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    First of all, I would like to thank all of you for reading and your very kind reviews. I hope you enjoy the last chapter of Injustice.

    CHAPTER 22

    CLARK AND LOIS arrived at the Luthor Mansion an hour and half later, breaking god knows how many traffic laws. Lois knew Chloe was in there, and she was going to get her out. It had been a very long five months without seeing her cousin and she missed her terribly.

    Clark looked out at the mansion that he knew was cursed. He still had a hard time believing that Lana could be so cruel and deceive a friend like that. Chloe had always been there for Lana, but now this woman that he had loved most of his life was a complete stranger to him.

    “I know that look,” Lois said and Clark turned to face her. “It’s the same look I have when I’m with Lucy. You think you know someone”—

    Lois could see the pain in Clark’s eyes. He always saw the best in people, and now that he was seeing the absolute worst, it was hard to tell what he was truly feeling.

    “I keep having this dream where Lana and Chloe are both in trouble and I only have time to save one, and every time I save Lana—I don’t even think about it, I just do it.”

    “That’s because you know I’m saving Chloe,” Lois joked, trying to lighten the mood. It only got a small smile out of Clark.

    “But in all seriousness, when I wake up I am devastated, like a part of me is gone, and I keep telling myself: “Save Chloe,” but I never do.”

    “You can’t beat yourself up over what happened, Clark.”

    “It’s easy for you to say,” Clark responded.

    “No it isn’t!” Lois said raising her voice a little bit. “Remember that whole Lucy fiscal with those Sharks that wanted their money?”

    Clark nodded his head.

    “After dinner I went to talk to Chloe about how the General was blaming this all on me, like I can’t do anything right, that Lucy was so ungrateful and a stranger to me. And you know how you said that if Lucy were to call me tomorrow needing help that you said I would be there in a heartbeat because she was my sister?”—Clark nodded again—“Well the truth is I told Chloe that if she and Lucy were both in trouble and I could only save one person, I said I would save Chloe.”

    “What did Chloe say to that?”

    “She told me to save Lucy—always and every time because she was my sister, and nothing Lucy could do would ever change that.”

    “Chloe would want me to save Lana too.”

    “Exactly, that’s why in your dream you keep saving Lana because you know Chloe would want you to.”

    “Clark, I love Chloe like a sister. She’s always been there for me when others weren’t. I would be devastated if I ever lost her.”

    “Then we should go get her,” Clark said smiling, grateful for the talk he had with Lois.


    Tess watched delightedly, as her plan was coming into full motion. She knew she did a good job assigning members of her team, and tonight as she saw Chloe busily write out formula after formula of what was sure to put Tess’s name front and centre she couldn’t have been more happier.

    “This calls for celebration, don’t you think?” Tess asked Lana as she made her way to the alcohol bar and took out two glasses and a bottle of champagne.

    “I must admit your team really pulled through. I thought we were goners for a second there.”

    “The truth is, Chloe could never outsmart me,” Tess said as she clanged the two glasses together and took a sip of the champagne.

    “Think again, b!tch,” Lois’s voice rang out, causing Lana and Tess to turn around and face the door.

    “Clark what are you doing here?” Lana asked surprised.

    “We’ve come to get Chloe,” Clark responded, noticing Chloe working on a computer.

    “That’s going to be a problem,” Carl’s voice came as he, Bill, Annie and Fred came through the other door.

    “Aw how cute,” Lois began to say. “You have your very own Jo, Natalie, Blair and Tootie.”

    “The others left,” Bill said to Tess. “But we can take them.”

    “Let me guess,” Lois teased to Bill. “You’re Natalie.”

    Bill massed out and ran toward Lois, but Clark stepped in front of her, taking the blow to the stomach, and surprisingly it hurt.

    “Not so fast,” Annie said, going in front of Lois.

    “Get out of my way, Blair,” Lois replied, making a fist.

    “You may think its cute mocking us as the Facts Of Life Characters”—Annie suddenly transformed herself into Lois—“But this is the fact of life. I’m you now.”

    Lois was taken aback. The woman she had been calling Blair had turned into and sounded just like her.

    Clark looked over, noticing the two Lois’s, as he blocked Bill’s attacks.

    “You can’t be me,” Lois said.

