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    I am a def leppard fan. So having the def leppard line and seeing their album High and Dry in Clarks hands kind of made me squeel LOL.

    On a more serious note i liked Chloe and Tess show down in the kent farm.
    I liked Chloe channeling the brainiac in her.
    I liked Oliver and clark scene at the end. Although it seems that Oliver is more conserned about chloe then clark is.
    Doomsday ending scene was cool.. excited to see more to come out of that.

    Wasnt too fond of the whole fiona story line and taking over lois. it wasnt believable to me since we know that humans need to be prepped like lex was to take over a phantom and get those powers.

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    Although I can definitely understand why people would rate this episode higher, I myself gave this episode a '7'. I think that the entire cast did a great job - Erica Durance especially - and it was nice to see an episode that used all established characters and such instead of a "Freak of the Week" but I definitely think that there have been stronger mythology episodes in the past. In addition, I felt that some of the lines of dialogue weren't as strong as they could be, though there were a few great lines scattered throughout.

    Overall, an interesting episode, and it was great to see Kara back!

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    Feb 07

    First off, very cool with the Kandor reference, especially since that is the current storyline for Superman with New Krypton.

    Overall, this episode was strong on a lot of levels. We get the backstory for Doomsday. I thought linking him to Zod was strange but from what I've read about DD's backstory, about how he was created, it's a good fit and I can't wait till this storyline comes to a boiling point.

    Very nice to see the lovely Laura Vandervoot back on my television screen. It was nice that they finally used her well here. I can't blame her for leaving Clark. I know I would too. After being wasted the last few weeks, Tess was put to good use here. Loved her scene with Lois of Zod. So was Oliver and Brianiac Chloe.

    The only thing that annoyed me is this Ode to Lois Lane that TPTB insist on shoving down her throat. The only reason she got that job is because the clone editor wanted to sleep with her. Honestly, if she were eliminated from the show, I think it would actually improve dramatically. Another point of annoyance was Clark getting another beatdown. He hasn't fared too well against the House of Zod.

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    I gave it a 9 because I wanted a little more Lois/Clark interaction, but it was a great episode, I loved it when Clark said noone can destroy Lois and Clark, or something like that lol...gave me goosebumps. The interaction of every character were amazing and entertaining, they explained well why Kara didn't want to use her portal and I loved that Clark didn't want to leave her, was it my imagination or did he almost cry twice with her? first when they were in the zone and then at the end when they said goodbye. So sweet, made me teary eyed hehe. Of course I loved the last scene with Lois and Clark when she told him he was her hero and he was like I was??? hehehe sorry I don't remember it word by word. Chloe also freaked me out but she kicked ass, I loved Erica's performance and ohhh boy I loved how they developed Davis' story, it all made sense and fit perfectly!! talk about continuity, he was scary at the end. Hmmm maybe I should give it a 10 lol

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    I thought this episode was great, but for this probably being Kara's last appearance they sure didn't use her enough.

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    Mar 06

    What did I think of Bloodline?

    Bloodline was an awesome episode. I gave this rating a 10.

    I liked every thing about it. I liked all of the lines of all the actors on the show (except, I wish that Aaron Ashmore & Philip Morris were in it). Everyone did a fantastic job at acting on the show. Erica was excellent on the show (she disguised her voice and sounded very mature) on the show; I'll bet that's her real speaking voice. She did a fantastic job with her voice. I wonder if she really speaks like that in real life?

    Tom Welling was awesome as usual, but I wasn't too crazy about Lois throwing him on top of the car flat on his back (that must have really hurt)!

    Allison was great as usual (it seemed she was back to her normal self when she defended Clark & tried hiding his secret) in front of Tess Mercer. I wonder how Tess Mercer knew so quickly how Chloe was hiding Clark's secrets; and she seemed to know about Chloe hiding the crystal from Tess. Thank God Chloe came to Oliver Queen to ask for his help in helping to come to the rescue of Clark & Lois.

    I loved Clark Kent's quote to Lois: "No one is going to mess with Lois & Clark," or something like that. That was one of the best lines on Smallville. And the other line (I can't quite remember) is when Kara tells Clark about Kandor and told Clark she wants to save her & Clark's Bloodline, which is the title of the episode. That was a clever quote.

    I liked the scene with Lois & Davis (Erica hardly ever works with Sam Witwer, but I'm glad she was able to work with him). She told him about his life history and that he's from another planet. Wow! Imagine that! Davis Bloom is the son of Faora and Zod (from the Phantom Zone -- which means he's actually from the planet Krypton). Lois/Faora tells Davis Bloom about Kal-El, and Krypton. Who would have thought of Lois knowing Clark's secret in that way? I would have never guessed!

    I liked the scene with Lois & Chloe (where Lois talks about Clark/Kal-El), and shows off her super-powers in front of Chloe. I loved the super-throw (Lois/Faora throwing Chloe around).

    Sam Witwer did a fantastic job as Davis Bloom from a confused to a not so confused person. Loved the special-effects of the knife smashing to pieces when Davis Bloom stabs himself. I guess he knows who he is now. (He did a good job in going to Chloe and asking for her help in finding out about his biography), to a person who finally knows all about himself. I hated the part when Lois/Faora told him he will be the destroyer of planet earth. (I felt sorry for him).

