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    Thank you so much for the reviews. I apologize for the short chapter, but I decided to put one up because I don't think I'll have a chance to update until next Thursday (exams ). Anyway, thanks again, and I hope you enjoy.


    CLAD IN A black, slim-fitting dress that had took her three days to find, Lois Lane stepped out of the limo that was provided for her by Bruce Wayne, and headed into one of Gotham City’s most finest restaurants, for her one-on-one meeting with Gotham’s very own billionaire, Bruce Wayne.

    Crystal chandeliers hung from the ceiling, making Lois feel that she was walking into a fairy tale instead of a five-star restaurant. Even though she was dressed appropriately, a part of her felt like she didn’t belong, and noted that some of the already seated patron’s outfit cost more than her apartment’s rent.

    “Lois Lane?”

    Lois looked at the man who called her name. Standing prim and proper, was the gorgeous Bruce Wayne.

    “Mr. Wayne, it’s a pleasure to meet you,” Lois said as she extended her hand, riding her mind of how handsome he truly was.

    “Please, call me Bruce.” He shook her hand, and then led her toward the private area he had reserved for them.

    “Sorry I had to meet you here. Usually I ride with my guests, but something of importance came up.”

    “Don’t be sorry, I enjoyed the ride. Gotham is truly beautiful at night with all the lights.”

    They both took their seats as a waiter came and handed them their menus. Lois was the first to admit that this was her first time doing a dinner interview, but as she looked at Bruce, she realized that he had probably done a lot of these before, and the tedious boring questions about his financial plans had probably been covered ad nauseum. The Planet wanted an interview with Bruce Wayne; they never specified what questions she had to ask.

    “You’ve really made a name for yourself here, and Wayne Industries seems to be going strong despite the recent economic failings, what do you attribute your success to?”

    “Well, Ms. Lane— ”

    “Call me Lois,” She interrupted.

    “Wayne Industries has been a family owned, employee appreciated, consumer satisfied company for more than three generations. We all rely on each other, and I attribute all those factors for its continuing strength.”

    “Wayne Industries has also done a lot of work around the community. How do you feel about the current crime-wave Gotham is now experiencing?”

    Bruce looked at Lois. He was taken-aback by the question.

    “That’s a very unique question, Lois, and to be honest I don’t know where I would begin to answer that question. I believe the Gotham police have done a good job in keeping the streets safe.”

    “ What about vigilante crime fighters? How do you feel about the Green Arrow? The Red-Blue-Blur? And Gotham’s very own Batman?”

    Bruce had read about Star City’s Green Arrow, who was very much like himself, however he didn’t have an opinion on the Red-Blue-Blur that was fighting crime in Metropolis.

    “If they are keeping the streets safe at night, who am I to judge?”


    Oliver Queen stepped outside on the balcony of the Clock Tower, watching from a distance as the Daily Planet globe slowly spun around and around. Cyborg and Aquaman were out on a mission near the coast of Hawaii, and he wondered how things were going for them. There was a rumour that Lex had set up a 33.1 facility near the area and he was confident his team would destroy it. Unfortunately, for every facility they destroyed, two popped up in its place. His team was working overtime, and for some reason the war he launched against the Luthors felt never-ending, and in a way, it scared him to know it could be a battle the good guys might not win.


    “How’d the interview go?” Chloe asked as she nestled the phone between her neck and cheek as she put away the dishes that had been sitting on the counter for almost a week.

    “It was good Chlo, but after dinner he asked me out—on a date,” Lois said through the phone which made Chloe smile.

    “Looks like you have a thing for billionaires,” Chloe teased.

    “Bruce isn’t like Ollie, and besides I don’t see him taking on an alter-ego and fighting crime during the night.”

    Chloe didn’t want to tell Lois that Bruce Wayne was Gotham’s very own Batman, because it wasn’t her secret to tell, and after she hung up the phone, she couldn’t help but wonder if falling in love with super heroes was embedded in the Lane-Sullivan genes.

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    Nice update. Hope for more soon, hope for some Bart soon.

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    Thank you for your reviews. Sorry this chapter is short, but I'm supposed to be studying. Hope you enjoy Chapter 6.


