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    Great update, hope to see more tomorrow. Come Tess/Chloe?

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    CHAPTER 10

    TESS GLANCED AT the clock for what felt like the hundredth time that night. Her team should have been home by now. Getting up off the couch she made her way to the phone to call Janice when the door to the Lex’s old office burst open and Chloe, followed by the eleven others came in.

    Tess’s eyes widened the moment she took a glimpse at Chloe. Her hair was streaked black and she was wearing a black leather jacket and black jeans along with black eye liner. This definitely wasn’t the conservative Chloe she knew.

    “Sorry we’re late,” Chloe announced as she plopped herself down on the couch, making herself at home. “I had to make a couple of pit stops.”

    “What happened?” Tess asked her team.

    “What does it look like? Your plan failed.” Chloe laughed.

    “How did it fail?” Tess asked Mark, who looked guilty.

    “I don’t know. It was like her body was fighting me off...”

    Tess walked over to Chloe, who was flipping through the book she was reading.

    “You can thank him for giving me the boost. Without it, I would still be my boring self.”

    “Her body kicked me out as soon as I entered her inhibition stage,” Mark added. “I tried to change her back but I can’t get near her.”

    “What do you mean you can’t get near her?” Tess asked.

    Chloe laughed again, getting up off the couch. She showed Tess her new power by sending her across the room with an energy burst. Tess reminded Chloe of a rag doll when she hit the bookshelf, knocking the shelf over and knocking herself unconscious.

    “That’s what you get for inconveniencing me,” Chloe snarled as she made her way out the door. She turned back to look at the eleven team members, who were dumbfounded as to what they had just unleashed.

    “Tell Tess to leave me alone, and if I see her try to recruit clients from the Isis Foundation, I won’t be so nice next time.”

    As soon as Chloe left, Fred made his way over to Tess, lifting the bookshelf off of her.

    “We need to take her to the hospital,” Fred said as he picked her up, noticing the gaping wound on the side of her forehead.

    “You guys do that, and I’ll call Lana to tell her what happened,” Annie replied as they made their way to the car.


    Looking out the window into the bright sun that had raised a couple of hours ago, Tess wondered how exactly how she got from almost having complete power to lying in a hospital bed. Even though her head had stopped hurting her a couple of hours ago, the doctors insisted that she stay overnight of observation, and even though she hated hospitals, she did manage to eventually get some sleep, despite the annoying beeping of the heart monitor.

    Unfortunately for her though, her dreams were ridden with the monster she now created. Lex had warned her about Chloe in his journals, and she still went against that warning, not being able to see how a tiny blonde could cause so much damage. She wondered if Lex had once caught a glimpse of Chloe free of inhibitions.

    Tess looked up to notice Lana standing in the doorway with a concerned look on her face.

    “Annie phoned—what happened?” Lana asked as she made her way to Tess’s bedside.

    “This”—Tess pointed to the large white bandage on her forehead “—is courtesy of your friend, Chloe.”

    For as long as Lana knew Chloe, she never took her for a violent person unless someone she cared for was under attack or her life was in danger. But to cause an injury with no provocation was completely out of character.

    “The doctors expect me out by the afternoon, until then I thought I should warn you that there is a very dangerous person walking the streets.”

    Lana debated whether or not she should tell Clark. Perhaps whatever happened to Chloe had run its course and she was back to normal. She was jarred out of her thoughts by Tess’s ringing cell phone.

    “Mercer,” Tess answered.

    “Tess, I don’t want to upset you but there’s a situation,” Carl said through the phone, loud enough so Lana could hear.

    “What is it?”


    “Iris?” Tess asked, confused.

    “It’s a program Chloe used. She deleted every single file.”

    Tess eyes widened and the heart monitor spiked.

    “What do you mean she deleted every file?”

    “Everything is gone. All of your work and all of the Luthors’ work—gone.”

    Lana got up just as a nurse came in to check on Tess. Tess had turned a sickening shade of white, and her heart beats were becoming erratic. Lana grabbed Tess’s cell phone, knowing that if she went to talk to Chloe, Chloe would figure out she was also working with Tess. Even if she told Clark, the link would be easily traced, potentially putting her life in danger with no means to defend herself.


    Clark began typing the last minute obituaries for tomorrow’s paper. Even though the crime wave in Metropolis had gone up, there was very little interesting things to report in the Big City.

    Clark looked over at Lois, who was balancing a pencil on her forehead, while spinning around in her chair. She was dying for a news story as well.

