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    No, you can't, but I thoroughly enjoyed it!!! I'm really looking forward to Doomsday to see what they have in store for Clark and Lois as well as the rest of the characters!!
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    You know it!! I'm about to post more in the episode threads, but I'm astonished at how many people are calling this a filler considering the iconic triangle, Intergang and all the Superman references going on! Also, the progression of Clark and Lois' relationship is never something that should be classified as filler! It's just their way of saying they don't like Lois Lane!
  3. That was something! That's how I like Clois. But the bullet scene was good too.
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    Well, that's it. It's not that the kiss was interrupted, it was by who and how! Watching Clark step back from Lois and not even glancing at her was painful to watch! I don't understand how the writers could have thought any of the Clana stuff was a good idea at this point in Clark's journey. Just terrible! Anyhow, we're past that finally!
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    LOL!! I want a real kiss, but I'd settle for them about to with this time getting interrupted by Doomsday. If it was Doomsday interrupting them before at the wedding, it wouldn't have been criticized as much. It was the whole Lana thing IMO. I loved that scene though between Clark and Lois and wished they had kissed. If it was a sudden attack, then it really wouldn't have been so bad. It was that stupid smirk on Lana's face that killed that scene for me.

    If the writers are not going to have them kiss, then they should at least bring in another moment where it shows they want to.

    Hell!! I want them to kiss already!!! LOL!!
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    Me too, and in fact quite surprisingly I really liked the end of Infamous for that reason! They're taking their time with them and doing it right! I hope they do share a kiss in the finale though right before Doomsday attacks, or perhaps even an almost kiss before Doomsday attacks, and then we will have more to look forward to next season!
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    Oh, believe me, I don't wear them seriously! LOL!! The picture I have here is much funner than anything I could make! I'm patient enough to wait for a full blown relationship until next season! I hope we do get that though along with ED being in at least 17 or 18 episodes. 12 was simply not enough this year!!
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    What i posted was called a joke, we humans make those sometimes. Lol.
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    Oh!! LOL! No, I got the picture off the internet! I actually do have a pair that I've worn with previous Halloween costumes, but if you google stiletto boots and click on images, there's a ton of them!!

    I can't wait for this episode for the Clois! I'm glad that they're not stalling them, and I think next season should be good in terrms of their relationship! I also want to see more Clark, hence my posts in the death thread. There's too many characters taking away from his, and the worst was IMO was Lana! It's like they didn't know what to do with her in the end!
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    Yeah, and why did you post that exactly?
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