    WHEN CLARK ARRIVED back to work on Monday morning, he was surprised to see Lois already at her desk, diligently typing up what he assumed was her interview with Gotham’s richest.

    “Lois, you’re here early,” He commented as he sat his backpack down beside the joint desk they shared.

    “I’m always here early, Smallville,” Lois retorted as she leaned back on her chair. “You’re the one who comes in late.”

    “How was your weekend?” He asked, changing the subject so she wouldn’t question how he manages to run both the farm and his job at the Daily Planet.

    “Fantastic!” Lois beamed. “At first I thought he would have been a snob, but Bruce Wayne is charming, romantic and passionate about his work.”

    “Sounds like you two hit it off,” Clark said, trying to hide the smidge of jealousy he felt.

    “I’m going back to Gotham tonight, this time for a date.”

    Clark tried to hide his disappointment.

    “What about you? How are things with you and Lana?”

    Truthfully, there was nothing going on between him and Lana, even though he could tell Lana wanted to go back to the way things were before, but the sad truth was Lana had chosen what she wanted, and because of that choice, he had no role in her life anymore, and he felt things shouldn’t go back to the way things were before now that she was kryptonite free. Of course he couldn’t tell Lois all this, so instead he said “Ok”, and left it at that, as a part of him wondered if he would ever truly find true love.


    Chloe carefully walked up the steps to the Isis foundation as she carried a stack of papers that were nestled under her chin with one hand, and a cup of coffee in the other. She had spent all night organizing the Luthor’s documents, and all she had to do was make it into her office.

    Unfortunately for her, the Isis Foundation shared two other offices that also involved counselling, and just as she was about to enter her office, for whatever reason, a young woman came crying out of the adjacent office and had managed to nudge her, and sent all the papers she spent the whole night organizing on the floor along with her cup of coffee.

    “Great,” Chloe moaned as she watched her $4 latte spill onto the floor, and the papers in a heap of mess. The only plus side was the coffee, somehow, miraculously managed to avoid the documents.

    She was about to pick up the coffee cup when she heard a big WOOSH, and when she looked back down, the coffee cup was gone, the spill was clean, and the documents were neatly organized in a pile on her desk.

    “Hey gorgeous,” Bart said from beside as he handed her a new coffee cup.

    “Bart,” Chloe smiled and accepted the coffee. “What are you doing here? I thought Oliver had you on a mission?”

    “He did. Turns out Canada does not have a 33.1 facility.”

    “Yet, anyways.”

    “We’ll be prepared when it does.”

    Bart followed Chloe into the computer room of the Isis Foundation, which became more of the Justice League Headquarters then an actual counselling facility.

    “Thanks for the coffee, and cleaning up my mess.”

    “No problem Cholilicious—anything for you.”

    Chloe felt her cheeks redden.

    “But I am here for another reason. Oliver wants to know what you found out on the Luthors. Then I have to meet him and Dinah in Argentina.”

    Chloe started up the computers. Argentina was mentioned several times in one of the documents, but it had Lionel’s name and signature on all of them, and not Lex’s. One of the dated signatures was even before Lex was even born and she wondered if Lex knew about this secret place.

    “What are they doing in Argentina?”

    “Oliver’s doing a charity thing over there, and Dinah offered to help him. AC and Victor are still in Hawaii. Why?”

    “Because I was going through the documents and Argentina has been mentioned several times, but under Lionel’s name.”

    Bart’s eyes widened. “Coincidence?”

    “Maybe fate.” Chloe pulled up a map of Argentina and entered in the longitudinal and latitudinal numbers. Within moments, a coast line appeared on the screen.

    “That can’t be right,” Bart said. “It looks like there is just water there.”

    Chloe zoomed in on the picture. There was no sign of a building whatsoever.

    “Maybe it got demolished,” Bart added.

    “There has to be something there Bart. The last mention of this place was a week before he died.”

    “The shore line would destroy anything built on top of there,” Bart tried to reason as he pointed the water. “The waves are massive there.”

    Chloe paused for a moment, thinking. She then turned to Bart and smiled.

    “What is it?” He asked.

