T.V. Travellers (in various series)...

  1. Randy G.
    Randy G.
    Time & Dimensional travel has always been a source of fascination for me.
    With a wide variety of shows & characters to choose from like: Doctor Who and his companions, Hiro (Heroes), Dr. Sam Beckett (Quantum Leap), Dan Vasser (Journeyman), Quinn Mallory & friends (Sliders), Phineas Bogg & Jeffrey Jones (Voyagers), Officer Darien Lambert & SELMA (Time Trax), or even The Marshall family & Enik (Land Of The Lost). What are your favorite memories of these shows? Do any of you own any of the DVD's or have them recorded?
  2. superhippie2000
    Hiro is awesome. i like when he time travels and is always confused about where he is and stuff lol.

    quantum leap is one of the best time travel shows ever. really cool. and how he has to make peoples lives better and stuff. liked the one when he went back in time and jumped into his own body. also when he was the sidekick of the tv guy who got im intrested in timetravel when he was a kid. like when he did things to alter his own life.

    journeyman was good too just wish the series lasted longer. really wanted to find out what happened to him to make him a time traveler.

    phil of the future (disney) was a cool time travel show too. too bad that one got short too.

    and you cant forget LOST and the island time traveling and how desmond is a big mind time traveler now. LOST takes on a new twist when it comes to time travel.
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