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    hii sir,
    how was ur trade last week ?
    regards ,

    Englisch lernen CD
    San Antonio podiatrist

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    Happy Holidays to you too!!
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    Regarding "Lazarus," I only know what I've read. And I'm trying to not watch the episode itself because the real world will be calling in a major way for the next two months, and I can't afford to get drawn back into the conversation around here just yet.

    That said, I did check out your livejournal, and, though having not seen the scenes themselves, I absolutely agree with you about Tess's turn as a mother figure fitting into the "rape her or knock her up" thing that shows do to make "bad" women more "good." And especially coming off of a season where the show clearly made the point that Tess was bad, bad, bad and needed to be "saved," I think her thing with little Lex is all the more troubling in terms of the gender politics of the show, which have more often than not been pretty f-ing awful.

    I'm just waiting to see how much more the show is going to "soften" Lois before the series ends.
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    Glad you're well!

    Good call on the temporary ban! I hope that's the case, if only for the sake of the quality of the conversation around here. I used to make a point of reading something like 10 different people's posts back around the beginning of the year. But then all those bannings happened, and I'm down to maybe five people, you included, whose opinions I actually care about.

    *fingers crossed for morrigan01*
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    Quick question: What the heck happened to morrigan01? Banned? What for?
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    Your wish is my command!
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    And while I'm on the topic of "Charade," let me repeat that according to that episode, Clark NEVER intended to tell Lois the truth after she outed her relationship with The Blur to the world. Meaning that even in "Pandora," when he was talking about doing things the right way, and even in "Persuasion," when he was talking about them being honest with each other, and even in "Upgrade," when he was annoyed with Lois keeping something from him, HE NEVER INTENDED TO TELL HER THE TRUTH. He, who, by his own admission, knows that a relationship with secrets cannot work, got into his relationship with Lois with every intention of never being honest with her.

    That, to me, was a betrayal. That, to me, was Clark putting what he wanted over what was best for Lois. And yet, as you mentioned, Lois is the one who keeps getting blamed for the humiliations ("Persuasion"), and insults ("Charade"), and unfairness ("Upgrade"/"Salvation") that she endures because of Clark's self-delusion.

    *shakes head*
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    LOL! Rant away!

    I 100% agree with you. And, for me, it's troubling that the PTB and many viewers don't see Clark's hypocrisy.

    Like you said, in "Charade," when Clark was breaking up with Lois as The Blur, he basically asked her if she had someone else in her life that meant more than her need for a higher calling. And he had the nerve to be hurt when she said no. That is absurd! Because, at this point, Clark doesn't put anything above his calling. Lois doesn't necessarily come second, but she definitely wouldn't compensate for him no longer getting to be The Blur. He'd be incomplete without his purpose. So I cannot believe he suggested that he (who, according to "Charade," got into their relationship without ever intending to tell her the truth) should be "enough" for Lois.

    Ugh, "Charade" was one of the worst of last season. Clark spent the whole episode speaking for Lois or saying condescending things about her. That's not funny to me. That's insulting and deeply, deeply sexist.
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    And as for the Alexandria thread: Yeah, I got kinda stir crazy after staring at my fic for too long. As sure as I am that some folks around here would love for me to write something that'll give them a reason to hate me even more, I'm just not in the mood.
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