    “Maybe there is nothing on top. Maybe it’s underneath.”


    The 11 meteor freaks that Tess had collected, we all standing in the middle of a holographic room. Today was training day, and within moments the holographic room would turn into the streets of Metropolis and it was up to the twelve of them to fight off any invaders.

    They had gone over the plan quite carefully. Carl would team up with Jake, another pyro, while Janice and Fred, a teleporter and a high jumper respectively, would take the others whose abilities ranged from shooting lasers from their eyes, altering personalities, manipulating metal, manipulating light and altering bone density, as well as molecular stability, would tackle anyone who got in their way, while Annie would infiltrate the attackers by transforming herself into one of the opponents.

    “Ready?” Mark asked. Is power of manipulating personalities would be useless in this battle, but Tess had also trained each and every one of them in hand-to-hand combat and he was ready for some action.

    “Let’s do this,” Carl said as the simulator turned on.

    Tess watched from the room above. They were doing well, however they were still missing someone and that someone was Chloe Sullivan, or more so her brain power, and once she obtained Chloe, her team would be unstoppable and the vast knowledge she could obtain would be endless.

    For a brief moment, she felt as though she could even surpass Lex. It was a dangerous thought, but she was doing what Lex couldn’t-or failed to do himself. Even though she was grateful for the opportunity he had given her, it was time to instil a new and, much more powerful name, in Metropolis and Smallville, and it wouldn’t start with an L.

    For once in her life, she wouldn’t be the underdog. She would be Tess Mercer; strong and victorious, with a job to save humanity, but she would also be a person to be feared.

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    Alsome updated, really like the Chloe/Bart scene, and Tess. Update more soon please.

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    Love it! I need more Clois and Chlart and Chlo-Lo!

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    Thanks for the reviews. Justice League centered chapter.

    Chapter 7

    SWEAT DRIPPED DOWN Dinah Lance’s forehead as she finished handing the last box of supplies to a young boy in the village. The afternoon sun in Argentina had reached its peak, and as she looked over at Oliver, who was shirtless and helping the men rebuild a collapsed roof, she wondered how he did it. It would have been easier for Oliver just to hire a bunch of people, then having himself to come down and help the small village that was destroyed by a small earthquake. In a way she admired him for his acts of selflessness.

    Walking over to the cooler, she took out an ice cold bottle of water and took a long gulp, and savoured the chill it sent throughout her whole body. As she twisted the cap back on, she noticed her fellow partner, Bart, leaning under a tree with his arms crossed.

    “What are you doing here?” She asked him as she made her way closer to the tree, as Bart unfolded his arms.

    “Chloe found something that may be of interest. I think we are going to need all of us here.”

    At night, in of the Queen’s hotel rooms in Buenos Aries, AC, Victor, Dinah, Oliver and Bart, all gathered around one of the computers in the room. Bart explained to them that Chloe thought there was something underneath the ground that sparked Lionel’s interest.

    “AC, you think you can dive down there and see if there is an opening?” Oliver asked. He didn’t want to deploy four submarines if there was truly nothing under there.

    “No problem. I can get to the coast in less than 15 minutes if I go through the ocean,” AC said, looking out the hotels window which was beach accessible.

    “Great,” Oliver said as he handed AC a water-proof com. “Bart, you are going to have to meet him there. Unfortunately, we won’t get reception from below sea level to here as the waterproof com will only work in a 10 mile radius near the sea level. You will be able to communicate with us above sea-level on this other com though.”

    Bart accepted the two communicators and placed one in each ear. AC was already geared up.

    “If there is anything, I’ll have three submarine’s deployed.”

    Bart nodded as he followed AC out the door.

    AC felt at home as he swam quickly through the ocean, trying to locate the coast line that Bart had mentioned earlier. He had no doubt that Bart was already there waiting for him above and as he approached the coast line he could feel something was not right.

    “Aquaman to Impulse, do you read me?” AC asked as he looked at the huge rock-wall that sat firmly under the water. He was surprised at how undisturbed it looked.

    “Copy, Aquaman. Do you see anything?”

    AC swam closer to the rock, and touched it. It didn’t feel like rock, but more of a strong metal.

