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    Sticky: Judy.

  2. The Caves of Androzani (Classic era serial)

    Well, at least we finally found out why the fifth Doctor wore a stick of celery for these three years.

    Apparently, a decade ago, this was voted as the best story of the franchise, by fans in one...
  3. Resurrection of the Daleks (Classic era serial)

    Wow, this story went along fast. Barely 20 minutes into the first half, the Daleks have liberated Davros. Compare it to the previous Dalek story, Destiny of the Daleks, where Davros was revived at...
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    The Five Doctors (Classic era serial)

    Has it been 20 years already? Two of the former lead actors return as the Doctor, two doesn't: William Hartnell (who passed away 1975) and Tom Baker (who declined). Though, they still managed to make...
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    Thankfully, Adric is no longer there. Instead, we get Martin Clunes in an early role, pre-Men Behaving Badly and Doc Martin.

    With Tegan spending the majority of the story possessed by the Mara,...
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    Kinda (Classic era serial)

    Ugh, Adric (you're a complete idiot). Nyssa gets a headache and have to sit out the entire story, which showcases the problem of three companions. One has to constantly be taken out of action.
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    Castrovalva (Classic era serial)

    Peter Davison's first story as the Doctor. It has the 5th Doctor experience more post-regeneration issues, than the previous ones, which highlights the seriousness of regeneration (and why you...
  8. Sticky: Poll: A good episode. Clark gets infected by "Silver...

    A good episode. Clark gets infected by "Silver Kryptonite" (a plot device that I'm glad that they didn't reuse as often as red K) and starts having paranoid fantasies. All part of Brainiac's plan,...
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    Logopolis (Classic era serial)

    Ugh, Adric... Why did you have to tag along from E-space? The Tardis was really becoming crowded, at the end of Baker's tenure. First they had Adric. Then Keeper of Traken happened, and they suddenly...
  10. The Keeper of Traken (Classic era serial)

    Am I imaging things, or did Tom Baker age heavily between Destiny of the Daleks (1979) and this story (1981)?

    The Master returns for the first time since The Deadly Assassin (1976). I must say...
  11. Destiny of the Daleks (Classic era serial)

    The final Dalek story written by Terry Nation. Though, he didn't write all the scenes. The opening of the first part was penned by Douglas Adams, which has Romana regerating. I like Lalla Ward's...
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    Homer Simpson: "Whenever Poochie's not onscreen,...

    Homer Simpson: "Whenever Poochie's not onscreen, all the other characters should be asking 'Where's Poochie?'.":lol:
  14. The Armageddon Factor (Classic era serial)

    The conclusion of the Key to Time storyline/season 16. It is the longest serial of the season, but it likely needed it to both do the Artios and Zeos plot, combined with the conclusion to the Key to...
  15. The Power of Kroll (Classic era serial)

    Interesting concept. Humanity comes to another planet and relocates the natives. Even when we get to another planet, we engage in colonialism.

    Weird that Romana is the only female character in the...
  16. The Androids of Tara (Classic era serial)

    A story based on The Prisoner of Zenda, but that's not a bad thing. Nothing wrong with taking some inspiration from a previous source. Thought it was a nice break from the first the parts of the Key...
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    Didn't get a chance to watch it on the big...

    Didn't get a chance to watch it on the big screen, finally decided to check it out on iTunes. Didn't think it was anything special, just sort of happened. Found the ending weird. Jean leaves Earth,...
  18. The Stones of Blood (Classic era serial)

    Really enjoyed this one. Liked the design of the Megara. Originally, they were going to be spherical robots, but that was dropped because they noted something similar in Star Wars. It resulted in a...
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    The Pirate Planet (Classic era serial)

    The first out of two Doctor Who serials written by Douglas Adams (who'd later become better known for Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy), not counting the unfinished Shada.

    I could've done without...
  20. The Ribos Operation (classic era serial)

    The Doctor is given a mission to find the six segments of the key to time... and a new companion. Season 16 is different from the ones that I've looked at so far, as there is a running story going...
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    In Guardian #4, Clark says that he can't go back...

    In Guardian #4, Clark says that he can't go back to the farm, because Lex could now track him. So, between that and Lois' line in "Homecoming", we can confirm that they didn't sell it in the end.
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    In "Hero", Pete hacks the Daily Planet computers....

    In "Hero", Pete hacks the Daily Planet computers.

    In "Hostage", the Red Queen (Martha) hacks Watchtower.

    In "Sleeper", Jimmy hacks the Isis Foundation super computer.

    Lois probably hacked...
  23. The Talons of Weng-Chiang (Classic era serial)

    Why, classic Who, why? It was all going so well in The Robots of Death, where they cast people of color in non-stereotypical major roles. Then they followed it up, with a story featuring Asian...
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    Though, Regan Matthews later appeared alive on a...

    Though, Regan Matthews later appeared alive on a video in "Doomsday" (seemingly recorded after the events of "Power"). So, she appears to not have killed him.
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    Sticky: Pain and Glory.

    Pain and Glory.
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