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    I get what you are saying, it is very hypocritical to say that the mythos is wrong and Henry James should not have died, and then in the next breath say the mythos should be strictly followed and Chloe should die.
    It is silly how bitter people get about a fictional character. Personally I perfer the non-mythos characters on Smallville other then Henry James. I fell Chloe and now Tess are the best characters on the show, hense why they get all the drama plots on the show that ever amount to anything. I can not stand the strict interpretation of the mythos that many fans want. LnC was not a strict interpretation at all, and it still managed to be a great show. Yet it feels as if many people only like Smallville as long as it follows there strict interpretation of what happens in the comics, even though in the grand scheme of things it is all fiction. If I was in charge of Smallville I would toss the mythos out the window and do my own thing with the characters.
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    I just wanted to say I think it is funny that in the spoiler thread they keep refering to AA as 'Jimmy' but never as James Bartholomew Olsen.
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    thanks for the good wishes, your states put up a great fight.
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    Thought you might be interested in X-Men RPG here on kryptonsite:
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    Yeah Garak made episode he was in epic. Poor O'Brian he was always getting tortured in his character episodes.
    Make mine Marvel. Actually my brother and I debate about which is better contantly. He likes DC becuase they started to age there characters, i.e. killing Batman and bringing back Conner who looks like he might replace Clark.
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    My favorite episodes of Deep Space Nine were 'Far Beyong the Stars' and 'In the Pale Moonlight'(I think that is the one in which Sisko and Garak trick the Romulans into the Dominion War). I never got to go to Quarks bar before it closed in Vegas. I heard that opened up some year round trek thing in San Francisco, maybe Quarks Bar moved there? So what are your favorite DS9 episodes.
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    Sisko is with the profets at the end of season 7. They novels are actually pretty good. Time wise though they are behind alll the other relaunched series by about 4 years. So I will be reading 'Star Trek Destiny' and reading all this stuff about Dax who is a captian in that novel. But in the current time period of Deep Space Nine, Dax has not left Deep Space Nine. In the novels they also added in more characters to conpinsate for those whom left. For instance Ro Lauren has Odo's old job as constable, and Nog has O'Brain old job. I do not want to spoil too much though unless you ask.
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    really you like Deep Space Nine? Have you been reading the post series novels?
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    i have a cat too
  10. hey you glad to do
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