    “Watchtower was right. There is definitely something here.”

    AC swam around the underground info structure. He was trying to find a way in when he came across a control panel. Opening it, he realized that a code was needed.

    “Impulse, I found a way to get in. We need a code.”
    Bart sighed inwardly. “Impulse to Green Arrow. There is definitely something there. Aquaman found a control panel, but we need a code.”

    Oliver looked at Victor.

    “I can’t. My system will fry in the water.” Victor said as he exchanged looks between Dinah and Oliver.

    Oliver knew this.

    “Impulse, I need you to go back to Metropolis and talk with Chloe. Maybe her brain power can help us. In the meantime tell Aquaman our ETA is 45 minutes.”

    “Roger that,” Bart said as he told AC the new plan and then super sped to Metropolis.


    Chloe brought Lois to the Ace of Clubs, to help drown her sorrows, because of the rescheduled date with Bruce Wayne. Bruce had told Lois that an unexpected business meeting had come up, but Chloe knew that ever since the Joker had made his reappearance, Bruce’s alter-ego was busy trying to keep the streets of Gotham safe.

    “I’m probably going to regret this in the morning,” Lois said, her way of thank-you, as she accepted her fourth peach-flavoured martini of that night.

    “You can always call in sick,” Chloe suggested as she sipped her second drink.

    “No. I’ve drank worse.”

    Chloe laughed, knowing it was the truth. She never saw anyone shoot back as much tequila as Lois had, and still manage not only to form somewhat coherent sentences, but also walk in a somewhat straight line.

    “But enough about my sorrows. When was the last time you went out on a date?”

    Actually, Chloe couldn’t remember. With school, work, and her Watchtower duties she had no time to go on a date.

    “When I was with Jimmy, I guess.”

    “Chloe—Chloe, we need to hook you up with somebody.”

    “I think that’s the alcohol talking, Lois,” Chloe laughed as her cousin took on a serious face.

    “I’m not joking Chloe. I mean, there’s a guy that’s checking you out. You should talk to him.”

    Chloe turned around to see where Lois was pointing.

    Her eyes widened.

    “Lois, can you excuse me for a second?” Chloe placed her drink on the table, and vaguely heard Lois say “you go girl”, as she made her way up to the man Lois was pointing to.

    “Bart, did something happen?” Chloe asked.

    “Sorry to disturb your cousin-night out, beautiful, but you were right. There is something there, and it needs a code.” Bart took out a small computer.

    “Are they there now?”

    Bart nodded his head.

    This was going to be difficult. She really had nothing to go on.

    “I can’t communicate with them from here,” Bart also reminded. “So whatever you need, I’m going to be running back in forth.”

    Chloe nodded her head. “Well, I hope you’re energized. I need you to ask for the maker of the control panel and the serial number.”

    A gust of wind left Chloe alone with the computer for what felt like less than 5 minutes.

    “That was fast,” Chloe commented. “Did you get it?”

    “The maker is Geno-security consult.”

    Within moments, Chloe was able to hack into the database. Bart smiled, impressed. Her new power was coming in handy.

    “The serial number is M2N7H74350.”

    It took the computer less than a second to show a new screen, with a section of questions and secret answers.

    “How are you going to get passed that? One wrong guess and it can set off alarms,” Bart responded, placing his hands behind his head.

    “I’m not going to guess.”

    Bart watched as Chloe’s eyes suddenly went a brighter green, and she started typing the answers to the questions. When she was done, her eyes went back to normal, and as she pressed enter, the computer gave them the code.

    “That’s weird,” Chloe commented as she looked at the code.

    “What is it?” Bart asked.

    “The code—it’s the day of the first meteor shower.”


    AC entered the code that Bart had given him from above, and within moments two metal doors opened up, allowing himself, Oliver, Dinah and Victor to enter. They were surprised to see state of the art-equipment.

    “What could Lionel want with all of this?” Victor asked as he parked the submarine and jumped out, meeting the rest of them on the ground. Bart also came super speeding through, as he managed to vibrate his body through the walls.

    “Looks like a Fortress,” AC commented.

    “And what is with these symbols on the wall?” Dinah asked as she traced her hands over them.