    “This sucks, Smallville,” Lois sighed as she removed the pencil from her forehead and straightened herself up. “There are only so much ‘Cat stuck in tree’ stories I can write before I lose my mind.”

    “What do you propose we do?”

    “We? I don’t share by-lines Smallville.”

    Clark was about to answer, when his computer monitor went crazy, and as he looked around, he noticed that all of his co-workers’ monitors were broadcasting the same word: IRIS.

    Perry White stormed out of his office, saying, “You’re not going to believe this.” He turned on the TV, and it too had the same word. Within moments the word disappeared, and began streaming various files and documents that belonged to the Luthors for the whole world to see.

    Perry ran his hand through his balding head. “Whose ever doing this is going to destroy the entire empire.”

    Clark got up from his seat and grabbed his jacket. He needed to talk to Chloe, see if she could make anything out of this.

    “Smallville, where are you going?” Lois asked, taking her eyes off the screen. The images were moving too fast for anyone to make out concrete things, but the maliciousness was there. An old employee maybe?

    “I’m going to talk to Chloe—see what she can make of this.”

    “I’m coming with you then.”

    Clark sighed knowing it would have been faster just to super-speed over to the Isis Foundation. “Fine, but I’m driving.”

    Lois laughed. “In your dreams, Smallville.”


    Tess watched in horror from the TV screen as all of the work the Luthors and herself did was broadcasted for everyone to see. When Fred and Janice had burst into her hospital room she had no idea the severity of the problem until now.

    “We are trying to copy the files, but we can’t,” Fred said, worry etched in his voice.

    “She’s sending us a message,” Tess said venomously.

    “Yeah, to have never screwed with her in the first place,” Janice added.

    The room went silent as Tess shut off the TV.

    “What do we do now?” Fred asked.

    “We send our own message,” Tess responded, looking at Janice and Fred in the eyes.

    “Chloe’s always one step ahead of us,” Janice reminded. “How would we send her a message?”

    A small smile formed from Tess lips, and in a very cold voice she said, “By killing Lois Lane.”

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    very awesome

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    Great update. So looking forward to more.

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    CHAPTER 11

    20 MINUTES AND a coffee pit-stop later, Clark and Lois arrived at the Isis Foundation, hoping to get Chloe’s input on this whole IRIS issue.

    “Chloe are you here? We come bearing coffee,” Lois said as she opened the door. There was no answer so Clark and Lois made their way over to the back where the computers were. It seemed Chloe’s computer was processing the same feed.

    “What are you guys doing here?” Chloe asked from behind, causing them to startle as Lois and Clark turned around to face a black-streaked, leather wearing Chloe.

    “What did you do to your hair?” Lois asked.

    “And what are you wearing?” Clark added. He had seen Chloe like this once before when she was infected with a parasite at a cave party.

    “Can’t I change my hair?” Chloe asked walking by them toward the computers.

    “It’s just not like you,” Clark added, causing Chloe to bang her fist on the counter out of annoyance.

    “And how do you know what I’m like?” She was starting to get angry now, and she couldn’t stop. “You’re too busy obsessing over Lana to care about anyone else but her. Let’s face it Clark, she didn’t choose you and it’s about time you realize that.”

    Lois looked at Clark and then back at her cousin. She had never seen Chloe this angry before.

    Chloe put her hand to her forehead, and then grabbed a cup of coffee that Lois had brought for her.

    “Chloe, what happened to you?” Clark asked, noticing that she was acting like he would on Red K.

    Chloe threw her coffee cup against the wall beside her, causing Lois to jump. “Nothing happened to me, okay.”

    Clark took a step back.

    “Chloe, you can tell us,” Lois said in a soft voice, trying to calm her cousin down, however it only made Chloe laugh.

    “Tell you? I can’t tell you.” She approached her cousin, looking her in the eyes. “If only you knew what I was keeping from you.”

    “Chloe we want to help you,” Clark said.

    “And for the last time, nothing happened.”

    “So why are you acting like this?” Lois asked.

    Chloe looked at her cousin. “Because I’m tired of everything.”

    “Did you take something?” Lois questioned which caused Chloe to laugh again.

    “If you are referring to drugs—no, and I’m not drunk either in case you were wondering, Clark.”

    “Well you are acting that way,” Clark responded.

    “You know what Clark, maybe I’m just tired of being the person people go to for answers. I’m only good for when people need an ear to complain about their love lives or problems.”

