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    Hey, Chad! Sorry I didn't get back sooner. Everytime I use KSite lately it keeps saying web page needs to recover...something like that! When you have to type the same thing 4/5 times I get wound up and I move on...sorry.
    Anyways how are doing? I'm still reading SV S11 although I haven't been getting the digital version. It was only 64p I was paying 1.50 for buying stuff from USA and a currency rate was being applied!!! It worked out as much weeekly for the digital as for the comic it's self so I've been getting the comic. I hope this message works I don't fancy rewriting again!!!
    Seeya soon P
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    Hey, Chad! Long time, no hear! What's new with you, sir? Life is going pretty well here on my end! Lots of work on my master's classes, and yeah, I still do spend a good bit of time on the boards, mainly playing mafia in the Kryptonsite Culture forum and talking about all things Chlarky in the Smallville area. Nothing else really thrilling is going on with me as of late, so I hope things are going smoothly in your world and that you're having a great summer! Talk to you again sometime!
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    No worries Chad. I won't judge. Hope everything's going well.

    I didn't see MIB 3 as it turns out. I was 50-50, but I thought I should save my money for some of the other blockbusters. I did read the plot for the movie though and it sounds interesting. Bit of a different format compared to the first 2 though.
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    Hey Chad!! OMG!!! just read my previous post to's almost like a foreign language!!( not sure if I spelt that right) I'm going to do the re-watch this week-end, seeing how I'm not at work.

    #2 of SV S11 is out today (printed) I'm going tomorrow to buy it. Have you read any of it yet?
    I know my spelling is better this time around!
    Catchya later, P
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    Gosh, I forgot about that moment. I laughed a lot when Hulk knocked him out.

    Spiderman and TDKR are the two movies I want to see this summer. The latter more than the former of course. The thing that's pissed me off is that TDKR will be released over here 5 whole weeks after it's released in the States. How am I supposed to stay spoiler free or wait that long?
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    Hi to you too!!!! I havent got my specs on so fotgive any erroes!!!
    Catch ya later. PS How cone your on the boards? P
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    The Hulk/Loki scene was hillarious. I was spoiled about it going into the movie so I knew what to expect. The other funny part was Thor trying to defend his brother by saying he was a son of Asgard, only to call him adopted after hearing about his crimes. Great movie. It's still a huge blockbuster in the States from what I hear, but for some weird reason, there were only 4 other people in the theater I watched it at.

    It's really a great year for movies. The Avengers, American Reunion, The Dark Knight Rises, Spiderman, Men in Black 3 and the Hobbit later on. Another one that seems to promise a ton of laughs is the Dictator.
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    But credit to Marvel. Every one of their movies set up the Avengers. Brilliant work. And I believe now they will do it again with the sequels. Oh and I forgot. The Hulk was awesome. What about you? Have you watched it yet? If not, just one piece of advice. The 3D version isn't really worth it.
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    There's just some uncertainity because I don't know whether I should start working or get my army service out of the way. The latter is mandatory and I have to enlist by July of 2013. Of course I could always take my summer off to think about these things, but I think I'll get bored within 2 weeks.

    I did get to watch the Avengers! I wasn't following Marvel's movie series, so the week before I watched Iron Man 1 and 2, Thor and Captain America. To be honest, I enjoyed Thor the most out of that bunch. So then I went to see the Avengers. It's a really fantastic action movie. What makes it special is seeing all of them work together. I don't read any comics, but you could tell it was a unique feeling. And as a DC fan, it pains me that they could never pull off something like this (Smallville is the only one that did ironically ).
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    Chad! Glad to hear everything's going well. Your wife has a point about the gym. I got so caught up in it last year that I lost 24-25 pounds when my target was 18-20. Now I was told to cut back on cardio completely and work on my muscle mass. It's a never ending cycle I am telling you!

    My university work is finally over this week. One exam left and it's all over. Everything has gone according to plan so my 2nd degree is pretty close now. Then I'll take a short vacation and then starting July I have to figure out what my next move is going to be. Quite scary actually, but any new chapter is like this at first.
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