    “It’s Kryptonian,” Oliver replied, realizing what this place was.

    “This was a set-up for Clark?” Victor asked.

    “I think Lionel knew more about Krypton then he led Clark or Chloe to believe. I think he was banking on himself to find the Traveller, and not the Kent’s.”

    “Can you imagine what would have happened if Lionel got a hold of Clark?” Bart asked. It sent shivers down his spine just to think about it.

    “Let’s not go there. One thing’s for sure, Clark can never know about this place, and we need to destroy it.”

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    Loved it..need more.

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    Great chapter, so can't wait for more. PPMS

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    Sorry i havent posted in a while but some great chapters ive missed

    Tess training the m/f (Legion of Doom?)

    I am really enjoying Chloe and Barts interaction

    But poor Lois...

    Anyways keep it up cant wait for more

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    Update more soon please.

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    Crap I forgot about this story. Sorry Lauren !

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    Ah! Sorry for not updating in awhile. I've been pretty sick but now I am better so I the updates will happen quicker. Chapter 8 is short and I did that as a lead in to the action part of what will be the next chapters. Again I apologize. Hope you enjoy.


    MUSCLES ACHING AND head pounding, Lois awoke to see Chloe’s empty Talon apartment, memories of last night shady at best. She turned over to see a glass of water, a note from Chloe, and two aspirin along with a vitamin B on the night stand. Thankfully, this was one of the first times she woke up this severely hung over without worrying what she might have done last night—she definitely owed Chloe one.

    She had no time to grab a proper break feast, the line at the Talon had been exceptionally long, however, she was able to grab a 4-shot espresso from Molly who worked behind the counter. If that didn’t cure her hang over, nothing would.

    She arrived at the Daily Planet 15 minutes late and several broken traffic laws later, and as she was whizzing through the morning traffic she surmised that either the traffic would kill her or Perry would.

    “Lane!” She heard Perry say as soon as she stepped into the Bull pen. “You’re late!”

    Lois turned to her boss, her sun glasses still covering her blood-shot and sleepy eyes.

    “Sorry boss. Bad traffic.”

    He seemed satisfied with the excuse she had given him as she saw him make his way back into his office while she made her way to her desk.

    “Late night in Gotham?” Clark teased, pointing out the sun glasses.

    “Bruce had to reschedule. I went out with Chloe last night.”

    “Really?” Clark asked, trying his best to sound surprised and not relieved.

    “It was well over-due anyway, and on the plus side neither of us ended up mugged, kidnapped or tortured by a crazy person.”

    Lois opened up her desk drawer and took at some eye drops for her eyes and put a couple of drops in.

    “Here,” Clark said pushing a neatly wrapped bagel toward Lois. With his super hearing he could hear that she was hungry.

    “Isn’t that your lunch?” Lois asked.

    “I can always get some take out, besides, we all know that you usually don’t have time to grab break feast when you are hung over.”

    “Thanks Smallville,” Lois said smiling at Clark as she grabbed the bagel.


    Chloe grabbed the nearest seat as Oliver explained to her what they had found in Argentina last night. AC was still there destroying the facility, while Victor, Dinah and Bart moved the kryptonite and anything relating to Krypton to a safe off-shore location.

    “Who knew Lionel was so secretive,” Chloe commented.

    “I did. The Luthor’s are no good—they can’t be trusted,” Oliver said as he leaned against one of the purple cabinets. “We decided not to tell Clark unless it was warranted. The place looked abandoned and with Lionel dead...”

    Chloe nodded her head in agreement. Clark had trusted Lionel in the last two years of his life, and she knew Clark would feel betrayed to realize Lionel was just using him.

    “What about Tess?”

    Oliver sighed. Tess was definitely her own person and even though there was a point in his life where he could trust her it vanished when she signed a deal to work with the devil.

    “I wouldn’t trust Tess with my life,” He responded and somewhere between the unspoken meaning, Chloe nodded her head knowing full well herself that if you play with the Luthor’s you’ll get burned.


    Lana walked the familiar halls of the Luthor Mansion feeling a little uneasy. She shared a lot of history in this castle and with the Luthors’, and even though there were some rare good memories, the bad ones outweighed them. To her, this castle should have gone along with the Luthor men.