    “I bet you are both here to see if I can give you information on this IRIS situation.” The guilty look in their eyes confirmed her answer.

    “I’m not surprised.”

    “Look, Chlo”—Lois began to say, but she was interrupted.

    “Sorry for lashing out,” Chloe began to say, and she really was. “But I feel like the third wheel. I don’t belong.”

    “Of course you belong,” Lois protested.

    “Where? Clark has Lana, you have Lucy. I’m stuck with no body.”

    “That’s not true,” Clark said.

    “It is. And today I decided that I’m tired of being that Chloe who keeps secrets out of fear. I’m tired of being the go-to-girl.”

    Chloe looked at Clark and Lois. “So here is my first secret that I’m not afraid to tell anymore.”

    Clark swallowed. She wasn’t going to tell Lois the truth about him, was she?

    “That day in the Dam, when you got stabbed, when I told you the Luthor security guard helped you, and then knocked me unconscious. There was no Luthor security guard. I was the one that healed you. I’m a meteor freak.”

    Lois’s eyes widened. She wasn’t expecting this revelation.

    “Second, the IRIS program you came here to ask me about, well that’s me. I’m the one running the program. ”

    “And the last secret”—she looked at them, their shocked eyes expressing everything she needed to do—“is that Chloe Sullivan is gone. She stood for everything that was weak; that I no longer want to be.”

    Chloe grabbed her purse and began to make her way to the exit, but as she brushed past
    Clark, he grabbed her by the arm.

    “Let’s talk about this,” Clark pleaded.

    “There’s nothing to talk about,” She responded coldly. “Now let go of my arm.”

    “Not until we talk.” He repeated.

    Chloe looked at him, as the same black aurora appeared over her body, causing Clark to fly backwards, hitting the wall.

    “Clark!” Lois screamed as she rushed over to him. She looked back at the door, Chloe was now gone.

    He looked at Lois, tears of anger, shock, and disappointment stinging his eyes. He was hurting—he wanted his Chloe back. Didn’t she know that he loved her? Didn’t she know that they both loved her?
    Lois embraced Clark, as tears of her own spilled down her cheek. Something had happened to Chloe, and she was going to find out.


    Later on that night, after he finished aimlessly super speeding through the large city of Metropolis, he found himself riding the elevator to Oliver’s apartment. He had phoned him earlier, telling him what had happened to Chloe. Oliver said that he had a problem of his own. Apparently, Chloe had frozen all of her Watchtower files, and even Victor couldn’t hack into them.

    The elevator doors swung open and Clark stepped off. Oliver was sitting at his desk, but got up to greet his alien friend.

    “She must have really laid it into you,” Oliver joked once he saw the sad-state Clark looked like he was in. Even his many break-ups with Lana never made him look so devastated.

    “It’s like her inhibitions are gone. She even told Lois she was meteor infected—Chloe was always afraid to tell Lois because she wasn’t sure of Lois’s reaction.”

    “How’d she take it?” Oliver asked out of curiosity.

    “I don’t think it sunk in.”

    “Do you think she can be under the influence of Red Kryptonite?” Oliver questioned, remembering Clark had mentioned that in their phone call earlier.

    Clark shook his head. “Red K only affects me. But, there was something weird, there was this purple-black aurora that went all over her body.”

    “I thought Chloe could only heal,” Oliver said. “I mean, that’s what she told us, anyway.”

    “Maybe her powers are tied to her emotions. When they were first activated, Lois was dead.”

    “And now that she’s turned half-bad”—

    “It has the opposite effect,” Clark finished.

    “I sent Bart to look for her, hopefully he can at least convince her to unfreeze the Watchtower files.”

    “Maybe she froze them because she doesn’t want us to find something out—what happened to her.” Clark added.


    Bill looked around cautiously as he followed Chloe into one of Tess’s facilities. She had come to the eleven of them, adamant that Tess had another partner working with her, but she didn’t know who. They knew who it was, but Tess warned them not to tell her.

    “Are you sure you are going to find the answer here?” Bill asked, and Chloe shot him an annoying glare. Tess was smart to keep Lana off any incriminating evidence that Chloe could hack into.

    “If I didn’t need you for your muscle, I would have picked someone less whiny. Now open the door.”

    Bill massed out and punched the door down, sending it flopping to the ground.

    Chloe took out her flashlight.

