched by an Angel and The West Wing.
    (this is from wikipedia)

    Martin was my favorite character in the original series. I felt that his friendship with Donovan was an extremely important part of the story. I LOVED the scene where Donovan was forced to "out" Martin in front of Diana!!!! So here's to Frank Ashmore!!!
    Here is the full filmography on Frank Ashmore.

    1. Oranges (2010) (V) .... Rick
    2. Stealing Home (2009) .... Rudy
    3. The Work and the Glory III: A House Divided (2006) .... Martin Harris
    4. "Criminal Minds" .... Henry Davin (1 episode, 2006)
      - The Perfect Storm (2006) TV episode .... Henry Davin
    5. The Work and the Glory II: American Zion (2005) .... Martin Harris
    6. McBride: It's Murder, Madam (2005) (TV) .... Lawyer
    7. "The West Wing" .... Congressman Chris Finn (1 episode, 2004)
      - Full Disclosure (2004) TV episode .... Congressman Chris Finn
    8. "The District" .... Mr. Stockwell (1 episode, 2002)
      - The Second Man (2002) TV episode .... Mr. Stockwell

    9. "Touched by an Angel" .... Mac (1 episode, 1999)
      - The Man Upstairs (1999) TV episode .... Mac
    10. "The Practice" .... Mr. Mayfield (2 episodes, 1998)
      - State of Mind (1998) TV episode .... Mr. Mayfield
      - Swearing In (1998) TV episode .... Mr. Mayfield
    11. "Pensacola: Wings of Gold" .... Sheriff (1 episode, 1998)
      - Burn Out (1998) TV episode .... Sheriff

    12. "L.A. Law" .... Bruce Wellman (1 episode, 1987)
      - Brackman Vasektimized (1987) TV episode .... Bruce Wellman
    13. "Hunter" .... Carl Brand (1 episode, 1987)
      - Night on Bald Mountain (1987) TV episode .... Carl Brand
    14. Monster in the Closet (1986) .... Scoop
    15. "Melba" (1 episode, 1986)
      - Manhunt (1986) TV episode
    16. "Shadow Chasers" .... Miles (1 episode)
      - Blood and Magnolias (????) TV episode .... Miles
    17. "Crazy Like a Fox" (1 episode, 1985)
      - If the Shoe Fits (1985) TV episode
    18. "T.J. Hooker" .... Carl David Beeman (1 episode, 1985)
      - To Kill a Cop (1985) TV episode .... Carl David Beeman
    19. "V" .... Philip / ... (7 episodes, 1984-1985)
      ... aka V: The Series
      - The Return (1985) TV episode .... Philip
      - The Secret Underground (1985) TV episode .... Philip
      - War of Illusions (1985) TV episode .... Philip
      - The Littlest Dragon (1985) TV episode .... Philip
      - The Wildcats (1985) TV episode .... Philip
      (2 more)
    20. "V: The Final Battle" .... Martin (3 episodes, 1984)
      - Part Three (1984) TV episode .... Martin
      - Part Two (1984) TV episode .... Martin
      - Part One (1984) TV episode .... Martin
    21. V (1983) (TV) .... Martin
      ... aka V: The Original Mini Series (USA: DVD title)
    22. Airplane II: The Sequel (1982) .... Controller #3
      ... aka Flying High II
      ... aka Flying High II: The Sequel (Australia)
    23. "General Hospital" (1963) TV series .... Corrigan (unknown episodes, 1981)
    24. "Days of Our Lives" (1965) TV series .... Brent Cavanaugh #2 (unknown episodes, 1981)
      ... aka Cruise of Deception: Days of Our Lives (USA: summer title)
      ... aka DOOL (USA: informal short title)
      ... aka Days (USA: short title)
    25. "CHiPs" .... Larry Fletcher (2 episodes, 1979-1981)
      ... aka CHiPs Patrol (USA: syndication title)
      - Mitchell & Woods (1981) TV episode .... Larry Fletcher
      - Rally 'Round the Bank (1979) TV episode .... Larry Fletcher
    26. "Laverne & Shirley" .... Bob Gatenby (1 episode, 1980)
      ... aka Laverne & Shirley & Company (USA: syndication title)
      ... aka Laverne & Shirley & Friends (USA: syndication title)
      ... aka Laverne DeFazio & Shirley Feeney (USA: first season title)
      - The Dating Game (1980) TV episode .... Bob Gatenby
    27. Airplane! (1980) .... Victor Basta
      ... aka Flying High! (New Zealand: English title) (Philippines: English title)
      ... aka Flying High (Australia)
    28. "Barnaby Jones" .... Donald Forest / ... (2 episodes, 1978-1980)
      - The Killin' Cousin (1980) TV episode .... Donald Forest
      Prime Target (1978) TV episode .... Ted Goff