    “Reminiscing?” Tess Mercer asked from behind as she leaned against the cold stone walls with her arms crossed and an amused look on her face.

    “Hardly,” Lana replied facing the woman who probably loved Lex more than she ever did.

    “I wondered when you were going to show,” Tess replied as she led Lana to Lex’s study. It was still in pristine condition—everything was as Lex had left it.

    “Surprised?” Lana took a seat as Tess made her way around the big oak table.


    “Can’t please everybody,” Lana replied.

    “No, we can’t. But I do have something for you.” Tess pressed the intercom button, and within moments the door opened revealing 11 people, all of whom had meteor abilities.

    “You choose well,” Lana commented as she eyed each and every one of them.

    “Lana, we will do this whether you give us the okay. I just want to make sure you know that I am not like Lex and I will give you the option to walk away from this and to not betray your friend.”

    Lana looked at Tess. She had invested a lot of work in this project as well. She wasn't going to leave that readily. “No one is to get hurt—that’s my only condition.”

    Tess smiled. “It’s a pleasure working with you, Lana.”

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    Yes you updated, it. Bad LANA, bad. Working for the Tess. Going to betray Chloe right? I'm looking forward to more. Hope more soon.

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    Soz havent updated for a while lauren great update.

    Loving the JL and the Bad Lana Arc very interesting keep it up

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    As promised, another update. The story is starting to pick up. I just wanted to thank everyone for the kind reviews. And I just wanted to quickly address a couple of things. Lana really isn't evil-evil. She is power hungry and sometimes that gets her involved with the wrong people, but what she is doing is definetly a betrayal. Tess also doesn't consider herself evil, and In a way I never thought Smallville's version of Lex thought he was evil either. It's just power makes you do crazy, crazy things. Hope you enjoy, and try not to hate me to much after this chapter


    OPENING THE FRONT door to his home after a long day at work, and a long night of patrolling the crime ridden streets of Metropolis, he was happy to be greeted by his over-excited dog, Shelby, whom he patted lovingly on the head.

    “Want to go for a walk, Shelby?” Clark asked, and Shelby barked and then made his way into the kitchen as Lana appeared in the door frame.

    “I already took him for a walk. I also fed him.”

    Clark glanced up at Lana, the smile on his face slowly disappearing and he couldn’t really explain why he suddenly felt so much contempt for a woman he was once willing to sacrifice everything for.

    “Thanks,” He replied as he hung up his red jacket on the coat rack he helped his father make for a mother’s day present when he was a little boy.

    “Busy night?” Lana asked, her way of making conversation. So much had changed since she left, and as she looked at Clark, she wondered if he was still the same man she had been in love with as a teenager and a young adult.

    “The usual,” He responded making his way into the kitchen and taking out a piece of leftover chicken that would be his dinner. “The crime sprees have increased quite a bit in the last month.”

    “At least you’re doing something about it. When I had the power from the Prometheus suit it felt so exhilarating to stop crime.”

    For a moment, Clark went into what his dad used to call ‘Clark-time’, when everything but him had stopped moving, just to look into Lana’s eyes as they sparkled, and as he walked closer to her, he realized that sparkle in her eye was never for him, but for her lust for power, and that was when his heart and broke all over again. He would have sacrificed everything for her; he had sacrificed everything for her. He was willing to give up everything and everyone to be with her, even his powers and in the end she choose power over him, and he realized that her and Lex Luthor were not so different as Chloe had once warned him. In that short moment he wanted to scream, cry and run far away, instead he went back to the other side of the counter, swallowed his anger and heart break, and watched as the spark in Lana’s eyes disappear as she blinked.

    “Do you feel like that—when you stop crime?” Lana asked.

    Clark looked down at the cold piece of chicken, his appetite gone. Right now, he wasn’t feeling much of anything.


    Tonight was the night; it was going to happen—had to happen. They had been preparing for weeks for this moment when greatness would finally be theirs.