    “I wouldn’t go in there beautiful,” Bart said from behind as Chloe and Bill turned around.

    Bill massed out again and was about to charge Bart, when Chloe shocked him to the ground, unconscious.

    “I didn’t need him anymore, anyways.”

    “What are you doing here?”

    “You know, just came to check on you, see how things are.”

    “You’re a horrible liar.”

    Bart placed his left hand over his chest, and raised his right arm. “Scouts honour.”

    “You want me to remove the block on the Watchtower files, don’t you?” Chloe said, stepping closer. “But I can’t do that. Not yet.”

    “And why not?” Bart asked.

    “You know what it’s like to live your life based on impulses. For the first time I feel alive. I’m just doing stuff that held me back before.”

    “Well I can tell you I had a look-see around in that facility over there, and it’s a trap. They have the same motion sensors, however not as the same intensity that I had to deal with with baldy-locks.”

    Chloe looked at the building and then back at Bart.

    “You don’t need to thank”—He was interrupted by Chloe giving him a surprise kiss on the lips, one he didn’t expect. Even when Chloe finished, and had left, he was still in the same spot, his eyes wide, unable to move.

    A small smile appeared across his face. After that kiss, he knew Chloe definitely liked him.


    Lois kicked off her high heels, and plopped herself on the bed. Today was not a good day for many reasons. Not only did she just find out that Chloe not only felt unloved and left out, but that she was also meteor infected and couldn’t tell her about it.

    In a way she understood Chloe’s hesitance. After all, all the meteor freaks she had run into were not so welcoming, but she loved Chloe. She would accept her no matter what.

    When Lois was younger, she would have given anything to be an only child. After her mom had died, and her father, the great General Sam Lane, was too busy to properly raise her and Lucy, Lois was forced to make sure Lucy had her three squares a day and to make sure that her homework was completed. She read to Lucy at night, tucked her in: did all the things a parent should have done.

    It wasn’t all bad though. Aunt Moira, before she left, often took care of Lucy and herself. She had spent a good year living with her aunt, uncle and Chloe, while her father was off working. It was then that she truly bonded with Chloe. There was a point when everything had fallen apart for the both of them, when they thought if their whole family were to leave them tomorrow, as long as they still had each other they would be okay.

    She remembered the grief she felt when her father had told her and Lucy that Uncle Gabe and Chloe had died in an explosion. She couldn’t even go to the funeral, not only because she hated them, but because she wouldn’t and couldn’t burry her cousin. But three months had passed, and there were no more phone calls from Chloe, and all that was left was anger at Lionel Luthor for killing her cousin.

    Luckily, it turned out that Chloe was alive and under protection by her father. If she had lost Chloe for real she wouldn’t know how she would cope. She loved her too much.

    Closing her eyes, she decided to look for answers tomorrow. Right now, she was hoping to dream of better times.


    Carl and Jake stood outside Lois’s apartment. They only had a few minutes to pull this off and kill Lois. The trap they planted for Chloe failed, and now this was their only option. As Carl picked the lock, Jake made a fireball with his hands. He would throw the fire ball inside her apartment, setting things on fire, while Carl would spike up the flames. It was foul proof, and on the count of three, the orange amber of the fire made the room glow a surreal color, as Carl and Jake ran for the exit. Tess would be so proud of them.


    In her dreams, Lois dreamt about the time she had went camping with her family. The darkened sky and the taste of the roasted marshmallows was a nice touch after spending the day in the water swimming with Chloe. The smell of the wood burning felt so real, and the beeping—

    Lois opened her eyes, as the fire alarm became clearer. Smoke was coming into her bedroom. Her place was on fire.

    ‘Crap.’ Lois thought as she made her way to her bedroom door and opened it. Her living room was engulfed in flames. There was no way she was getting out there. She shut it quickly, the smoke starting to get to her. She made her way over to the window and tried to open it, with no avail. Even if she did get it open, she was on the 16th floor and there was no way she would be able to jump out and survive.

    The smoke inhalation was making her weaker now. She could hear the door sizzling as the fire was threatening to enter her room. She knew she was screwed. Her legs were giving out, as she slumped down against the wall. Her eyes were getting heavier, and for a moment she was back at the campfire, singing songs and roasting marshmallows and then her world went black.
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    You can't leave it there, please update more soon.

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    CHAPTER 12

    CLARK STOOD outside on Oliver’s balcony. It was truly magnificent view, to see all of Metropolis from one pristine spot.