    “I already am y”—

    Annie was interrupted by Lois’s fist meeting with her face. Lois finished her off with a roundhouse kick to the chest, rendering her unconscious. Luckily, Blair wasn’t much of a fighter.

    “You’re going to regret that,” Carl said as he and Fred approached her.
    “What are you going to do, Jo? Tootie?”

    Fred’s hands suddenly lit on fire, and Lois’s eyes widened as she realized that they were the ones that set her apartment on fire. Fred put the flame on the ground and Carl put a ring around her.

    “Smallville!” Lois yelled as she was trapped in the fire.

    Clark suddenly went into Clark-time, just as Bill was about to deliver another blow. He was tired of this game. Using his strength, he hit Bill, and then he ran over to Carl and Fred, and hit them backwards, surely knocking them unconscious as well. He then used his super breath to blow out the fire. After that he returned to his spot.

    “What the?” Lois said, noticing the fire gone and the men unconscious.

    “Come on, let’s get Chloe,” Clark said, as Lois was already ahead of him. Lana suddenly stepped in front of him.

    “I’m sorry,” She said, and then took out a piece of Kryptonite which caused Clark to fall to the ground, and she placed it in his pocket.

    “Clark?” Lois said frantically, hearing him fall to the ground. “What happened to him?”
    Lana looked up at Lois, with tears in her eyes.

    “Get..Chloe...” Clark tried to say through the pain. He didn’t know what hurt the most: the kryptonite or the fact that Lana could betray him like this.

    Lois ran toward Chloe, but was stopped by both Tess and Lana.

    “Give me Chloe,” Lois demanded. “I’ll fight you if I have to,”

    Tess laughed. “You won’t be fighting us. You’ll be fighting Chloe.” Tess looked over at Chloe. “Chloe, kill Lois.”

    Chloe got up from the chair. “Right away,” Came Chloe’s deadpan voice. Chloe grabbed one of the swords that hung on the wall and was approaching Lois with it.

    “Chloe, come on, you don’t want to do this,” Lois tried to plead, but she was having no luck, and soon she would be backed into a corner, with no way to defend herself.

    “Come on Chloe, snap out of it!”

    “Chloe has work to do,” Tess said. “I can call her off, but you have to leave her with me.”

    Lois thought about that. “Over my dead body.”

    “That’s going to be arranged soon.”

    Lois sighed as she hit the wall. There was no way out of it now. She and Clark were going to die. Lois watched as Chloe raised the sword.

    “No matter what happens, I still love you Chloe,” Lois said and, then closed her eyes, not wanting to see the sword fall down on her. She felt the WHOOSH of the wind hit her face, but had felt no pain. She wondered if she was dead. She slowly opened her eyes, noticing the sword was just two inches away from her face. Chloe hadn’t hurt her—she had stopped herself.

    “Kill her, Chloe,” Tess ordered, but Chloe was not listening.

    Chloe dropped the sword down on the ground, her hands shaking, realizing what she might have done—what Tess ordered her to do.

    “Chloe?” Lois asked, wondering if she got her cousin back.

    “Lois...” Chloe said, relief washing over her. Her head was not hurting anymore and she had felt like she did before any of this happened to her.

    Chloe looked over at Clark who was unconscious on the ground. She needed to get the kryptonite away from Clark, but she couldn’t do it without raising suspicion, and as she saw Tess pulled out her gun, she knew both her, Lois and Clark were screwed.

    “I’m sorry it had to come to this,” Tess said and pulled the trigger.


    The world was black-and-white to him when he was in bullet time. He was faster than the speed of sound and light, and as he saw the bullet slowly make its way toward his beautiful Chloe, he knew he had to do something.

    He had come in the nick of time too. The gang had just finished their mission in Egypt and he made his way to see Chloe, only to find a note stating that she went back to Smallville, and if that he couldn’t find her to check the Luthor Mansion which he did. He ran over to Lana and Tess, rendering them unconscious, while also taking away the gun. He then moved to Clark and searched for the kryptonite that he was allergic too and took it out of his pocket. Lastly he went up to the bullet and grasped it in his two fingers, as if it was frozen in time, and placed it on the ground, and super sped out of the room.

    Clark opened his eyes and picked himself up off the ground, just as Tess and Lana both fell to the floor. He noticed the bullet on the floor, and then he looked over at Chloe, who had a smile on her face.

