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    Guess who's back.. haha
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    I haven't been online for a while. Just wanted to say hi and see how you were.

    Looking forward to all the cool DC movies out in the near future.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Take care.

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    It SUCKED. Plothole after plothole, too much dialogue, weak enemies/antagonists, in 2 words, a MAGNANIMOUS FAIL. I'm glad it's done. The writing was BEYOND terrible...
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    Actually, I didn't find it bad. Bits of it could have been better, but it was evident that they had tried to put a lot of stuff into the episode and it looked like they made an effort, so I can't complain. In fact, I think it was a good way to finish the story, while leaving you with the "I want more" feeling, to suggest that it is the beginning of something else new. Btw do you know if there were any interviews or rumours suggesting that they will make a Smallville-universe related movie in the near future? Could you show me the link if you ever know of such a project?

    How did you find the episode?
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    Yes the pacing was horrible. First hour dragged way too much and we had to hear the wovs twice, waste of air time. Then the end was so incredibly rushed, like, lets just get this over with and even then they fill it up with scenes of the past seasons, like we dont remember? I Lex was pretty useless and his return kind of pointless, only for show. I didnt really expect a huge battle but at least I expected a minute of DARKSEID and maybe an omega beam would that be so hard?? Apokolips was pretty useless only served for Supes to push it away and of course we didnt see him do it. I was just simply outraged when I saw the CGI starting to form and then see Welling's face pasted on that. I predicted that they might past Toms face on Routh's body and well, close enough, though some of it was from Returns...ah well, I gotta chill about this and stop babbling, lol.
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    I wanted it to be epic and I really wanted them to come through and I sure as hell wanted that all our cgi and Darkseid vessel predicitions would not come true, but, they did. But ah well it's over now and as you say, I can only hope that Zack gets it right.
    But afterall, he has 175 mil on his hands (unlike Smallville who probably had 1.75 mil, lol) a talented production/writing team and an actor who actually relishes wearing the suit (and they said already it wont be CGI beacuse that would be stupid nonsense - yeah, tell it to TPTB of SV). So it already has way more hope then SV.
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    Did it suck? Well you tell me? Darkseid = Zombie looking Lionel with a laughable amateur ˙˙demon voice˙˙. Tom not in the suit = Superman looking like a toy cartoon. Huge plot holes, horrible flow....I think I answered your question.
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    Hey Rob

    How are you doing? I have to say mate, your posts are getting funnier. And like I've said before, I can see you are pretty annoyed about some of this season. I understand your issues with it, and like you, I'm also a little peeved, but hey, let's hope the second half picks up .

    Speak soon.
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    Hey, yeah dude, good one, haha!! Well im not about to stop just beacuse one person thinks thats the way it goes!
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    It'll probably be disapointing, to tell you the truth. We'll probably just get a 0,5 second fight, between Clark & Darkseid (in which, Clark pushes Darkseid, into a Boom Tube). And I wouldn't be too surprised, if the show ends, with Clark running offscreen and then we get to see a CGI Superman (probably re-used footage, from Salvation).
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