    Oliver came back outside to join Clark.

    “Business,” He said in regards to the phone call he had received earlier. “With the Luthor’s gone, Queen Industries is growing.”

    Clark nodded his head, the sound of sirens growing blaring in the background.

    “Looks like someone needs your help,” Oliver said. “Sounds like a fire.”

    Clark took the opportunity to use his pin-point vision to see where the fire was. His eyes widened.

    “Lois!” He exclaimed as he looked at Oliver who was confused. “Her apartment is on fire.”

    Before Oliver could say “Go” Clark was gone in a burst of speed.

    He arrived at the scene of the fire, amongst the crowd who were pouring out of the apartment complex. He heard someone say the fire started on the 16th floor. Lois’s floor, however, he couldn’t spot Lois in the crowd.

    Going into Clark time, he took the opportunity to super speed past the crowd and up to the 16th floor, and when he realized that it was Lois’s apartment that was on fire he prayed that she wasn’t home. He burst through her front door, and took in the surroundings. Her bedroom door had been completely burnt down, and the fire was just inches away from her. She was unconscious, and he hoped the smoke inhalation hadn’t killed her. He quickly swooped her up before the fire could get to her, and then with a big breath, blew out the remaining traces of the fire and then super sped her to Metropolis’s General Hospital.

    “I need a doctor,” Clark said as one rushed up to him with a gurney. He placed Lois down.

    “What happened?” The doctor asked as he opened Lois’s eyelids and moved a flashlight around them.

    “There was a fire. I think she suffered from smoke inhalation.” Clark ran his fingers through his hair. This couldn’t be happening.

    “What’s her name?” The doctor asked.

    “Lois. Lois Lane,” He responded. It broke his heart to see Lois like this.

    “Are you related?”

    “I’m a family friend. Clark Kent.”

    “We’ll let you know as soon as we observe her, Mr. Kent.” The doctor said as he wheeled Lois to one of the emergency rooms.

    Clark numbly made his way over to the waiting room seats, and plopped himself down, repeating over and over again that this cannot be happening.


    Clark looked up to see Oliver and Bart approach him.

    “How’s she doing?” Oliver asked.

    “She has a pulse, it’s weak, but she has one,” He responded. Lois was a fighter, she had to pull through. “Any luck on finding Chloe?” He asked Bart, to distract him.

    Bart reddened, and Oliver just rolled his eyes.

    “She got away,” He said, his voice squeaky.

    Clark looked confused. “How’d she get away from you?”

    “Tell him Bart,” Oliver said in a teasing way.

    “She kissed me,” He mumbled, which shocked Clark.

    “She kissed you?”

    “Oh come on man, it was like the best kiss ever and I wasn’t expecting it, and I kind of just stood there for an hour in shock.”

    Oliver gave Bart a sympathetic pat on the shoulder.

    “But there was a trap set up for her,” Bart added. “In one of Tess’s facilities.”

    “We’re thinking whoever did this to Chloe is working for Tess.”

    It started to make sense to Clark now.

    “The only problem is Cholilicious froze all her records. We have no way of knowing who did this to her.”

    “I could talk to Tess, but she’s smart and won’t reveal anything.”

    Clark nodded, knowing this was true. He glanced up to see the doctor coming.

    “Mr. Kent?” The doctor said.

    “How is she?” Clark asked.

    “Strong. We have her on oxygen and we are going to keep her for observation. You can see her if you like.”

    It took everything for Clark to not super speed into her room. It felt as though a weight had been lifted off his shoulders.


    “Doctor, I’m Oliver Queen,” Oliver said, extending his hand. “I’ll be taking care of Ms. Lane’s medical bills.”

    “Follow me, Mr. Queen.”


    Clark pulled up a chair next to Lois’s bedside. He felt so relieved to know Lois was okay. He wouldn’t know how he would handle himself is he had been too late and Lois had died.

    “Small..Ville?” Lois said as her eyes began to open. Her voice was hoarse, and she went to remove the oxygen mask from her face, but Clark stopped her.

    “Leave that on. You suffered a lot of smoke inhalation. Do you remember what happened?”

    It looked as though Lois was trying to recall what brought her to the hospital, and then her eyes lit up.

    “...There...was... a fire...”

    “Do you remember how it started?”

    “I...I didn’t...leave anything on...”

    Lois’s eyes suddenly closed as she fell back asleep again. Clark took out his cell phone and dialled Bart’s number.

