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Thread: Adam vs. Jason

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    Adam vs. Jason

    Who's story did you like better, or think was more interesting.
    They both were very intriguing characters for me.

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    I personally enjoyed Adam's story better. Of course, there are many reasons for that, I suppose, one being that I liked Season 3 more than Season 4, a second that I didn't like the Teagues/mystical stones storyline all that much, a third being that I found Adam to be far more mysterious and interesting a character, a fourth being that I thought he could actually be Bruce Wayne... Overall, I just liked his character better.

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    Adam's story was twisted, but I liked Jason more

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    Can we vote for both stories sucked?

    I honestly don't know which was worse. The whole witch Lana thing ruined anything it touched, but I probably prefered Jason's character slightly to Adam, although as bad as the Adam Knight storyline was it was more tolerable then Witch Lana. I guess with Jason I feel there was ways they could of used the character and it would be alright, while the whole Adam Knight storyline was doomed to fail no matter what.

    I think both characters though were a perfect example of what was wrong with the show in general. Basically when Lana wasn't needed they found ways to write her into the show for no other reason then she is Lana and needs something to do.

    Quote Originally Posted by SGuthrie27 View Post
    I suppose, one being that I liked Season 3 more than Season 4
    I don't think Lana's character added much to either season, infact the Adam Knight storyline is one of my huge negatives for S3. In the case of Jason he indirectly was a positive because with him taking up Lana's time we got much less Clana angst in S4.
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    Adam was better. At least he shot Lana in the back...even if it was a time flop

    Both actors have their own show now and their like totally I like them both

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    Fight between two useless characters! ZZZzzzzZZZZZzzzz

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    Neither were very interesting. The common link between both Adam and Jason is that they were both brought in to simply be Lana's boyfriend (their stories changed because of the lack of chemistry between Kreuk and Ian Somerhalder, and the death of Christopher Reeve forcing the writers to make changes, right in the middle of the season). Lana herself is essentially just there to be a love interest for Clark and occasional damsel in distress. So, now the designated love interest (nothing more) is given someone who is her boyfriend (with that being their principal role). They're not there to advance Clark's story or to develop themselves. With Jason, it got to the point that Lana became often so disconnected from the main plot of an episode, that she could be cut out, without it affecting the plot. Granted, that means that we can skip her scenes. But, this is broadcast television. They only had an average of 40 minutes per episode to tell a story. In "Run", Lana appears for 5 minutes and 39 seconds (according to the Smallville wiki), never interacting with Clark in 41 minutes and 22 seconds (the length of the episode). If they didn't have her and Jason in the episode, they would've had an additional 5 minutes and 39 seconds to devote to the main plot.

    Though, out of the two, Adam was probably the better. He only appears in seven episodes and was a recurring character, whereas Jason appeared in 20 episodes of season 4 and was made a series regular from day one. Why did he need to be a regular? Lex dated Helen throughout season 2, she was a recurring character and only appeared in seven episodes that season (making two more in season 3). With Adam, they were also quicker to start introducing the eventual change of the character. He first appeared in "Asylum", as a patient at the Medical Center. Then he appeared next in "Delete", where he displayed amazing hacker and fighting skills (raising questions about who this guy is). Next appearance was in "Hereafter", where Jordan Cross touched him and told Lana that Adam had seemingly died (in the same episode, Adam has a mysterious nightmare). Next episode, "Velocity", begins to unravel that Adam Knight is in fact Chad Nash, a recently deceased kid. Next episode, "Obsession", reveals that he's been spying on Lana and Clark (ends with him being taken away and locked up by Lionel). The next episode, "Resurrection", only featured Adam in a cameo (with the episode exploring the Lazarus serum). The next episode, "Crisis", has Adam escape, kill several people and almost kills Lana, in an attempt to save himself. He dies at the end. THE END.

    Jason is just Lana's boyfriend, briefly an assistant couch (so that he can be near her) at Smallville High (until he gets fired for dating a student), for most of the season. Then begins to reveal himself to be a villain in "Spirit" (or about there). Starting to behave in a way, that is inconsisted with his earlier behavior (he leaves a stone with Lana... Yet, he is attempting to acquire them for his mom). The latter episodes don't add up with the first half of the season.

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    Both guys were toxic in their own ways from the start.

    Yes, even Jason, who some fans honestly thought was a decent guy until the stones of power plotline. Think about it.... he literally followed Lana to Smallville all the way from France when she abruptly left without telling him. even though Lana showed no indications that she wanted him to do that or were the type of girl who'd find that romantic instead of seeing him as a creepy stalker. most guys would just think they were being ghosted and dumped, and move on with a broken heart.

    Truthfully, if somebody did that to me I'd be very creeped out. Of course, they could've had made this slightly better by having him say that he was just worried about Lana's erratic behavior and he honestly cared about Lana's well-being to make sure that she wasn't doing anything that could be harmful. Really play up the worried boyfriend angle here.
    "What's going on, baby? This isn't like you... you were so happy in Paris, and I honestly thought we had a future together there. Talk to me. Just don't leave out of the blue again, Please."
    But no, instead they had him do the creepy thing by registering to become a coach so he can be in a position of power over his girlfriend AND constantly be near to her 24/7.
    So I wasn't exactly surprised when they finally started to show his dark side.

    Adam was way better, but it was clear that he was very emotionally disturbed, and clearly not meant to be in a stable relationship. of course, considering his background it's no wonder why he was so mentally disturbed.


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