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  • Jitters

    5 1.95%
  • Ryan

    17 6.64%
  • Shattered

    44 17.19%
  • Spell

    13 5.08%
  • Solitude

    28 10.94%
  • Static

    1 0.39%
  • Blue

    2 0.78%
  • Bloodline

    146 57.03%
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    I think it's amazing how many storylines were originally launched, and how many major plot turns, happened in episode #8 each year.

    Let's go through the list.

    season 1 - Jitters:
    Launches the Level 3 storyline, which moves into 33.1
    Jitters launched probably the longest over-arcing storyline in the entire series: The Luthor's obsessions with Meteor Freaks.

    season 2 - Ryan:
    For the first time, Clark cannot save someone close to him, no matter how much he does. Neither his powers nor his journalism skills can help save Ryan, and Clark needs to accept that - major part of the Superman myth is that he can't save everyone...probably one of the very few things that can make Superman "dark".

    season 3 - Shattered:
    Lex has a psychotic break, and Clark and Chloe (and the audience) discover that Lionel DID, in fact, murder his parents. This of course led to Lionel ending up in prison, which led to him having Edgar as a cellmate, which led to him getting the stone, which ended up with Lionel as Jor-El's oracle, which led to Lex killing Lionel...

    season 4 - Spell:
    Launched the witches storyline, and finally explained the tattoo Lana ended up with in Paris.

    season 5 - Solitude:
    Brainiac is truly revealed to the characters as a villain, and Jonathan and Martha find out about the deal Clark made with Jor-El. (was it really a "deal", per se?)

    season 6 - Static:
    Launched 33.1, which I think is my favourite storyline in the series.

    season 7 - Blue:
    Clark gets frozen, Kara's amnesia arc begins, Bizarro comes back.

    season 8 - Bloodline
    Lois begins to question things as she ends up in the Phantom Zone, and it's OFFICIAL that Davis becomes Doomsday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kal-el_Girl View Post
    shattered is awesome, nobody can beat lex singing to a blanket, second place.. bloodline
    I voted for "solitude" because at the end Clark said to Martha "I love my father but I can imagine life without you because you are my soul" (I don't remember exactly but I am sure for the soul ! )Notice, I haven't seen it in english, the french translation was like this so perhaps it is not the same for you. Sometimes, translations are not exactly the same and it can change a lot of things. For example, last season, Clark answered to Kara " I am happy to be your family too" something like that, in french the translation was "I love you too", you can see the difference.... So this "you are my soul" was so very moving to me (I have a son so my mother's heart leapt)

    ----- Added 42 Seconds later -----

    Oups ! I forgot, Bloodline was amazing anymay, it is my second choice
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    Tough choice between Blue and Bloodline. Both featured Kara and were important episodes. In the first she lost her memory and showed up in Detroit, and in the second she returned from the Phantom Zone. So I'd pick 'em both!

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    I'm probably going to be in the minority here, but I had to go with "Ryan" for sentimental reasons. He's one of my favorite guest star characters of the show -- I loved the way he was used in "Stray" and was so excited to see his return. He really affected Clark deeply, I think, and he's part of the reason why Clark will never give up.

    "Shattered" really may have been a better overall episode -- it was truly amazing. The dark downward spiral Lex took throughout the episode, and the way they kept us guessing, was incredible to watch.

    "Bloodline" was good -- it had a lot of neat moments for Clark, Kara, Lois, and Davis.

    "Jitters" and "Solitude" were also good, showing that the writers know how to make one cool 8th episode.

    The other two weren't all that great for me, but neither of them were awful.

    --SGuthrie ><>' --

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    Torn between Shattered and Bloodline...both amazing.

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    For the most part, the 8th episode of each season was really strong (excluding Static and Blue... maybe Jitters). This decision is actually kind of hard for me. I loooove Spell (yes, I'm one of the few who loved the witch/stones arc), but I just rewatched Bloodline and it's just really good. So:

    1. Bloodline - Even with the reduced budget the effects and the Phantom Zone looked great. Good plot, everything was nicely intertwined, good acting. I was iffy on Erica's portrayal of Faora at first, but I think she pulled it off. She talked, and held herself, very differently than when playing Lois. The Davis stuff was great, such an awesome last scene. I loved the lighting in the episode, how it went from the warmth of the farm, to the cold, dry Phantom Zone. And the lighting in Tess' office at the end was great, with the beautiful shot of the windows. Lastly, I was happy with Kara's storyline and how she left. I really hope this allows her to come back next season, especially with an episode titled Kandor.

    2. Spell - I know I am in the minority, but I love this episode. I love magic. I haven't seen this episode in a few years, so I don't remember all the specifics, but I still know I loved it, along with the entire Stones arc. The episode was dark at times, but also hilarious. What is even more hilarious is the commentary for it. Kristin, Allison, and Erica are really funny. I also like how we found out Clark is vulnerable to magic in this. Finally, something other than kryptonite that can hurt him. What's also interesting is that Chloe has her birthday in this episode. The next episode to show her birthday is Hex, which is another magic episode.

    3. Solitude - One of the better episodes of S5. I like plots dealing with the mythology, and James Marsters as Brainiac is just fantastic (I really hope he returns in S9). The Lois/Chloe parts were fun with sneaking into/distracting the guard at the warehouse. Good moments between Clark and Martha. And also one of the better fights between Clark and Brainiac, along with on of Brainiac's better "deaths".

    4. Shattered - Solitude just slid past this one. While I think the acting of this episode is superb, and had that great effect of Clark stopping the car, I just enjoy the plot of Solitude more.

    5. Ryan - Good episode. Tom Welling and the kid who played Ryan worked very well together. Very sad ending, too (but I love the song at the end), but sad in a good way. When an episode of television can really make you sad for losing a character, they have done a good job.

    6. Jitters - I wouldn't have put this here, but I watched this episode recently. While it's not one of my favorites, it still had some good moments. The party stuff was fun, along with Clark's super speed cleaning. :-)

    7. Blue - This could change, because I haven't watched it in awhile. But I remember it being a little on the boring side. Not sure why. And I didn't completely understand everything in it (did Lara know what that ring would do to Clark?). But it wasn't the worst episode, and had some good moments. The shattering of the crystal sure looked cool.

    8. Static - This isn't the worst episode either, but.... eh. With all the crazy plots Smallville has had, Lex getting stuck on a different frequency is kind of... unbelievable. Yes, it's a show with a guy from another planet that can lift cars above his head, but still. The plot was a stretch. But I did enjoy Clark's trip to find that Zoner. That guy would have killed him if Martian Manhunter hadn't come along. It's always nice to see Clark actually be in peril, without the use of kryptonite. And even though I am not the biggest fan of MM, it was a cool introduction.
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    Bloodline because it had so many comic events

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