    “Bart, I was wondering if you could do me a favour.”


    By the time Clark arrived at Lois’s old apartment, Bart was already inside waiting for him. The Fire Staff had left hours ago, but the building remained unstable.

    “Did you see the report?” Clark asked Bart after he ducked under the crime tape.

    “What do you think?” Bart asked. He walked over to the now charred floor. “According to the fire fighters, the fire started here.”

    “Did they say how it started?”

    “They didn’t find any accelerants, but they also didn’t find anything that could have caught on fire.”

    “Spontaneous fire ball?” Clark asked, raising his eyebrows.

    “I don’t buy it either. There was a man with Chloe who was strong enough to knock down a door when he massed out. I got the impression Tess has her very own Injustice gang.”


    Chloe clutched her forehead. Her headaches were getting worse, and her rage outbursts were becoming more frequent for no apparent reason.

    She looked down at the Talon’s apartment floor, where moments ago she had smashed a few glasses and plates. What set her off, she didn’t know as she couldn’t exactly pinpoint her anger.

    There was a knock on her door. She was hoping it was either Lois or Clark, so she could apologize for her erratic behaviour, instead it was Lana, and she looked as surprised as Lois and Clark did when they first saw her.

    “Everything all right?” Lana asked, noticing the broken dishes.

    Chloe let out an embarrassed laugh. “I just finished watching ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ and I got a little over excited, it’s quite relieving, actually—breaking plates.”

    Lana just nodded her head.

    “Do you need something?” Chloe asked.

    “I was wondering if you heard from Clark. He hasn’t been home.”

    Chloe took a deep breath, feeling the anger returning. “Actually, I haven’t. Maybe he’s at work.”

    “He’s been working really late lately.”

    “Do you blame him?” Chloe snorted.

    Lana gave Chloe a confused look. “He’s avoiding me?”

    Chloe rolled her eyes. “Of course he’s avoiding you. He doesn’t love you anymore.”

    “He doesn’t,” Lana said, her voice showing a tinge of hurt.

    “Face it Lana, you blew it when you choose power over him.”

    “Chloe, that was different—I had no choice.”

    “Of course you have a choice. You had a man who would have gave up his whole life for you, and how do you repay him?”

    “Chloe, I love Clark.”

    “No you don’t. I don’t think you ever did.”

    “You are just jealous that he loves me and he never loved you.” Lana snapped back. How dare anyone question her love for Clark.

    Chloe just snickered. “I admit there was a time once when I wanted Clark. But not now. And Clark does love me, just not in the romantic way. At this point, I can’t even say if he even likes you.”

    Catching Chloe off guard, Lana made a fist and punched Chloe in the face, making Chloe draw blood.

    “Feel better?” Chloe asked as she wiped the blood away from her lips.

    “No. What is wrong with you Chloe?”

    “What’s wrong with me? You punched me in the face because you couldn’t deal with the fact that Clark loves Lois, and not you.”

    Chloe could see Lana getting angrier.

    “That’s right. I said it. You and Clark are over.”

    “Clark could never love Lois. She’s bossy, rude and stuck up!” Lana said.

    Chloe shook her head as she shocked Lana, sending her to the ground. She walked over to her now unconscious friend. No one makes fun of her cousin.


    Tess grabbed the morning paper, hoping to read apartment fire kills 1, instead, the headline was “IRIS situation resolved”, written by Lois Lane. For some reason, Lois had managed to escape the burning building, but she wasn’t going to give up. Bill had expressed his concerns to Tess about Chloe being close to find out who she was working with. Lana was a good actress; she could easily lie to Chloe.

    She threw the paper out and made her way to her desk. She would have to find something more permanent to take care of Lois. After all, Lex always said if you wanted something done right, you have to do it yourself.


    Lois awoke to the streaming sun hitting her eyes. She still couldn’t believe she survived the fire, when she had given up. She turned over to see Clark, asleep in the guest chair and smiled. He was such a good friend.

    She loved him, she just wished he felt the same way.

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    Great chapter. Looking forward to more soon, and some Chlart.

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    This is really good. Please post more!

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    CHAPTER 13

    LANA PUT AN icepack on her forehead, as Tess poured her a glass of water and handed her two aspirin.

    “Thanks,” Lana said as she took the pills. Tess only nodded and then took a seat on the adjacent couch. Chloe had now become unstable, and if the smashed plates and cups didn’t confirm that, the fact that she had left Lana on the ground unconscious for seemingly no good reason than to pack up her things and leave Smallville.