    Tess watched as her team was getting ready in the study—gearing up for what would be a big night for the whole world, but more importantly for her. The Luthor’s would no longer be the name that elicited praise and a little fear in the city of Metropolis. Instead, Tess Mercer would become the humanitarian, and accomplish what Lex had failed to. The Luthor name would be no more, and the empire they created would be turned into her own, and to the citizens of Metropolis she would be a God to be reckoned with.

    One of Lex’s mistakes that she learnt from was that he in every essence worked alone. Of course he had people to help him, but he never had a partner who he worked side-by-side with. Fortunately, she did, and because of her willingness for gaining new perspectives, she would be victorious. She smiled as she remembered the deal she made for absolute power:


    Stepping off the Luthor’s private Jet she took in the some-what familiar surroundings of Hong-Kong. She had been here once, a long time ago, for a University trip studying some of the exotic wild-life along with the culture that was so different from hers. It was no wonder why she was able to track Lex Luthor’s ex-wife, Lana Lang here. The Prometheus suit, as expected, was unstable, and as Lana had absorbed the green meteor rock that Lex had used to blow up half of Metropolis, caused it to disintegrate as expected.

    She made her way into a small tea shop, greeting the owner and ordering a green tea in the little Chinese she knew. Her sources told her Lana had frequented the shop, and they were right as she saw Lana sitting with her back turned in the back of the shop enjoying a tea and reading the paper. She made her way to the back and sat down, causing Lana to startle.

    “Tess,” Lana said half surprised and half annoyed. “How’d you find me?”

    “I have my sources,” She said as a waiter brought her the tea she ordered.

    “What do you want?” Lana asked, putting away the paper.

    “It’s quite simple really; you and I are not as different as you protest we are. We both want the same thing.”

    “And what could that be?” Lana asked, meeting Tess’s steely gaze.


    Lana perked up.

    “I know the Prometheus suit has been destroyed by the meteor rock, and I must say I do admire you for taking it from under my nose—who knew you were so driven.”

    “Is there a point to this?”

    Tess laughed. “Don’t play coy with me. You know why I’m here.”

    “You want to finish what Lex started,” Lana said, and Tess nodded.

    “There are a lot of gifted people in Smallville and Metropolis. We can recruit them to do good—to make them more special. After all, what’s the purpose of having power”—

    “—if you don’t use it,” Lana finished.

    “I’ve been following some people of interest. I believe we can make the streets of Metropolis safer.”

    “It sounds like you have everything planned out, why do you need my help?” Lana asked in which Tess took out a folder and placed it on the table.

    “My idea’s go far behind Lex’s envision of a super human army. I want to help humanity.”

    “How? What exactly is your envision?”

    “Not only do I want to protect the streets, but I also want to cure the incurable diseases like Cancer, Huntingtons, MS, ALS”—

    “Your delusional,” Lana interrupted.

    Tess half-snorted and pushed the folder to Lana. “The person in the folder has that power.”

    Lana opened the folder, reading the contents and then shut it. “She’ll never work for you.”

    “I know. But think about the good she could do. If you had her powers you would have been the worlds saviour.”

    Lana considered this.

    “I just need to find a way to get her on my side.”

    “I might know a way,” Lana said as Tess smiled.


    Annie ravelled up her iPod and put it away. She was so excited that she couldn’t wait to get started. She watched as the others began preparing themselves. Tonight the 11 of them would make history.

    Annie walked over to Mark, who was sitting patiently on one of the chairs.

    “So Mark, how exactly does your power work again?”

    Mark smiled. “Flirting with me, Annie?”

    “Maybe in your dreams,” She teased as Mark got up and walked up to Carl.

    “Hey Carl, go over and give Tess a kiss,” He said, while the eight others snickered.

    “No way,” Carl said. “She’d kill me.”

    Mark looked over at Annie. “Watch and learn.” Mark raised his hands, his fingers turning into long tubes as he placed them inside Carl’s head. He withdrew his hands as they turned back to normal.

    “What the hell!” Carl said angrily.

    “Go and kiss Tess,” Mark said again and this time the ten of them watched as Carl made his way over to Tess and romantically kissed her.

    Unfortunately Tess was not amused.

    “Turn him back,” Tess ordered. “You needed to be out of her five minutes ago.”