    I loved the Oliver Queen and Chloe scene. Oliver and Chloe are at the Isis Foundation, and with her superpowers, she makes something spin by itself, her eyes have this weird white contact lenses in her eyes (it looks awfully painful), and her nose starts to bleed. Oliver Queen tries to help Chloe, and then Chloe gives Oliver a hard push out of the way. Chloes eyes turn normal again, and next thing you know, Clark & Kara appear at the Isis Foundation. Oliver Queen & Chloe came to their rescue.

    I loved the Lois/Faora and Tess scene where Lois/Faora tells Tess about Kal-El, and that a Kryptonian boy comes down in a spaceship to Smallville. She was telling Tess all kinds of secrets about aliens, Krypton, etc.; I'm surprised she didn't mention Clark Kent to Tess. Then Tess tells Lois/Faora about how she used to own a Kryptonian crystal, and that she couldn't find it. (I can't remember word for word about the lines of Lois/Faora and Tess, but it was an interesting scene).

    I loved the Clark & Oliver Queen scene where they are talking about Chloe. Clark thanks Oliver Queen and he says, "You wouldn't be here, if it weren't for Chloe's help." Clark smiles. Then Oliver becomes serious and tells Clark that Chloe used super powers to spin an instrument (whatever that thing was) by itself, and Oliver told Clark that Chloe's eyes turned white, and he also told Clark that Chloe pushed him out of the way. Oliver says he doesn't know what's happened to Chloe. Clark tells Oliver that Brainiac infected Chloe somehow. Oliver says, "If you're her best friend, then help her. She's not the normal Chloe that she was."

    The thing that I liked the most was Kara wearing an "S," that reminds me of the future Superman (the "S" that Clark Kent is going to wear in the future). I liked Clark Kent sticking up for himself and being assertive in front of his boss Tess Mercer. He told her, "If you want to fire me, go right ahead. I won't tell you anything more about Lex Luthor." I thought Tom Welling did a fantastic job as Clark Kent (and I loved his hair -- it looked like they cut Tom's hair a little shorter, and Tom Welling looked great in it). Especially in the Phantom Zone, while he's lifting up Lois' head to see if she's all right; I loved his bangs, too. Lois looked so great in purple, and Tom looked so great in his red jacket; even if people are tired of seeing his red jacket, I love his red jacket. Tom can give me his red jacket any old day!

    This was indeed an awesome episode!
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    I really like how Oliver and Clark try to help one another out. Chloe, though I love her has been getting on my nerves always telling Clark what to do. Even though I understand why and she is saving him, it's condescending sometimes. Oliver I guess adds more humor so it goes down easier. Loved the line form Oliver "there is no Hallmark card for welcome back to Earth!" Erica looked stunning and was terrific as Zod's wife. I am a little confused about Tess though. Why isn't she trying to find out about Lois and her power? Loved that Clark stood up to Tess and told her she could fire him. Tom is just so Supermanly this season and I am hooked more then ever.

    I totally agree with that Buddy TV article too!

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    Banned Blue Orange NY's Avatar
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    One word, Amazing.....loved the epi'

    At first I was skepitacle with the thought that Lois was in the PZ but you know what....perfect....everything was on sucks Kara won't be around but I hope they bring her in later in the season.....once again Amazing......I'm pumped!

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    Banned unfocused's Avatar
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    Best episode of season 8 thus far. Excellent, every scene, especially those of Davis.

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    Forum Regular mrw66855's Avatar
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    Fantastic episode. I did not like Kara back in season seven very much. But she rocked tonight, I guess she is one of those characters that are great in small doses. Finally, it all makes perfect sense. The relationship between Davis/Chloe is not between them it is between doomsday/brainiac. The doomsday storyline was extended a lot tonight and I am excited to see where they take it. The Clark/doomsday storyline makes perfect sense to the Savior brings the destroyer. This concept is used in a lot of good vs. evil stories. The same concept was used in the Lex/Clark relationship. If Clark had not come to earth Lex would not have been obsessed with finding his secret and therefore may not have been evil. Lois was HOT!! As someone evil. I would say, I would like to see her evil again. I also like kara told the audience what the S. means to the kryptonian other than the family symbol and why they wear. 10 out of 10 for me. Cannot wait until fallen one' s review. Oh the last scene was so cool also. Remember, just my opinions

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    It was a great episode except for the fact that there needed to be WAAAAAAAYYYY more Kara in it. I was really dissapointed that she was barely in it.

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    i am totally speechless! this was awesome

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    I just watched this episode. I was absolutely blown away. Doomsday shocking back story, Kara, the Phantom Zone, Lois as Zod's wife. This was easily a 10/10

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    I enjoyed this week a lot. I don't think I enjoyed it as much as last week's episode, but it was still very good. I liked Lois and the return of Kara, even if it was only one episode.

    I like Clark's line about "Lois and Clark" and Kara telling him that his place was on earth as a protector or whatever she said. Overall a good episode, just not great.

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    I was afraid that this episode wasnt going to be that good.....I am happy to say that I WAS WRONG!!!! This episode was FANTASTIC!!!!!

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