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    Posting Pro Bre723's Avatar
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    Portland, Or
    So far this is my favorite of the season.
    Though they could have done more with the fever letter i thought.
    but then again, I might be bias since i am a chlark fan.haha.
    But i got sooo excited when i saw the letter.
    i don't really like jimmy and chloe together, but idk.
    and the "x"?
    hmmmmm, well i thought at first "LEX!!"
    but i know rosenbaum isn't coming back .
    but overall i give this one a 9.

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    Avi by Jenna Autumn's Avatar
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    In Paris on my honeymoon with Davis/Dooms
    I gave the episode a 1. I'll be honest, it was one of my least favorite episodes...EVER!!!!

    Here's what I liked:

    1) Clark seemed jealous of Jimmy
    2) I give props to all the people who worked hard on the episode. IE: Special Effects and such.

    Okay, that's it. Moving on.

    Here's what I hated....loathed....despised...detested...abhorred ....well you get the idea. I've never watched any episode of any show...ever and had such an angry reaction. I hated everything about this episode. I think it's wonderful that others loved it. I, on the other hand, did not. So, don't attack me for my opinion. But here it is:

    1) THE COMPLETE AND UTTER CRAPPING ON OF THE CHLARK LETTER. One of the best moments of Chloe and Clark taken and spit on, and thrown away. Heck, I'd rather see more Clana than this crap. Clark at the end of the episode still can't see that him and Chloe might have something. Instead, the writers move the Fever Letter to LOIS!!!!! They actually used CHLOE's words to represent Lois. And how Clark is blind to Lois now. So, basically Chloe's words mean nothing. It was a jump the shark, contrived moment come up with by the writers to dismiss Chlark and forever move on to Clois. GAG. If I wanted to watch the Lois and Clark show, I'd watch it. But I don't.

    This just ticked me off to no end. I mean I'm actually angry. My sister wanted to throw tomatoes at the screen. And she probably would have if we had some. I would be surprised if other Chloe and Clark fans aren't angry...livid about this. I mean they just dismissed a build up of 7+seasons in an instant.

    2) CHIMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!: GAG!!!! I mean, seriously? Does anyone really buy that Chloe's in love with this guy? He's dimwitted and clearly could become a cheater. He did the same thing with Kara. And we all know that Noir was a reflection of his inner thoughts. Secret preferences. So, he thinks of Chloe as 3rd to Lana and Lois. But he knows he can't get them? I just can't stand them together.

    3) Maxima: I can't stand temptress type characters who practically wear nothing and have no deep characterization. I felt the actress was objectified . And the make out scenes at the Daily Planet? Classless.

    4) All of the Lois and Clark anvils. I mean come on! Does Lois have to anvil her own name constantly?

    5) They've transferred the Clana loft scenes to Lois and Clark. Enough said.

    6) I felt the entire episode was a slap in the face to Chlark fans. They were practically telling them that they don't care about them. They don't seem to want them as viewers. They're hoping they'll bring in new viewers who like Superman, Lois and Clark, etc...Well having watched this show the entire time (angrily at many times), I feel this was uncalled for. To take something (the fever letter) that meant something to a lot of fans and to completely dismiss it was rude! Poor Allison Mack. I can't imagine how she's treated by the producers and writers of this show. Because that was uncalled for writing. And I don't care if you hate Chlark, looking at it objectively, the way they handled it was pretty low. And they did it on purpose. I'm sure some Lois and Clark fans will gloat that Clark's moving forward with Lois. But using Chloe's words, the fever letter, to represent Lois's feelings now? LOW!!!!!! LOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and SUPER LOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Clark didn't even react. WHY? Because they wrote it that way. The worst, most contrived piece of crap episode I have ever seen. I don't know if I can watch Smallville anymore. This may have ruined it for me for good. And I'm sure some of the fans who disagree with me will cheer if I do go. One less Chlark fan to deal with on these boards, right? A lot of them have already left before me. And more will I'm sure. And where have the Clana's gone? I miss them. Soon it will only be the Clois's. Because that's clearly what's taking over the series.

    Well anyway, my angry rant is over. But again. WHY????? WHY would they take such an iconic moment on the series and crap all over it? Okay, I guess my rant wasn't over. I'm still seething, letting it all out in this post. I'll go listen to my copy of Scream by Michael and Janet Jackson. My favorite song to listen to when I'm peeved.

    Oh yeah, one more thing. Clark wore that stupid shirt again. I had really hoped they were going in a new direction with his wardrobe. I mean for goodness sake, Tom Welling is a 30 year old man. That outfit looks absurd on someone of his age. He needs to wear more mature clothing.

    Oh and another thing. Clark asks Lois to move in with him? She must be pretty dimwitted in the future to not figure out that he's Superman. But anyway, why doesn't he ever ask Chloe to move in since she's family apparently? I mean, he is giving her away now, even though she still has a father. I mean I haven't heard of Gabe's death. Has anyone else? So what? Now Clark is Chloe's father figure? Maybe George Michael will sing at Chloe's reception when Chloe and Clark dance. And Clark will sing along "I will be your father figure." NOTHING....I repeat NOTHING would surprise me on this show anymore. That is unless, they actually did something positive with Chloe.

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    1000 More To Go!! superspider02's Avatar
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    Aug 03
    Wow what a post, sorry you didnt like the episode. as for the character of maxima from what i hear in the comics she is a pretty sluttly type of character and they decided to keep that a thing here in smallville. I am a clark/chloe fan but even i know a full blown relationship was never going to happen. We had chances in season 2 and 6 and it got totally shot down so i didnt see it as a slap in the face of chlark fans.