    Actually, Tess was quite grateful that Chloe had packed up her things and left without a word. It gave her time to rebuild and plot. Chloe was going to learn that she was going to show no mercy.

    “What do we do now?” Lana asked.

    “We don’t do anything. I can handle Chloe. You just focus on recuperating and fixing things with Clark.”


    Lois placed the magazine Clark had gotten her, down on the bed side table. She was going stir-crazy just sitting here and doing nothing. She wanted to find the person responsible for almost killing her, but most importantly she wanted to find Chloe. Whatever Chloe was going through, she wanted to make her know that she loved her no matter what.

    She gave a small smiled when she saw Clark through the doorway. Lana had phoned them earlier, saying that Chloe had packed up her things and left. Lana didn’t say where Chloe might have gone; only that Chloe had hurt her physically.

    “Did you go see Lana?” Lois asked when he sat back down.

    “No. She said she was fine,” Clark responded.

    “Then where did you go?”

    Clark smiled and pulled up a bag that was filled with coffee and a cherry Danish—her favourite.

    “You are God,” Lois said as she took a sip from the traveller mug, and then took a bite of the Danish. She was starving.

    “It took me some convincing to let me put a latte in that,” Clark laughed.

    “I’m starting to feel 110% again,” Lois said. “Hopefully I’ll be out of here by tonight.”

    “And then you are going to take it easy, right?” Clark said, to which Lois rolled her eyes.

    “I have stuff to do, Clark.”

    “And Oliver assured me that he is looking into whoever set your apartment on fire. In the meantime, I think you should stay at the farm. What do you think about Guitar Hero nights?”

    “No offense Clark, but I think I’ll leave the two love birds alone.”

    “Lois”—Clark began to say but was interrupted by a delivery man holding a large bouquet of flowers.

    “Lois Lane?” The delivery guy asked, and Lois nodded. Clark got up and took the flowers, while Lois signed the release. The flowers were truly magnificent, and something completely out of his price range. He felt guilty for just getting Lois the handpicked daisies and lilies that grew on his farm.

    “They’re from Bruce Wayne,” Clark said reading the label, and then picked up the small vase he had brought her to replace it with Bruce’s.

    Lois grabbed his hand to stop him.

    “Put those over there,” Lois said referring to Bruce’s flowers and pointing to the table at the back of the room. “I like these ones here.”

    Clark quickly turned away as his face reddened. He was falling fast for Lois.


    Chloe leaned her head against the Grey Hound’s Bus window. She had no idea where she was going, but she needed to get far away from Smallville and Metropolis as possible. She was becoming dangerous now, and even though a part of her new Lana deserved to be given a taste of her own medicine, she didn’t resort to violence unless absolutely necessary, and they were all right, this wasn’t the Chloe she knew.

    She looked down at her new fake ID. She knew sooner or later they would find out she skipped town and they would be looking for her. That’s why on her fake ID, she changed her name to Iris West—a combination of the Isis foundation, and where she was heading.

    She looked at the time. The bus was going to depart soon, and then she felt a WOOSH of wind, and when she turned around she saw Bart sitting beside her, her ID in his hand.

    “Iris West,” He said, looking at the ID, and then he looked at Chloe. “Hi gorgeous.”

    Normally she would have been happy to see Bart, but she knew he was only there to convince her to go back home.

    “I’m not going back,” Chloe said.

    “I didn’t come here to convince you to come back. I came here to keep you company.”

    Chloe smiled, and he reciprocated. She trusted him, and in a way they were alike. He understood the consequences of being normal and then a freak like her. She leaned over and kissed him again.

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    I like the Chlart scene, hope to see more of that. A bit short then your others, but I think the chapter. Please post more soon.

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    I like the Chlart too. Post more please.

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    CHAPTER 14

    STRONGLY AGAINST the doctor’s orders, and Clark’s, Lois ended up checking herself out of the hospital. Her oxygen levels had improved to 100% , and even though they wanted to keep her for one more day, she wanted to get the hell out.

    Clark was kind enough to give her ride to the Talon. Since Chloe was MIA, she decided she would crash at her place until she received her insurance money to afford a new apartment.

    “I would feel a lot better if you stayed at the farm,” Clark insisted for what felt like the hundredth time that night.

    “Clark, honestly, I feel like I could blow down a brick house. I’m fine.” She coughed, which caused Clark to worry.

