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    Hey there! Sorry I missed your call back the other morning. I ended up going out for lunch once the snow cleared. We've missed the last three days!!! It just keeps snowing! Not really deep, but enough to cause school to be closed.
    Anyhow, I watched the clip, and while humorous (as only Lois could deliver) I'm still not sure about this episode. I want some fire w/ her from here on out. Some competition between she and Clark at the DP, some banter and tension mixed in---at least more than we've got now! I keep waiting for this show to excite me like it did the first half of S8 and for the most part of the first of this season, but so far it hasn't happened. Aside from the 2-hr. episode w/ the JSA!
    I dunno...we'll see I suppose. Not sure about school tomorrow right now...will have to wait for the weather in the morning.
    Speak soon!
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    Hey gal!
    So....what'd you think of Warrior? I thought it was dull! And I'm not sure why there's outcry about how bad Clois was in this episode??? I didn't think it was all that terrible. I remember being more disappointed in Clois in Echo.
    Her kissing that guy at the DP was just a typical 'over-the-top' Lois move if you ask me. I think it was meant to be comical more than anything. But, apparently there are folks up in arms about it all. I didn't like it, as it seemed inappropriate, but given it's Lois & Clark, I can take it. Glad there was some banter between them again.
    Chlollie on the other hand...well...that was just...just...well weird I thought.
    Hope to talk soon. We're still cold down here. Missed two days of school this past week, and given the forecast for Sunday night and Monday, we might miss one or two this week.
    Hope all is well in your world. Take care!
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    Coucou Michèle. How are you ? What about your kids ? I want to know everything !
    I was not there as things were hard there. As I said to Melissa, I'll send you a mail to explain it. Now, I move on for good. We have a lot of snow here, this is not usual, a real winter as we never saw it since 1987 ! Kisses from Paris to you and your pretty family
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    Glad you liked the Batman on my profile! There's planning starting on another Nolan Batman movie! I was so excited to read the news today. Plus, Nolan is in talks w/ DC comics/Warner (I believe that's right) to direct a Superman movie! It would certainly give the 'Man of Steel' the reboot he needs!
    Anyhow...8-12 inches you say? Wow! We haven't had much snow, as the big northeast blizzard last weekend and yesterday sort of missed us. We have about 4-5 inches but it's COLD!!! Brrrrrrr! Was out of school Wednesday (yesterday now) and will be out tomorrow too! I'd better enjoy these days now, as it appears we'll be in school through mid-June! Oh well...can't change the weather can we?
    I'll speak to you soon! Hope all is well!
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    Hey there! Just checking out the site after the 2-hr SV show tonight. I have to say, it was really, really good! I enjoyed it and thought the special effects and storyline were well executed.
    Hopefully we'll get a chance to chat about it after you've watched it, as I remember you'd said you were out to dinner tonight. Right?
    Anyway, not much focus on Clois together per se, but the nods to future Lois & Clark/Superman were well placed in the episode.
    I wish this episode would've been the second half opener rather than Disciple last week. to ya soon! We're expecting a bit more snow here tomorrow. We had ice today but were in school. Later in the day we lost electricity at school for 2 hours! What an adventure!
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    It's almost 80 degrees down here today. It's supposed to get to that over the weekend.

    A friend from Ireland, huh? I hope you have a great time. Everyone I've ever met from Ireland, either here or overseas, were absolutely wonderful people.

    Chat with ya later!
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    Thanks! Grover Kent and Super Grover are icons too!
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    Hiya Michele - been busy as hell. My house FINALLY sold (after 3 years) and I moved. I'm still in South Florida, Miami to be exact. I liked Disciple but the part that turned me off is the continual angst from Ollie and Lois being affected by it - not a lot but she needs to administer a little tough love to Ollie. I actually liked that Clark was the one suggesting a "tour of the galaxy" rather than making an excuse why he couldn't.

    So moving from a 4-bedroom home to a 2-bedroom townhome has been challenging and has kept me away from here. In fact, I just got the net up a couple days ago but really haven't had much time to even be on it.

    I'll PM you after tonight's extravaganza. Later, my friend.

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    Hiya! Long time, no chat! I love seeing Lois's vulnerable/softer side around Clark but Lois's fiestiness is what makes her who she is. No doubt we will see that over the coming episodes, especially Warrior. Lois is as gutsy and sarcastic as they come. I think Clark finds it a turn-on, lol. I'm sure we will see that side back, he he!
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    Yep, a blizzard. I woke up this morning to about 6 inches and it's still snowing!
    Anyway, I got to watch the show...although I stared blankly at the t.v. screen as I just wasn't "into" it, know what I mean? It was blah to me. I wanted a more exciting episode to start things off this second half.
    I actually knew what "PDA" meant, as we can't allow it in middle school! Students can't even hold hands in the halls---only at school dances! I love to catch them trying to sneak around PDA rules though...embarrasses the heck out of 'em!
    We'll catch up soon. Take care!
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