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    Jeff if by some chance you get this message would you be interested in replacing FZ in star trek mafia?
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    I know I fell out as far as responding to you a long time ago, we were up to like leaving ten VMS at once on each others pages.

    I read Battle of The Atom last weekend, and was thinking about how I wish you were still active. I would have loved to talk about it with you. It was so interesting, and no I cannot wait. Cyclops is getting his own series and No More Humans is coming. I am beyond excited.

    Hope you are doing good, Jeff.
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    I KEEP meaning to read those VMs you loaded onto me, smh!! I am sorry. I'll try to gather the energy sometime soon. But I wanted to drop by and ask you - Have you seen The Wolverine?! I have, and have much to say! Well maybe not much content, but much screaming/fanguying? I think so.
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    oh wow, I haven't been on here in forever! I JUST saw that visitor message you sent me over a year and a half ago! 2012 went good, and in 2013 I'm still up with the Season 11 comics. (I buy them as trade paperback issues, I just made a thread about that, you should check it out). So far, I buy them, but haven't even found time to crack them open and read them yet due to college demands. Hope 2013 is, so far, going good for you!
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    Oh and actually, you're not going to believe it but I haven't been reading Smallville! During the Batman arc, I was not a big fan. I read the print issue rather than the digital issue and it was so long to get through, I was kind of wanting to end the comic, and it wasn't enjoyable. I think it was because I wasn't a fan of SV's take on Batman (At least the part I was at, It may have gotten better) but come Fridays I just didn't have the motivation to get it online. I wasn't looking forward to it and eventually I fell really behind and I don't have the desire to read everything that's happened. I feel bad because I love Smallville, but I just wasn't really feeling it so I kind of gave up. I do want to pick it back up but not sure, I'm sure I'm really far behind now.
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    I might choose to read Cable and the X-force, I read the first two issues but wasn't too pulled in. But I know Cyclops appeared in one so I kind of want to at least read up to there, and see what went on. I also miss Hope, and I know she was in that story, so I want to read that. Too bad Hope isn't in All New X-men, I'd love to see her interact with Young Jean and Young Scott!!! The possibilities.....! But maybe later on! The only reason I'd read Uncanny X-force at this point is if it was REALLY Storm centric, but I am hoping that "X-men" is, and that will fix that. I just need storm to shine, I've loved her forever! I might have to give Uncanny Avengers another chance! I mean it was good, I just didn't keep up with it.
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    I'd be sooo happy. I felt that might be where they were headed but I wasn't sure if it was wishful thinking. As for Uncanny X-men, I think the thing is there's so many new characters that it doesn't feel as X-men as the other titles so it's not really intriguing me much. Maybe once the mutants develop more and we get to learn more individually. Hopefully at least. I'm also not really a fan of the art, which you sound like you are actually, lol. The design, I don't know?!? It's kind of weird to me. The story arc currently isn't a big thrill to me either, I will stick with reading it I am sure though. I mean it's Cyce's team I can't not read it! I am really intrigued by the new female X-men title, I hope storm is a leader, I really love her so much!! I'm a fan of the "cast" for sure!
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    I hate how everyone is treating Cyclops as the villain though. And sadly I can't find myself a fan of Jean right now. :/ I know, I didn't expect that! But I guess since my favorite is Cyclops and her (somewhat reasonable) actions towards him just really rubbed me the wrong way!! I hope that I can start liking her more, I really was excited to have her back! She's under pressure, I mean it's hard to be in her place I guess but eh, I dunno. But I did like her in the most recent one where the Uncanny Avengers guest starred, or appeared whatever you call it. I LOVED the interaction between Alex and Scott, Sooooo much!! And I liked Jean dealing with Wanda. You know what would really make me appreciate Jean a bit more is if she points out that they aren't blaming Wanda for what she did under the control of Dr. Doom but they're blaming Scott who was under control of the Phoenix.
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    All New X-men is just incredible!!!!! I love the overall story of the original X-men, I hope they stay forever, LOL! But really I don't want them to leave, I need this comic to go on for a long time! I LOVE the art in it, ahhh, it's AWESOME! And the side story aside from Cyclops, with Mystique is proving to interest me! I can't wait once I get to the last page, I need the next issue immediately! Agh!! Sadly it seems they're becoming more monthly than biweekly. But it is soooooo gooooood!!!! I actually wasn't too surprised when Angel went! You know why? I was talking to D, asking who she thought it was and I remembered you saying you think Angel would have a bigger importance later on, and I thought I bet Jeff is right! But I absolutely LOVE young Scott, soooo much .
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    Hey Jeff, I've been meaning to come over here for a while and say that I've missed you and more so I've missed having someone to talk to about the new X-men titles!! Specifically, my favorite: All New X-men! It's soooooo good. Wait I hope you've kept up despite being busy? Please say yes, if not you MUST read that series at least! I've also been reading Uncanny X-men but sadly I am not a huge fan yet. And I read issue #1 of X-men featuring the ladies, and I hope it continues well! I read the first few issues of Uncanny Avengers, Uncanny X-Force and Cable and the X-Force but nothing I decided to stick with, if you have read any you think I should give more of a chance to, let me know for sure! So YES, if you've been keeping up, what do you think?!
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