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Thread: The Last Scene

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    I just watched it again on dvd and I couldn't stop gushing.... BEST CLOIS MOMENT EVERRRRR!!! Let's see how s9 can top it?? By the way... what was the title of that song at the end? Anyone know?

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    Easily one of my all-time favorite scenes of Smallville. There are certain scenes I watch at random just 'cuz I like them for the acting or the plot or the special effects or the drama or for something or another and this is one of them for the warm fuzzies it gives me, along with the Blur/Lois scene in Doomsday, the Blur/Lois scene in Idol, ... really the Blur/Lois scenes in any episode, the Clois "pretend engagement" scene in Committed, the Clana hug-scene in Hidden (I know... I actually DO like a Clana scene! Shocking!), the Clark dunk-scene in Facade, the teenage!Martha scene in Spirit, all of Red and Transference... the list goes on forever! But this scene is right up there.

    Although I think TW's acting made the scene a lot more precious than ED's.

    Ex: His look when Lois is blabbering on and on and he says, "You're nervous." Or when he specifically and very carefully calls her "Miss Lane." I personally think he's a MUCH better actor than Erica Durance and that he makes all of the adorable scenes I mentioned above (although the writers and ED both deserve credit too, of course!)

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