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    Forum Whiz
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    Mar 08
    Why does everyone keep saying that they feel sorry for Allison? How many interviews has she used the phase "cutting the apron strings"from Clark? Wanting to grow into her OWN as Chloe? Wanting to spread her wings and have her character to have independance,etc? I wouldn't be surprised if this was already stated in her new contract with PS3.

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    Forum Regular Zeburial's Avatar
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    Europe, Sweden
    I think it was one of the best episodes of the season! A solid 9!

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    Tyrion's Wench ginnyfan's Avatar
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    icon by magenta_sky@LJ

    It was a great episode. They fully delivered on the promises from the trailer (unlike "Toxic" which was still fun filler). Clark and Maxima's makeout scenes were hot. In addition I felt that, although completely driven by primal instincts... Maxima seemed intelligent, alien, strong and just very cool. LOL! I didn't just dismiss her. She reminded me a bit of Kara when Kara went after the blue crystal from her spaceship. There's this sexy, confident, self-possession they both have.

    Anyways... Lois and Clark was so much fun! There was the usual workplace fun. But also... Lois getting angry with Clark while saying she's not angry. That's one of my favorite Lois Lane... things. So it was fun to see that between SV Lois and Clark.

    I was glad to see Chloe and Jimmy deal with some of the issues between them. Heck I was happy to see Chloe and Jimmy in an episode together. Aaron did a fantastic job with his really emotional scenes.

    Chlark. Oh my goodness. I haven't been on pins and needles like that since Season 1 when they were at the spring formal together. LOL! I really wish Clark had read the whole letter. Clark reading the fever letter electrifies me. I loved everything Chloe said in that scene. I also like how Clark is... disturbed that he could miss the fact that Chloe was THAT in love with him.

    I ate up the Chloe/Tess face off scene. Chloe's smile was chilling. And Tess kind of gave Chloe an appraising look near the end of the episode (checked Chloe out). There was this moment when Clark suggested that he knew how to destroy Brainiac... where Chloe looked alarmed. LOL! Also the look on Chloe's face when she thought Tess had gotten someone else to hack into the Kryptonian computer - someone "better." Again... a little creepy. Great job Allison.

    I love that Clark hasn't abandoned Chloe to Brainiac. I don't love that Clark has forgotten that Kara exists.

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    Somewhere in Time Who's Avatar
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    Jan 07
    8/10 Loved Maxima, Loved Clois, Loved Chlark. I'm really liking Tess. I miss the light hearted, happy go lucky Jimmy though.
    Last edited by Who; 10-09-2008 at 10:59 PM.

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    Settling In dezperado's Avatar
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    salem oregon
    It was over all a cool episode. Good drama, some cheese as earlier stated, but pretty damn good. I liked the spinning ovals around the crystal at the begining. That was total kryptonian'esk from the original movies. Loved it. Maxima was pretty hot, and I really want to kiss her is spite of it being the last kiss i would ever experience. Also, I loved the ending cliff hanger, way to get back into the storyline! I give it a overwhelming 8 out of 10

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    I feel that PS3 are trying really hard. Really, really hard. And it shows. I don't know, since the very first episode of this season, I feel that they want so much to put things in place, to tell as that everything is better, that, yes, Clark is... moving... forward... There will be changes, the relationships are not stale any longer. See, we're working on continuity too. Yeah. But... where is the magic? The warmth this show used to have, the authenticity in the relationships? I mean, showing us skin episode after episode is not enough. Tess and kickboxing? Come on! Anyway, 6/10 for me. I wish this show would stir away from 'love me, love me not' thing. It's getting old and tired.

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    Outdoorsman Mod Karafan1's Avatar
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    I do agree with Autumn on 1 thing. I just don't see how Chloe is really in love with Jimmy. It looks like she might have a little crush on Davis and if she was really in love with Jimmy she wouldn't have a crush on Davis..

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    Incurable Postaholic alejandrita439's Avatar
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    CLU Member, icon by beautygirl777
    i really really really loved this episode

    i give it a 10

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    Chlark Addict BkWurm1's Avatar
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    I would be surprised if other Chloe and Clark fans aren't angry...livid about this.
    Oh, I'm there too and I know I'm not alone.

    It's personally insulting and that's pretty hard to accomplish with a comic book based tv show, but there you go. Mission accomplished.

    Also, I am amazed how badly Clois is being promoted. So after 4 years of knowing each other and even Lois admiting that they are barely friends, they are supposed to get together someday because of some unknown mystical bond that they currently are completely unaware of (per Maxima) So it really is only because they have the right names? Or maybe a wizard will make them do it.

    How about a little show and a lot less tell? Build up the storyline, don't just drop it out of no where. Support what you are saying and please, please writers, actually watch the show. If you did, you might remember that Clark Kent was actually a big sports guy. Loved Sharks football team, played basketball all the time with Pete, was the starting quarterback his senior year, tickets to baseball games with his dad, almost went to college on a football scholarship.

    The Tess stuff was great and Maxima was fine, but that left an awful lot of craptastic stuff in between.

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    Avi by Canary KansasKitty's Avatar
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    Really, really, REALLY, liked it. Good Job

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    Thank you Smallville harryandginnyfanatic's Avatar
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    10 from me.

    I loved it.

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    Posting Pro AgentChaos's Avatar
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    Weak 5. To me, the only good things were the 2 Tess/Chloe scenes and seeing the farm again.

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