    “It’s just a cough, Smallville.”

    “You still should have stayed at the hospital—you weren’t coughing before.”

    “They told me to expect some soreness and coughing. Now if I cough up blood”—

    “Don’t joke about that,” Clark interrupted.

    “Jeez Smallville, are you really that worried?”


    The room went quiet, as the two looked at each other.

    “God Smallville, you’re so stubborn,” Lois said as she grabbed her overnight bag and walked past him.

    “Where are you going?” Clark asked, turning around and following her down the Talon steps.

    “To your house,” Lois said stopping mid-way down the stairs. She turned to look at Clark. “That’s what you wanted, right?”

    “Yes.” Clark replied.

    “Then let’s go.”


    The bus stopped just outside of Gotham City, to a hotel that all the passengers on the bus would be staying at.

    Chloe and Bart opened the door to their hotel room, and even though it wasn’t their usual taste, for tonight it would have to do.

    Chloe took of her shoes and plopped herself down on the only bed in the room. They were the last in line, and the small hotel had only single double beds left.

    “This bed is hard as rock,” Chloe commented, trying to make herself comfortable.

    “It can’t be that bad,” Bart said as he put the remote for the TV down and layed down beside Chloe.

    “Ok, it is that bad.”

    Chloe smiled as she looked up at the ceiling, and for a moment forgot everything around her and just focused on listening to her breathing. She hadn’t slept well since Mark altered her personality, and her body was begging her for sleep. She moved closer to Bart, and then closed her eyes as she let the calm of sleep wash over her in his comforting arms.


    The night was still young, and even though she knew she should go to sleep, she couldn’t. The stress of the past few days was creeping up on her, and for the millionth time she thought how did things get so wrong?

    She was scrolling through the internet, looking at all the incurable diseases that should have been cured by now. Instead of having the front page read: ‘Tess Mercer finds the cure for cancer’; it read: ‘Cancer claims another life.’

    Chloe had become quite a nuisance and an adversary she wasn’t prepared to handle, however that was all going to change. So far she was losing Chloe’s game of chess, but if there was one thing she learnt about the game from Lex was to never go directly for the King first; always take out the pawn and make the King vulnerable, and that was what she was finally going to do and not fail. In the game of chess, you are always learning. The first attack had failed, but there were still other pawns; there were still other chances to get it right and take them out.

    Lois, by whatever miracle had saved her, was lucky this time. The next time and the final time she wouldn’t be so lucky.

    Tess looked over at the chess board she had set up. It was her white king left on the board, along with the black king that symbolized Chloe and one black pawn that symbolized Lois. She moved her king over to the pawn and knocked it over, exposing the black king.



    Lana and Lois had fallen asleep rather quickly, with Lana occupying his parent’s old room, and Lois occupying his bedroom. He had used his super hearing to make sure Lois was breathing okay, and he was relieved to hear that she was. Tomorrow Lois would be up early, heading to the Planet to write about her narrow escape from death with the help from Red-Blue-Blur.

    “I think he likes me,” Lois had said earlier, while they were duking it out for the highest score in Guitar Hero. “He always manages to save me.”

    And in a way that was the truth. In the beginning, when they had first met, he tolerated Lois because she was Chloe’s cousin, but as he got to know Lois he realized that they both treasured family, and would do anything for the people they cared about. Sure she was aggressive and wouldn’t quit until things went her way, but without her persistence he may have never found Chloe in the Black Creek facility, or, he would have still believed Chloe died in the safe house explosion.

    He looked out at the full moon from the barn loft, thinking about Chloe. In a way, he knew he deserved what Chloe had said to him, after all, he had said far worse things to her while he was on Red K. He understood the freedom of no inhibitions, but it wasn’t how he wanted to live, and in the end he regretted everything he did. The only problem was Red K was easily noticeable for him, and could be easily taken off and destroyed if he wanted to. Chloe was obviously under the influence of something, and even though Lana had suggested that maybe she just snapped, he knew there was more to it, and he wasn’t going to stop trying until he found his best friend and made sure that she knew she was more than just an encyclopaedia or an ear to vent on. Chloe was the only one he trusted, and he just wished she could see how important she was to him; how when the Phantom Zoner made him believe he was in an alternate reality and Chloe died how devastated he was; how it took everything for him not to hug her as tightly as possible when he freed himself from that reality.

    He told her he wouldn’t know what he would do without her. He just hoped that he would never have to find out.

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