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    This week's re-watch is "Fever" and "Rosetta", two of best for Season 2!!!
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    This week's re-watch thread is up for "REAPER" and "DRONE". Hope to see you there!!!
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    Hey SD, how's everything? What do you think about Supernatural lately? Take it easy.
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    What do you think about my theory of Sam not being able to die because he has no soul to be reaped:
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    Another thing about alphas---is there an alpha Horseman? My view is that the Horsemen are personifications of various evils like death (Death), war (War), disease (Pestilence), hunger (Famine). Biblically speaking I guess Satan would be the one who started all those things, but in Supernatural Death said that he existed way before Lucifer did & was almost as old as God. So would Death be the alpha Horseman?
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    I guess Lilith would be an alpha demon. I would also put Azazel in that same category since he was much more powerful than your average demon. I wonder how much blood Sam would've needed to drink to kill Azazel with his powers had he had them when Azazel was around.

    The funny thing is, if Sera wanted, there could easily be another 3-4 seasons worth of material as a result of creating a new mythology.

    Ultimately, I want there to be a new apocalypse because I'm dying to find out how pissed Michael is for getting trapped in hell & being left there by his brothers in Heaven & if he would likewise turn his back on them join his brother in destroying the world. If that happens, then Dean & Sam will need the cooperation of the alphas in stopping Michael & Lucifer from destroying the world. This is why I hope Sam's soul is still stuck in hell--because it would make Dean want to get it & be incentive to bust the big 2 archangels out.
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    What's up with Supernatural episodes this season? Except for Weekend At Bobby's, none of them seem to have a resolution at the end. Do they plan to get back to the plots of episodes 1-3? Like, what happened to the Djinn Samuel kidnapped? Or the father of all shapeshifters? Or the staff of Moses--did Castiel get it back or does he realize he needs it in his war against Raphael?
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