    “Bart,” Chloe said in a barely audible sound that only Clark could hear.

    “Let’s get out of here,” Lois said as Clark went over to make sure both Tess and Lana were still alive.

    Chloe linked her arm in between Lois’s as the three of them headed toward the exit.

    “I love you both,” Chloe said.

    “We love you too,” Lois responded. “That’s why we are celebrating the worst 5 months of our lives. Smallville’s buying us all beers.”

    Chloe looked over at Clark, who just rolled his eyes.

    “We’re glad to have you back, Chloe,” Clark said.

    “It’s good to be back.” Chloe responded.

    ************************************************** ****************

    Two Years Later

    LOIS LANE PUT down her margarita, next to Chloe’s strawberry daiquiri. It had been nice warm day at the beach and she was enjoying the last hours of it with her cousin and their boyfriends.

    Chloe turned over to Lois. “How does it feel to be Pulitzer Prize winner and Superman’s girlfriend?”

    Lois gave Chloe an exasperated look. “Better then it felt to be Batman’s girlfriend. I swear, there is only so much ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ I can take before I lose my mind.”

    “At least Clark was honest with you,” Chloe commented which caused Lois to laugh.

    “After I figured it out.”

    “So when did you fall back in love with Clark?”

    “I never fell out of love with him. He was just not in to me, so I just tried to move on. Before I figured out Clark was Superman, I think I was drawn to him because he reminded me of Clark.”

    “I’m glad you are happy, Lois.”

    “Thanks cuz. You know they say, I’m a sucker for dork in glasses.”

    “Hey, I heard that,” Clark said as he and Bart brought the tray of food down to the girls.

    “I keep forgetting you eavesdrop—I mean have super hearing,” Lois replied smugly, which caused Chloe to laugh. Lois picked up her drink.

    “I don’t mean to be a party crasher but Lana is heading our way,” Bart said, and everyone turned to face her. After Clark had told Lana he was no longer in love with her, she had been dating other men sporadically. When Lex was found to be alive and in a hospital in Switzerland, they managed to rekindle their love, and eventually got remarried. But it didn’t last, and as Lex was serving a life sentence in prison, Lana had filed for divorce.

    “Hello Clark,” Lana said.

    “Lana,” Clark replied.

    There was an awkward silence between the five of them.

    “Clark I still love you,” Lana blurted out, which caused Lois to choke on her drink.

    “Lana...” Clark started, but he could see Lana get upset.

    “No Clark. We are meant to be together. I love you. You and Lois are not meant to be together. She’s using you! Can’t you see, she’s a tramp!”

    “That’s enough Lana!” Chloe said, getting up off her chair.

    “And you are no better. You hang around them like a third wheel. You always had a problem with me because Clark loved me and he never loved you, and it was hard to be with him with you always in the way! You ruined our relationship!”

    “Chloe didn’t ruin anything,” Bart said in defense.

    “Who are you?” Lana asked Bart.

    “My boyfriend,” Chloe answered with bitterness toward Lana in her voice.

    “Lana, I love Lois. It may be hard for you to accept, but it’s the truth. I’ve loved her for over two years now. All of us have moved on with our lives, you should do the same.”

    “You loved me first, Clark,” Lana pleaded.

    “But I love Lois more,” Clark replied.

    “Lana you had your chance with this wonderful man, but you chose power,” Lois began to say. “I love him because he’s more than a man in a silly red sheet. He’s a great friend, an amazing lover and he always tries to do what is right. He’s the most selfless man I know. Deep down, I sometimes wonder what I did to deserve him, but love is blind, and I do love him.”

    Lana looked over at Clark, who was blushing. “This should have been me,” She whispered before she walked away.

    Clark watched as Lana disappeared into the crowd. There was one point when he couldn’t picture his life without Lana Lang, but he now knew that he couldn’t live without Lois Lane.

    Clark turned to face Lois, who seemed unfazed by this whole thing. “You really think the cape is silly?”

    Lois threw a handful of sand at Clark, which made all four of them laugh.

    “That kind of ruined the mood,” Bart said.

    “Oh come on Bart, me and Lois are still going to kick your butts at volley ball after,” Chloe laughed.

    “I think I need to go for a swim,” Lois said, getting up from the chair.