    “Let’s do this,” Annie said as soon as Carl was turned back, red from embarrassment.

    “Good luck,” Tess responded, even though she knew luck was on their side.


    Chloe was just about to close up for the night when her cell phone rang, when all she really wanted to do was go home and sleep. She wondered who could possibly be phoning at one in the morning, and realized the caller id was an unknown. Thinking it was just a wrong number she answered.


    “Oh, Chloe, thank God.” It was Lois.

    “Lois, are you all right?” Chloe asked concerned.

    “Yes and no. I’m having the night from hell—literally. My car stalled just outside of Metropolis, and as I was trying to phone a tow truck my phone died so I ended up walking for god knows how long to find a pay phone and it’s asking me to add another quarter to continue this call and I don’t have one.” Lois said quickly.

    “Don’t worry Lois; I’ll be there as soon as I can. Just hang tight, okay?”

    “Thanks Chlo. I owe you.”

    Chloe hung up the phone and made her way to the car. Her plans for calling a night were quashed, but she was more than willing to help her cousin. Getting into her car, she drove for an hour and a half to the spot Lois said she would be. She’d call a tow truck and give Lois a ride back to her place.

    Getting out of the car she looked for her cousin. “Lois?”

    Lois appeared from out of the shadows. “You’re a saviour.”

    “You should get in the car, its warmer.”

    “Ok. Just let me grab my stuff from my car,”

    It was then that Chloe noticed that it wasn’t Lois’s Red Camry but an SUV.

    “Lois, when did you get a new ca”—

    Chloe was interrupted when a man came from behind her, grabbing her tightly.

    “Lois!” Chloe screamed, but Lois just turned around and looked at the bushes as ten other people came out. Now Chloe was scared.

    “Lois!” Chloe begged, but it was no use. Her cousin was just standing there as a young man approached her. He had dirty blonde hair and no matter how hard she struggled she couldn’t get free from the other man that was holding her.

    He rose his hands, his fingers turning into tubes and he placed them inside Chloe’s head as the other man let go and backed away. However, within seconds of the intrusion, Chloe’s body submitted a glowing white aurora.

    “What’s happening?” Carl asked as he noticed Mark’s face construing in pain--this had never happened before when Mark used his powers.

    The white aurora that surrounded Chloe had now turned black, throwing Mark backwards.

    “You okay?” Janice asked as she attended to Mark who picked himself off from the ground.

    “Did it work?” Fred asked as they looked at Chloe. They certainly were not expecting this to happen.

    Chloe took her hands away from her head, shooting them all a look, and then made her way up to Lois, and before Lois could react she tightly grabbed her neck, squeezing it hard.

    “Hey!” Bill, the molecular, said as rushed over to stop Chloe from strangling Lois, when she sent him flying by a ray of a purple-blackish light the omitted from her hand.

    “I. Can’t. Breathe.” Lois said, but Chloe’s grip only got tighter.

    Carl and Jake both approached Chloe, but as soon as they got near her, her whole body omitted the same black-purple aurora that sent them flying as well.

    “Tess never told us about this power,” Fred said.

    Suddenly a green light appeared around Lois, transforming her back into Annie, and Chloe promptly let go, allowing Annie to gasp for breath.

    “Who do you work for?” Chloe demanded looking at each and every one of them.

    “What did you do to her?” Bill asked Mark, as Mark's commands for her to work with them failed.

    Chloe let out a taunting laugh that sent a chill to the eleven of them.

    “I did a little reprogramming myself.” She looked at Mark and smiled wickedly. “Thanks for the boost. Now take me to Tess.”

    “How’d you know we worked for Tess?” Janice asked.

    “You’re so readable—like a book. It’s quite pathetic actually. She’s using all of you and you are none the wiser.”

    Chloe turned around and looked at the now bright moon, feeling somewhat liberated.

    “You’ll never be free, no matter what she promises you. It’s time to cut the strings.”

    “You tried to kill me, why should we trust you,” Annie said, her voice still raspy.

    “If I wanted to kill you, I would have. I just wanted you out of my cousin’s face.” She looked at them again. There was an erie calmness in her voice.

    “Now, take me to Tess.”

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