    29. "Trapper John, M.D." .... Bolen (1 episode, 1979)
      - Taxi in the Rain (1979) TV episode .... Bolen
    30. The Clonus Horror (1979) .... George Walker
      ... aka Alter Ego (UK: video title)
      ... aka Clonus (USA: alternative title)
      ... aka Parts: The Clonus Horror (USA: reissue title)
    31. "Battlestar Galactica" .... Flight Sgt. Ortega (1 episode, 1979)
      - Murder on the Rising Star (1979) TV episode .... Flight Sgt. Ortega
    32. "The Bob Newhart Show" .... Major Hartman (1 episode, 1978)
      - Group on a Hot Tin Roof (1978) TV episode .... Major Hartman
    33. Gable and Lombard (1976) (as Frank Stell) .... Ragland
    34. Invisible Strangler (1976) .... Roger Sands
      ... aka The Astral Fiend (USA: alternative title)
    35. "The ABC Afternoon Playbreak" .... Mark Linden (1 episode, 1975)
      ... aka ABC Matinee Today (USA: alternative title)
      - The Girl Who Couldn't Lose (1975) TV episode (as Frank Stell) .... Mark Linden
    36. "Petrocelli" .... Alec McCaslin (1 episode, 1975)
      - The Kidnapping (1975) TV episode (as Frank Stell) .... Alec McCaslin
    37. "Happy Days" .... Johnny (1 episode, 1974)
      ... aka Happy Days Again (USA: syndication title)
      - Wish Upon a Star (1974) TV episode (as Frank Stell) .... Johnny
    38. Black Eye (1974) (as Frank Stell) .... Chess
    39. "The Streets of San Francisco" (1 episode, 1974)
      - Crossfire (1974) TV episode (as Frank Stell)
    40. "The Sixth Sense" .... Intern (1 episode, 1972)
      - The Eyes That Wouldn't Die (1972) TV episode (as Frank Stell) .... Intern
    41. "Alias Smith and Jones" .... Guard (1 episode, 1972)
      - The Day the Amnesty Came Through (1972) TV episode (as Frank Stell) .... Guard
    Archive Footage:

    1. Remembering 'Battlestar Galactica' (2004) (V) (uncredited) .... Flight Sgt. Ortega

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    You learn something new everyday.
    I just purchased the pilot for the original "The Incredible Hulk" series
    and Kenneth Johnson wrote and directed that series. That show went
    on for years...imagine what he could have done with V if he could
    have had his way.
    I just thought that this would fit here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glove View Post
    I've decided to do Jennifer Cooke. She was born September 19, 1964
    in Setauket, Long Island. She starred in "V: The Series" as Elizabeth
    Maxwell AKA the dreaded 'Star Child'. In my opinion, the worst version
    of the Star Child which should have remained a CHILD, not transformed
    into an ADULT over one episode. This is not Jennifer's fault and I'll make
    that personal note in her defense. She married Mo Siegel, who was the
    founder of the very popular Celestial Seasonings Tea Company, since

    Her television credits include: "Daddy, I Don't Like It Like This" (1978),
    "The Guiding Light" (1981-1983), "V" and "Covenant" in 1985, "A Year
    In The Life" and "The Hitchhiker" in 1986.

    Her movie credits include: "T & A Academy 2" which sounds like A-List
    material and "Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives" which explains why
    she retired from acting and moved on to the Tea business. She is
    active in the Urantia Brotherhood/Fellowship. Whatever that is?
    It's time to Tea off.

    Here are some pictures of the former actress named Jennifer Cooke.
    This young lady was a TERRIBLE actress...easily the worst part of the televised series. I used to really HATE watching her quiver her lips to form "o's" as she activated her powers. Blech!

    ----- Added 8 Minutes later -----

    Quote Originally Posted by Glove View Post
    I do believe that this will be the last of my obscure characters before I
    do some of the 1985 television series characters and finish up the thread
    until some of the originals appear in the new V. I've decided to do the
    actress Denise Galik. Her birthday is December 4th. She was born in
    Cleveland, Ohio. She married and now goes by Denise Galik-Furey.

    She played Maggie Blodgett on "V: The Final Battle". She was supposed
    to marry Mark, "the police officer turned rebel", that I did in the previous
    bio. They got their brief storyline and were vaporized accordingly in the
    second episode of the mini-series.

    Denise starred in television on soap operas. Her first role was in "Knots
    Landing" 1980-1981. She has also appeared in "Flamingo Road" and
    "General Hospital" 1992-1994. She revived her character from "General
    Hospital" on "Port Charles" from 1997-2001.

    She has made guest appearances on TV Shows:
    "Welcome Back Kotter", "Rhonda", "Charles Angels", "The Incredible Hulk",
    "The A-Team", "Knight Rider", "Magnum, P.I.", and "Law & Order: Criminal

    She has been in TV Movies such as "The Andromeda Strain" (2008) and
    "All She Wants For Christmas" (2006).

    She has also appeared in feature films:
    1975-"The Happy Hooker", 1980-"Oh, God! Book II", 1982-"Deadly Games",
    1983-"Get Crazy", 1986-"Eye of the Tiger", and 1991-"Career Opportunities".

    You guessed it, no pictures of the actress known as Denise Galik-Furey.
    Don't be embarrased if you find something that I could not. My computer
    skills are lacking. Add anything that would be interesting. Thank You.
    Here's a more recent picture of Denise. She still has that winning smile.

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