    “Sounds like a good idea,” Clark said as he wrapped his arms around Lois.

    “Let’s go,” Chloe said and started to follow Clark and Lois to the water. They only had a couple of hours of sun left, and it looked like it was already starting to set.

    The three of them stopped walking when they noticed Bart was not following them.

    “Aren’t you coming?” Chloe asked as she walked closer to Bart, who looked pale.

    “You aren’t looking so good,” Lois remarked as she and Clark made their way closer to him.

    In all honesty, Bart didn’t feel so good. His heart was beating rapidly, his palms were sweating and he felt like he was going to vomit.

    “I...uh...” Was all Bart could muster at the moment. Using his super speed he ran to his back-pack and took something out of it and placed it in his pocket, and then returned back to the spot he was in.

    “Bart, you’re scaring me. What’s wrong?” Chloe pleaded.

    Bart got down on one knee. “Chloe Sullivan,” He started to say.

    “Oh my god,” Lois said, realizing what was happening.

    “Chloe Sullivan, will you marry me?” Bart took out the box and showed Chloe the ring.

    “Oh my god,” Chloe said as she looked at the ring. She was not expecting this.

    “I love you Chloe and”—

    “In a thousand years from now, we’ll still be in love.” Chloe interrupted, using the pick-up line he used. “Yes Bart. I would marry you a thousand times over.”

    Bart smiled happily, placing the ring on Chloe’s finger, and they kissed.

    Clark was happy for his best friend. He looked over at Lois, who was wiping tears away.

    “Lois, are you crying?” Clark teased.

    “No!” Lois retorted. “A bug just flew into my eye.”

    Chloe looked over at her cousin and laughed.

    “My baby cousin is getting married!” Lois said, running over to her and giving her a big hug.

    “Congratulations, Bart,” Clark said shaking his friend’s hand. “No wonder why you were acting strange all day.”

    “Move it Smallville,” Lois said, going in front of Clark and giving Bart a hug. “Welcome to our crazy family.”

    Clark walked over to Chloe and hugged his long time friend. “You deserve this Chloe,” He said as he gave her a hug.

    “I don’t think I’ll ever stop smiling,” Chloe said. “Which reminds me”—She broke off the hug—“Lois, I would be honoured if you would be my maid of honour at my wedding.”

    “Yes! Of course!” Lois said happily.

    “And I would be honoured if you would be my best man, Clark,” Bart said.

    “I would love to be,” Clark replied.

    “Then it’s settled,” Chloe said. “But don’t think because you are now my fiancé that I will go easy on you in volleyball.”

    “Ooh. You better run,” Bart teased as he chased Chloe toward the water.

    Lois smiled, hearing the two of them laugh.

    “I meant every word I said to Lana about you,” Lois said as she looked at Clark. “You are a wonderful man, and maybe Lana’s right—maybe I don’t deserve you”—

    Clark pulled Lois into a long kiss.

    “Wow.” Lois said, still surprised by the passionate kisses.

    “Lois, we love each other. When I’m with you I feel like I’m a better man. You chose me over power all the time, and you accept me for who I am, who I’m not and who I want to be. I can’t picture being with anyone else but you.”

    Lois gave Clark a quick kiss on the lips, and then whispered in his ear, “Then it’s a good thing I feel the exact same way.”

    “Hey Lois! Come help me, I’m getting my butt kicked over here,” Chloe yelled, as she tried to escape Bart’s splashes, and then surrendered into a fit of laughter, when Bart grabbed her and started to tickle her.

    “Duty calls,” Lois laughed.

    “Yeah. It sounds like Chloe is getting tortured.”

    Lois laughed and then smiled at Clark. “Come on Smallville. Last one in the water is a rotten egg.”

    Clark watched as Lois ran toward her cousin, looking at the three people that he had become very close to. Bart was a very good friend of his, and he loved Chloe like she was his sister, and Lois well, she was Lois, and he wouldn’t have had it any other way.


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    Great ending, hope you will write another fanfic.

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    great ending

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    Loved the ending.

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    Didnt realise you updated lol

    Love the ending great work

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    Excellent story!!

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    That was great, Chloe on a rampage and Lois giving Lana an earful.
    Clark finally moving on once and for all. Chlart proposal, so cute!

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