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    The Inbetweeners (E4)

    Anyone else watch this show? The new season is coming in soon, probably to coincide with the end of Skins. I wrote a review for the DVD awhile back:

    This will contain some small spoilers although with this show its not really an issue:

    Will McKenzie is forced out of a posh private school into an English comprehensive where he must struggle to find friends, fortune and love!

    The Storyline - 8.5
    Poor Will is always getting the harsh end of the stick and in this 6 episode comedy season he will face a surprising amount. Will aims for a "rather average crowd" made up of Simon, Neil and Jay. Can these Inbetweeners reach dizzying hieghts or more importantly can Will avoid getting a kicking from Mark Donovan?

    The Characters - 9.7
    The most realistic characters of any TV series ever created. You WILL know someone similar to each character. Each of the four leads feel instantly recognisable. A big question is who do you resemble?
    The lead character of Will is kinda geeky. He constantly putting his foot in his mouth. Although pretty much useless at the start of the series, Will quickly becomes more streetwise and starts to build a backbone. He easily lets his feelings overwhelm him.
    Simon Bird is the second of the fearsome foursome. For the most part Simon seams reliable and intelligent. However, he falls to pieces when it comes to women however. With "stalker-like" tendancies and a lot of feelings welling up for Carli D'Amato can things work out well for him?
    Neil is the lankiest member of the group. He is a bit on the stupid side of things and his house "smells like being poor". He shows moments of flair however and actually pulls more than the rest of the bunch.
    Jay (everyones fav) is a dirty minded attention seeker. He constantly makes fun of his mates but is this big front hiding deep set insecurities?
    Side characters are acted well. A mention is needed for the bully, Mark Donovan who is acted brilliantly. The parents are accurate and amusing. The two lead females are quite fit as well.

    The Special Effects - 3.0
    There are no special effects used whatsoever as none are needed.

    The Music - 8.1
    An alright music score of indie pop. Its not ground breaking but it wont make the ears bleed.

    The Extras - 8.2
    Some deleted scenes with plenty of little featurettes. Seeing the actors outside the show is a shock

    Best Quotes
    SIMON: You still wet the bed when you 10!
    JAY: Yeah, I wet your mum's bed... with my spunk!

    SIMON'S DAD(addressing Will and Simon): Now listen to me you two, that is an extraordinary accusation and you should thin very carefully before you repeat it. Just cause Kevin’s gay doesn’t mean he goes round..
    KEVIN: wait im not gay
    SIMON'S DAD: Its alright Kevin, we’re all friends it doesn’t matter.
    KEVIN: but im not gay, I was married for nearly..
    WILL: Oscar Wilde was married……
    SIMON'S DAD: Just because Kevin's gay doesn't make him a paedophile.
    KEVIN: Im not a paedo!!!

    Overall - 9.5

    Perhaps im getting to easy on these DVDs? This is the Godfather of Mom joke TV however. If you find imature comedy and smartass funny then this is a bonnafide classic for you. Caution though, there is lots of swearing. People who believe that English kids can't swear may suffer cardiac arrest. You know when you quote a program because of a good line? Well this has just ssooooo many of them.

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    I guess im the only fan of this show. Anyone see the new add on E4?


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