Time Travel Movies

  1. Randy G.
    Randy G.
    I'll never forget watching the H.G. Wells original on television when I was really young. I was completely mesmerized.

    This thread is for discussion of time travel as it has been portrayed on the big screen, made for television movies, or direct to video DVD's.
  2. jimmyolsenblues
    okay as i said a million times.. ..Primer is my favorite time travel movie.....
    for me....
    nothing comes close....
  3. Randy G.
    Randy G.
    Hey Charlie! Thanks for joining.
    Yeah, I loved Primer. Thanks for turning me on to it.

    A few other of my favorite's are "The Time Machine (Original AND the remake)",
    "The Butterfly Effect (Original)", "Somewhere In Time", and "The Lakehouse."
  4. jimmyolsenblues
  5. jimmyolsenblues
    i forgot terminator mythology too as a great time travel movie.
  6. superhippie2000
    bill and ted movies
  7. Randy G.
    Randy G.
    Bil & Ted.... Excellent!
    Also, Marty McFly from the Back To The Future movies.
  8. superhippie2000
    oh ya BttF it the obvious choice for best time travel movie lol. one of the best
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