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    Thank you!

    I've seen Conspiracy but I didn't even notice the resemblance of the minion. Now I have to rewatch and see, lol.
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    I think the adventures of the Blur is hilarious so far. Liked when they did the same thing for superman returns
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    Hi Tomo. I'm just stopping in to say that I like your avatar. :-D
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    No that is my nephew. He's 2 1/2 and accidently took the pic himself. He somehow set the timer. I took it away from him, put it down, and the flash went off. I just loved it. People keep telling us he should model.
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    My messages are always too long. Regarding France I know most people seem to have a love hate relationship with the country. I don't know where I'll stand on that since I've only lived there as a child.
    I know the weather in Bretagne can be unpredictable but Nissa lives on the coast, 5 minutes away from the beach so the weather is much nicer than in the interior of Bretagne.
    She came from Montreal so weather wise it's still a definite improvement and anyways she's in love so that will count for a lot.
    I'm hoping for more Clark centric episodes for the rest of the season. I wasn't impressed with Disciple and Absolute Justice.
    I don't care for too many "other" super heroes to muddy up what is already not very transparent waters. Happy viewing tonight.
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    Bonjour, it's nice to talk to people from around the world who share a similar passion. I'm a fan of Smallville primarily, I was never a fan of comics growing up. The only thing I knew about Superman was learned from the movies so I don't have all this extra baggage to carry around. I agree that the first half of season 9 was very dynamic but it seems to have stalled. The whole Clark Lois dynamic seems to have lost some steam and although it's not the main reason why I watch the show I don't want to see that relationship become less dynamic. There's a trend here, I posted about that somewhere, when a couple forms on Smallville, the attitude, from a writing point of view, seems to be "Where do we go from here?" and the answer invariably is the same. Let's throw some obstacles in their path, let's regress the characters. It's like really bad soap opera writing.
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    I'm so glad you were able to be more open about why Lois' characterization in this episode was so problematic for you. I understand where you are coming from a lot better now. You identify with Lois and her inner child issues so you hoped the show would have approached those issues more seriously than they did.

    However, I will say it was the spell that made Lois so quick to put her issues aside when Clark made his promise that they would be together always and forever. As a "traditional" woman, marriage would have been the ultimate achievement. I think it was clear, though, that once the spell was broken, Lois' issues were still there and had not magically disappeared. I think Lois' experience in Persuasion helped Lois take some important steps towards healing the little girl within, but by no means do I think this episode communicated that Lois is free from the childhood chains holding her back.

    Thanks again for your reviews and the heartfelt insight you have shared with me.
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    Nice to hear from you bigblueplanet. In answer to your question yes I do speak French, it's my first language. I live about 80 kms. west of Kelowna, heading towards Vancouver on the trans-Canada highway. It's the only semi-desert in Canada. Lots of vineyards and fruit trees. I would love to go to Marseille again.
    Our daughter just moved to Loctudy, Bretagne, with the love of her life and we're planning to spend the whole month of September in France. Do you like living in France? I've never lived there as an adult. Regarding Smallville, I only joined Kryptonsite not very long ago. I can see you've been very active judging from your posts. Do you like the season so far? I've loved some episodes but I'm partial to Clark centric episodes since I really started watching because of Tom. Bonne journee.
    (accents don't work on my laptop or I'm too lazy to figure it out).
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    I always love reading your reviews because they make me look at an episode in new ways. I stand by my original statement, however, despite your clarification. You wrote:

    What about inner child issues that she was just whining about?

    You described Lois as having legitimate "inner child issues," but then belittled those issues by referring to Lois' expression of them as "whining." Someone who suffers from a syndrome shouldn't have to endure pejorative labels, IMO. Lois' "inner child" has no concept of family and fears being abandoned by those she loves. Therefore, I'm not surprised that Lois' "inner child" was healed by Clark's promise to love her always despite her inability to live up to the traditional familial ideal.

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